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Philippines: BWI and ADB hold inspection of Philippine railway project amid sweltering 48 degree heat

In the week of Workers’ Memorial Day, BWI and one of its Philippine affiliates, the National Union of Building and Construction Workers (NUBCW), conducted a joint inspection with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) of the Malalos-Clark Railway Project. The site visits occurred during the country’s warmest season, with temperatures reaching up to 47.7 degrees. This prompted thorough discussions on procedures for working in extreme heat, the necessity of work stoppages when temperatures become hazardous, and the adequacy of provided living accommodations and resting areas in protecting workers from heat stress.

The mission primarily focused on reviewing construction activities and applying ADB labour rights commitments to the ILO core labor standards and national regulations. Safeguard policy commitments on health and safety were emphasised to support the implementation of the project’s Environmental and Social Performance (ESP), defining roles and responsibilities regarding accommodation, occupational health and safety (OHS), and working conditions to ensure alignment with expectations from the Client, BWI, and the bank perspectives.

The three-day mission concluded with a training session at the ADB Headquarters, encompassing shared lessons learned, best practices, and knowledge on labour practices and safeguarding mechanisms. Participants included contractors from different project packages, as well as representatives of clients and key contractors for ADB projects within the Philippines. Observations from the site visits will be disseminated to other projects as examples of best practices. Simultaneously, issues identified will be addressed by the bank as part of corrective action plans formulated following the mission.

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Qatar: Let’s talk hazards – Mastering heat stress – BWI

A joint campaign of the global union federation Building and Wood Worker’s International  (BWI) and Qatar’s Ministry of Labour.

Asia/Pacific: 28 เมษา: จดจำแรงงานที่ถูกหลงลืม

ในรายงานขององค์การแรงงานระหว่างประเทศ (ILO) ที่เผยแพร่ในเดือนพฤศจิกายน พ.ศ.2566 เรียกร้องให้คนหันมาสนใจเรื่องสภาพแวดล้อมในการทำงานที่ปลอดภัยมากขึ้น A Call for Safer and Healthier Working Environments  มีเนื้อหาที่ตั้งข้อสังเกตดังนี้

จากประมาณการณ์ตัวเลขล่าสุดที่ทางไอแอลโอได้จัดทำ โดยนับสถิติย้อนหลังถึงพ.ศ. 2562 พบว่ามีคนทำงานกว่า 395 ล้านคนทั่วโลกได้รับบาดเจ็บที่เกี่ยวเนื่องกับการทำงานกรณีไม่ร้ายแรงจนถึงขั้นเสียชีวิต นอกจากนี้ ยังประมาณการณ์ว่าตัวเลขคนทำงานที่เสียชีวิตด้วยเหตุปัจจัยต่างๆ อันเกี่ยวเนื่องกับการทำงานอยู่ที่ราวๆ 2.93 ล้านคน เพิ่มขึ้นมากกว่า 12 เปอร์เซ็นต์จากสถิติปีพ.ศ.2563

ข้อมูลสถิติโดยประมาณการณ์นี้เป็นเครื่องเตือนใจอย่างดีในแง่ที่ว่าคนทำงานยังต้องประสบกับอาการบาดเจ็บขั้นร้ายแรง โรคภัยต่างๆ รวมถึงความเสี่ยงที่จะเสียชีวิตระหว่างทำงาน  นอกเหนือไปจากการเรียกร้องให้มีการบังคับใช้มาตรการต่างๆ เพื่อคุ้มครองคนทำงาน  สร้างหลักประกันด้านสิทธิเกี่ยวกับสุขภาพและความปลอดภัยในการทำงานให้เป็นไปตามหลักอนุสัญญาฉบับที่ 155 ขององค์การแรงงานระหว่างประเทศที่เป็นอนุสัญญาสิทธิหลักขั้นพื้นฐาน


Qatar: Making work safer through dialogue and cooperation – BWI

DOHA: The Ministry of Labour, in collaboration with the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI), organised the Migrant Community Leaders’ Forum on Monday, titled ‘Sustaining Dialogue and Cooperation’. The initiative aims to perpetuate constructive dialogue to enhance the work environment. more

Cambodia: ទិវាសុខភាព សុវត្ថិភាពពិភពលោក – BWTUC Cambodia

រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ.ថ្ងៃទី២៨ ខែមេសា ឆ្នាំ២០២៤ នេះសហព័ន្ធ BWTUC Cambodia បានរៀបចំប្រជុំជាមួយសមាជិកមូលដ្ឋានផ្នែកសំណង់សាងសង់ និងចូលរួមយុទ្ធនាការទិវាសុខភាព សុវត្ថិភាពពិភពលោក ។


Philippines: Filipino workers mark #IWMD24, assert that ‘safe work builds better’ – BWI, ALU-TUCP, BUBCW, PTGWO-TUCP & Panday-Buhay Workers’ Association

Close to 200 Filipino workers gathered today to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day under the theme: “Enough is Enough.” The joint event brought together BWI Philippine Affiliates, including the Associated Labor Union (ALU-TUCP), the National Union of Building and Construction Workers (NUBCW), the Philippine Trade and General Workers’ Organisation (PTGWO-TUCP), as well as the Panday-Buhay Workers’ Association of the Habitat for Humanity.
As candles were lit in honour of workers who lost their lives at work, the trade unionists trooped to the Occupational Safety and Health Center. Ambet Yuson, General Secretary of BWI, emphasised that one workplace accident is one too many already, reiterating the urgent need to advocate against wrong and unsafe practices in the construction industry. “The government’s advocacy is ‘Build Build Build,’ but it seems safety is being overlooked. Perhaps a better slogan would be ‘Safe Work, Build Better,'” he stated.
Dave Noonan, BWI Vice President for the Asia Pacific, shared his personal journey as a former construction worker, urging Filipino workers to fight for their rights.
Other BWI global leaders, such as Patrick Vandenberghe and Thomas Janson, underscored the importance of understanding rights, acknowledging the risks posed by the climate crisis, and intensifying advocacy efforts.

Asia Pacific: Across Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Cambodia, BWI Affiliates unite in commemorating International Workers’ Memorial Day.

India: दिनांक 28 अप्रैल को अंतराष्ट्रीय मज़दूर स्मृति – Delhi Unorganised Construction Workers Union

On the occasion of International Labour Memorial Day, Delhi Unorganized Construction Labour Union a program of secured workplace and tribute meeting at Narela Rehab Colony, Delhi-40 and MRRTC side Anand Vihar Depot (Delhi-Merut Transit Rapid Rail Project Site) Union Secretary Mrs. Parveen Ravi (Narela) and Mrs. Parveen Ravi (Narela) Organized under the leadership of Secretary and Security Committee President Mr. Sudhir Kumar Singh (Anand Vihar Deepo)!
n this occasion, tribute was given by lighting candles in memory of workers who died due to accidents at workplace and oath was taken to protect.!
Let us all take our vow together to create an accident-free workplace!
Safe work-safe life!
Will always use safety kit (equipment) during work.
A heartfelt tribute to our colleagues who lost their lives in an accident during work throughout the year.
International Workers’ Memorial Day is observed on April 28th each year to honor workers who have been injured, disabled, maimed, or killed due to workplace hazards and accidents. It’s a day to raise awareness about occupational safety and health issues and to advocate for safer working conditions worldwide.
Amjad Hassan
General Secretary: Delhi Unorganized Construction Workers Union (Intak/BWI)

India: International Workers memorial Day at Chennai 2024

International Workers memorial Day at Chennai 2024

Korea: KPTU – ‘Let’s unite and show them the organised power of the food delivery riders!’

The 7th Riders’ March (KPTU Riders Union Branch) is taking place under the slogan of “Let’s unite and show them the organised power of the food delivery riders!”
The main demands are for the implementation of a comprehensive measures, including a safe delivery fee and full application of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and regulation of the abusive behaviour of platform companies such as Baemin and Coupang.
During the march, participants presented Baemin with a special award for the worst company causing injuries and deaths on the occasion of International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April.