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Turkey: Pioneering large, joint events of BWI affiliates across Turkey

In Turkey, BWI affiliates are organising a joint action on 28 April for the first time in Turkey.

They will have a joint meeting in YOL-IS (construction union) HQ.

They will make speeches regarding the OHS issues by addressing and condemning the high rate of deadly accidents in Turkey. They will read a joint declaration following their personal speeches.

On the other hand, national TV channels will be there.

YOL-IS published our posters in Turkish to be distributed to members in  35 different cities. The branch offices in these cities will organise meetings with members and take photographs with poster to send us.

Additionally, YOL-IS filmed a public service ad on OHS  standards in construction sector. It will be shown in the meeting.

Therefore, it will be a pioneering huge event in Turkey.