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Peru: Confirmación por el Día Mundial de la Salud y la Seguridad en el Trabajo – FTCPP – CGTP

Confirmación por el Día Mundial de la Salud y la Seguridad en el Trabajo.

Peru: National meeting of safety and health secretariats at work of the FTCCP

The 1st National Meeting of Safety and Health Secretariats at Work of the FTCCP took place from April 22 to 24, and was attended by national leaders from the 25 regions of the country.

The aim of the meeting is to train national leaders as SST promoters, who will get tools to implement action plans in their respective provinces.

Brazil: Campanha – 300.000 acidentes fatais por ano. Basta! – Sintepav-Bahia

Sintepav-Bahia, through the president Gazo , the financial director and deputy senator Bebeto Galvão, starts on Monday (15), the union’s participation in the Action of the International Federation of Construction and Wood Workers – ICM regarding the International Day in Memory of Victims of Accidents and Related Diseases at work – 28 April.
According to @bwiglobalunion the harsh reality persists: we witness an increase in the number of deaths each year due to work-related accidents and illnesses. This year, ICM will highlight the risks that lead to the loss of lives of workers in our sectors on a daily basis, under the theme: ENOUGH! – LETS TALK ABOUT RISKS.
In memory of those we’ve lost, we’re taking collective action to ensure all workers are aware of their rights and all employers understand their obligations to identify, assess and control workplace risks. Join in with us!

Brazil: Dia internacional em memória das vítimas de acidentes e doenças relacionadas ao trabalho – Sincatron-SP

According to the ILO November 2023 report, the latest estimate of work related accidents and diseases is close to 3 million, with 2.6 million deaths attributed to work related diseases and 330,000 fatal accidents
This increase of more than 5% compared to 2015 is an alarming and unacceptable trend. However, despite the challenges, we can create safer and healthier work environments through preventive measures and security investments
Let’s work together to make it a reality.

Venezuela: Suntimaven conmemora el 28 de abril como fecha de lucha

From Suntimaven we commemorate April 28 as a Day of Struggle, where we promote the proper use of personal protective equipment and avoid workplace accidents.

Peru: Día internacional en memoria de las víctimas de accidentes de trabajo y enfermedades profesionales – Fetraceppe PERU [Video]

Día internacional en memoria de las víctimas de accidentes de trabajo y enfermedades profesionales – Fetraceppe PERU

Guatemala: SINCS-G Guatemala se suma a la campaña de la ICM este 28 de abril para promocionar lugares de trabajo seguros y sanos

SINCS-G Guatemala joins the ICM campaign this April 28 to promote safe and healthy workplaces.
No more work accidents!

Panamá: La salud laboral no se vende, se defiende – BWI

Panama: “Occupational health is not sold, it is defended”
In the closing act of the campaign for health and safety in the construction of Panama, held this week in the project Institute of the Insured of the Suntracs Panamá participated 390 workers, workers, union representatives of the sections of the Caja de Seguro Social Panamá , representatives of the Panama Chamber of Construction Mitradel Panamá , the Ministry of Labor Capac Panamá , the Directorate of Occupational Health of the Social Security Fund, the management of Constructora Rigaservices S.A. RIGA (the project building company) as well as ICM BWI Global Union .
With the slogan “3 MILLION WORK-RELATED DEATHS PER YEAR ENOUGH! , LET’S TALK ABOUT RISK” The leadership of SUNTRACS calls on companies, government, and workers themselves to step up efforts to reduce the risks of accidents and deaths at work that cause fatalities and injuries every year. According to International Labour Organization ILO exceeds 3 million a year and since 1992 the figure has reached 388 fatalities in Panama.

Colombia: Intergremial SINTRAETEX por Salud y Seguridad en la industria

From Manizales, headquarters of the main plant and operations of the ETEX Colombia Group, report the affiliates of Sintra Etex , one of the unions that groups workers of the Belgian multinational of materials and coatings for construction. SINTRAETEX is part of the Intergroup of Colombia, the platform of unity of action of ICM in that country.
Jose Lopez Posada, president of SINTRAETEX announced the holding of a conversation for affiliated workers and people interested in the subject, about health and safety at work in conjunction with the CTC of Caldas.

Perú: SUTRART por mejores condiciones de Salud y Seguridad en el Trabajo

Artesco SA’s Sole Syndicate Sutrart Artesco with workers in the Germany subsidiary of STAEDTLER in Peru Artesco SA spoke for better conditions of health and safety at work across the industry of the stationery and office supplies sector country.

SUTRART made this announcement from its headquarters in Lima, to commemorate, this April 28, the International Day of the Dead and Injured of Work Accidents. ICM BWI Global Union called on its unions from the construction, building materials, timber and related sectors to speak out on the issue when more than 3 million injured are registered globally, of which 330 thousand end in fatalities, according to the ILO.