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Global: Stop the pandemic – Safety and health at work can save lives | ILO

Recognising the challenge that governments, employers, workers and whole societies are facing worldwide to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day – World Day for Safety and Health at Work – the International Labour Organisation (ILO) will focus on addressing the outbreak of infectious diseases at work, focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The day will focus on addressing the outbreak of infectious diseases at work, focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to stimulate national tripartite dialogue on safety and health at work. The ILO is using this day to raise awareness on the adoption of safe practices in workplaces and the role that occupational safety and health (OSH) services play. It will also focus on the medium to long-term, including recovery and future preparedness, in particular, integrating measures into OSH management systems and policies at the national and enterprise levels. More

USA: AFL-CIO Workers Memorial Day Toolkit/Resources



The AFL-CIO has released two new resources to help workers, unions and others prepare for commemorating Workers Memorial Day, April 28 — on the day itself and the weeks before and following:

1) Our Workers Memorial Day toolkit now can be found at: This includes talking points, information on WMD events and actions, the Trump administration’s record on COVID-19 and other S&H issues, COVID-19 facts, national and state level data and other S&H facts, a flyer on emergency infectious disease standards, sample OpEds, LTEs, advisories and event releases…

2) Digital graphics for sharing around Workers Memorial Day:

As a reminder, all of the WMD artwork and other materials for download can be found here:

And please encourage everyone to submit their WMD events and actions here:

Please continue to distribute these widely — to lift up worker safety protections against COVID-19 and other safety hazards this year as we mourn for the dead, fight for the living.

Global: BWI Action Alert – International Workers Memorial Day ‘Protect Workers! Stop COVID-19’

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and that of the workers in our sectors, with new risks and fears not only for health and safety but for our overall wellbeing and that of our families and communities. Given that the pandemic is affecting all workers worldwide, including building and construction workers and wood and forestry workers, our work as a Global Union to be united has never been as relevant as it is today. International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD) is on Tuesday 28th of April 2020 and the BWI will campaign theme is year is “Protect Workers! Stop COVID-19We encourage all affiliates to incorporate our theme in your respective campaigns so that your members can be part of the global campaign.

There are other serious health and safety issues continue to be important and should not be put aside this IWMD. We know that more than 100,000 construction workers die each year in preventable “accidents” on site. Forestry workers are also confronted with dangerous conditions that are notorious in the sector. Health and safety are undermined by the reliance of the forestry sector on informal and subcontracting work to boost their profits. The cement industry is also highly hazardous and accounts for hundreds of deaths in worksite accidents, and thousands of workers in the sector contract occupational diseases each year. The heavy use of outsourcing is also largely responsible for the lack of coherent management of hazards at work.

Precarious work in the sectors organised by the BWI affiliates is being paid for by workers with their health and their lives. Thus, the BWI supports IWMD campaign actions taken by affiliates on the need to prevent the loss of lives in these sectors. For example, affiliates active on our Lafarge Holcim campaign are likely to protest together on worker deaths at the company and outsourcing which is a contributing factor. Also, the BWI Youth Committee is organising its IWMD campaign under the sub theme “Life before Profit”.

The BWI also supports continued campaign actions on our longstanding Ban Asbestos campaign; meanwhile, two million tons of chrysotile asbestos is being put into the built environment every year – guaranteeing a deadly legacy for building workers and the public.

We encourage all IWMD campaign actions by affiliates to be shared with the BWI. Please send photos, statements/messages and videos to

The BWI has put together seven-point 28 April 2020 action list  that affiliates can consider which we will be able to incorporate under our global campaign theme. We suggest that campaign actions are carried out between 20 to 28 April 2020.

BWI has developed posters that can be printed and shared online in various languages

United Kingdom: 28 April social media campaigning graphics | Hazards Campaign

As a part of their International Workers’ Memorial Day 2020 call to action the Hazards Campaign has produced a series of social media graphics (below) for you to share in your networks. The Campaign wants trade unions and activists  to flood Twitter, Facebook  and  other social networks with these images and,  include the hashtags  #iwmd20, #covid19 and tagging @hazardscampaign

Sample graphics scaled for Facebook


Sample graphics scaled for Twitter

UK: Hazards Campaign call to action

As normal public events for 28 April won’t be possible because of measures to contain coronavirus/Covid-19, the UK’s national Hazards Campaign has published its own 10-point plan for mostly virtual action. The national campaign says marking International Workers’ Memorial Day has never been more important.

“Some workplace events may still go ahead but we are taking #iwmd20 online, developing a social media campaign that we want everyone to join in,” The campaign says. “This will keep the day and its perennial aims on the public and political agenda with the slogan to ‘Remember the Dead and Fight for the Living’.

This year’s international theme has been changed by the global union confederation ITUC to ‘Stop the pandemic at work’.” The campaign’s 10-point plan includes displaying a series of print-off-or-order posters and other graphics in your window, posting selfies with the hashtag #iwmd20 and telling the campaign what you are doing and where.

The Hazards Campaign poster message is: “Whether the threat at work is another new virus, dangerous substances or heartbreaking demands, your life should not be on the line. Unions can make it better.” Tag lines for the union-led event, which has become the world’s biggest health and safety campaign day, include ‘Unions – Fighting for your life’.

The campaign is also supporting the ITUC’s call for people to light a candle (safely) in their window on the evening of 28 April.

Hazards Campaign 28 April call to action. Campaign materials can be downloaded for free, printed off, used online and in social media campaigns, as can a series of Hazards Campaign display boards.
TUC 28 April 2020 news and resources webpage.
Global action and resources: ITUC/Hazards 28 April website.


Global: Graphic – Protect workers! Stop Covid-19 | BWI

Tanzania: Wakinge wafanyakazi! Waepushe na maambukizi #covid-19 | TUICO

UK: Coronavirus protest to mourn preventable construction deaths

11am Sunday morning, 12 April, flowers are laid to mourn construction workers who will lose their lives unnecessarily during the coronavirus pandemic.


The respectful ceremony took place at the ‘Building Worker’ bronze statue at Tower Hill, which was commissioned as a memorial for all those who have died on building sites by the construction union UCATT (now a part of UNITE). The symbolic event was to mourn the dead, but also the fight for the living, and was carried out as part of the mass #ShutTheSites movement that has been trending on social media for the past 2 weeks, calling for non-essential building sites to be closed.

Video link:

A new Shut The Sites FaceBook page was launched on Saturday:

Shut The Sites issued the following statement:

“The Bronze Building Worker statue has for many years been a memorial for workers who have died on construction sites. Flowers have been respectfully laid today to mourn the dead. But in this time of crisis we should also fight to protect the living. None of us want to be here in 6 months time laying a bigger wreath to thousands of construction workers and their family members who may lose their lives unnecessarily.

If construction workers are building a Nightingale Hospital or carrying out emergency maintenance on vital infrastructure, that’s clearly crucial to fight this pandemic. But hundreds of thousands of building workers are being forced to continue working on building sites by greedy developers and employers in order to build luxury flats, hotels and powers stations that will not be completed for at least another 5 years. None of these are essential.

Construction workers often travel on packed public transport or in shared minibuses, eat together in site canteens, live in huge site accommodation blocks and generally work in close proximity. No building worker in the country believes that construction can continue in any meaningful manner while complying with the 2m social distancing rules. Major contractors also have an appalling track record on health and safety; over decades they have sacked and blacklisted those prepared to stand up for the safety of their fellow workers. By keeping non-essential building sites open, the government and businesses are prioritizing profit above public health.

No construction worker wants to put their families lives at risk or add more burden to the NHS. The UK government should immediately close all non-essential building sites. But they also need to ensure that every single worker, whether an employee, self-employed or an agency worker, is paid straight away. We need to protect our families, but we also need to put food on the table.

Rather than forcing construction workers to choose whether to protect their families or pay their bills, the government should suspend all mortgage, rent, interest payments and penalty clauses for the next 3 months (as has already been done in Italy) and pay everyone a universal basic income (as has occurred in Hong Kong and is being proposed by the Spanish government)”.


The memorial protest comes at the same time as the government issued new advice that 2m social distancing will no longer need to be strictly applied in the construction industry, but instead recommends that workers are kept two metres apart “as much as possible”. This is in stark contrast to guidance from the Scottish Government, which has ordered the closure of all non-essential construction.

Construction workers have been voicing their opposition to keeping non-essential building sites open on social media and a number of videos from across the UK have been collated and now appear on the attached .

For press interviews contact:


A full risk assessment was carried out before the protest which identified potential hazards and control measures were implemented to remove the risk

  • Only 2 workers involved to comply with government guidelines (many more wanted to attend)
  • Event coincided with a trip to buy food
  • 2m social distancing at all times
  • Participants arrived by private transport rather than the packed tube
  • PPE worn

The protest with two construction workers could be deemed unlawful. The irony being that thousands of construction workers, often lacking PPE, packed onto building sites across the UK is being actively encouraged by the government.

Spain: Detener la pandemia en el trabajo

El 28 de abril se celebra la Jornada Internacional de Conmemoración, para recordar y reclamar acciones respecto a los trabajadores muertos, discapacitados, lesionados o enfermos a causa de su trabajo. Este año la jornada se centrará evidentemente en la pandemia de COVID 19.

Aunque todo el mundo está afectado por esta crisis, los trabajadores se encuentran en primera línea. El personal sanitario en particular está arriesgando su vida para seguir con su labor de cuidar a los enfermos. Hay personas que trabajan en centros de atención para personas mayores que cuidan al grupo de personas más vulnerable. Pero también necesitamos transporte, trabajadores de supermercados y proveedores de servicios esenciales para para mantener la economía en marcha. La gente debería agradecer a estos trabajadores porque si no puedes comprar comida, entonces no puedes mantener a tu familia sostenida y saludable ”, dijo Sharan Burrow.

La Jornada Internacional de Conmemoración 2020 se celebrará en apoyo a todos esos valientes trabajadores y para rememorar a todas las personas que han muerto, enfermado o se han lesionado realizando su trabajo.

Las medidas de distanciamiento social y de confinamiento probablemente harán imposible la organización de reuniones y eventos presenciales. Si tienen alguna idea respecto a actividades que podrían llevarse a cabo, agradeceríamos las compartan con nosotros enviando un email a Publicaremos sus sugerencias en el sitio web de la campaña

France: Stoppons la pandémie au travail

Le 28 avril marque la Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleuses ou des travailleurs, qui a pour but de rendre hommage aux travailleurs décédés, devenus invalides, blessés ou malades à cause de leur travail en organisant des actions. Le thème de cette année porte évidemment sur la pandémie de Covid-19.

Bien que tout le monde soit touché par la crise, les travailleurs se trouvent en première ligne. Les professionnels de la santé en particulier risquent leur vie en réalisant leur travail pour prendre soin des malades. Il y a des personnes qui travaillent dans des établissements de soins pour personnes âgées et s’occupent du groupe de personnes le plus vulnérable. Mais nous avons également besoin de transports, de travailleurs de supermarchés et de prestataires de services essentiels pour maintenir l’économie. Les gens devraient remercier ces travailleurs car si vous ne pouvez pas acheter de nourriture, vous ne pouvez pas maintenir votre famille en vie et en bonne santé », a déclaré Sharan Burrow.

La Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleuses et des travailleurs 2020 sera organisée pour soutenir tous ces travailleurs courageux, ainsi que pour rendre hommage aux personnes décédées, malades ou blessées en raison de leur travail.

Compte tenu des mesures de distanciation sociale et de confinement, les réunions et événements physiques ne pourront vraisemblablement pas être organisés. Si vous souhaitez partager des idées concernant des activités virtuelles, veuillez nous en faire part en envoyant un courriel à Nous les publierons sur notre site web consacré à la campagne