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Ghana: Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) commemorates 28 April

Health and safety of the workforce in institutions are critical just as the productivity and sustainability of these institutions. Due to this, the Ghanaian Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) is calling on institutions as a matter of urgency to put in measures to ensure the safety of workers in the discharge of their duties. more


Ghana: Workplace greening campaign for International Workers’ Memorial Day

Timber and Woodworkers’ Union (TWU) of Ghana will conduct a  workplace greening OHS Campaign for 28 April in the Kumasi Ashanti Region.  TWU will “Make at least 2,000 posters fliers, letters, etc. to work places to sensitize Employers/ Employees about O.H.S welfare and many more…  educate everyone who chance to come across any of the matters.”

Ghana: Union safety training on International Workers’ Memorial Day

Construction and Building Material Workers’ Union (CBMWU) of Ghana, Public Utility Workers’ Union (PUWU) and the Public Services Workers’ Union (PSWU) will be undertaking training sessions in occupational safety and heath to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day.