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Tanzania: Campaigning for safe and healthy work

TUICO the BWI affiliate in Tanzania has commemorated the IWMD 2023 by a public campaign for OHS as a fundamental right for workers. The unions used the opportunity to give certificates to unions health and safety inspectors at workplaces who have received appropriate trainings.

Tanzania: Numerous activities will mark International Workers’ Memorial Day

BWI affiliates in Tanzania are planning multiple activities for 28 April.

TAMICO is holding organising through OHS campaign activities at four separate infrastructure project sites via  social media campaign and face to face actions.

TUICO will conduct four joint OHS trainings/in-house training sessions, workplace visits,  inspections and related media work.


Tanzania: TUICO workers demand “life before profit” on 28 April – video

TUICO in Tanzania conducted OHS campaign at Lodhia Steel company limited to commemorate IWMD “Life before profit campaign”

Tanzania: TUICO conducted OHS campaign to commemorate #IWMD22 “Life before profit campaign”

Tanzania: TUICO conducted OHS campaign at Lodhia Steel company limited to commemorate #IWMD22 “Life before profit campaign”

Tanzania: TUICO marks 28 April demanding employers make safety the priority

The Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) joins BWI in marking this year’s International Workers’ Memorial Day

TUICO is correct. Workers don’t die at work because of unexplained illnesses, and/or tragic, freak accidents. Workers are killed because employers and governments think less of their health and safety.

No less than recognising workplace health and safety as a fundamental right of all workers will enable trade unions to fully turn the tide against work-related fatal accidents and ailments. #IWMD2022

Tanzania: TUICO demands employers keep workers safe during Covid 19 crisis

TUICO in Tanzania calls on employers to observe occupational
health and safety guidelines during covid-19 outbreak and protect the workers #BWI2020IWMD

Tanzania: TUICO supports the BWI campaign ‘People before profit’

Jacqueline Sarungi from TUICO, Tanzania, supporting the BWI Campaign #Lifebeforeprofit #BWI2020IWMD #iwmd20

Tanzania: Protect workers! Prevent them from #covid-19 | TUICO

Tanzania: Wakinge wafanyakazi! Waepushe na maambukizi #covid-19 | TUICO