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Asia Pacific: Across Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Cambodia, BWI Affiliates unite in commemorating International Workers’ Memorial Day.

Malaysia: Union uses themed t-shirts for safety awareness campaign

STIEU has launched  an awareness campaign to mark both  May Day and IWMD using themed t-shirts.

Malaysia: Meetings, commemorations and campaigns to mark 28 April – TEUPM

Timber Employees Union Peninsular Malaysia (TEUPM) will be holding a meeting have meeting with factory community with general managers, plant managers, HR and assistant managers regarding worker safety and how to avoid it problems in the workplace. Additionally TEUPM will be holding an awareness raising campaign with MTUC and affiliates with a 28 April commemoration , discussion and meeting.

Malaysia: Safety campaign to mark 28 April – UFES

The Union of Forestry Employees Sarawak (UFES) initiated an OHS awareness campaign to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day during the preparation of the planting programme in Belawai, Sarawak Malaysia.