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India: Occupational hazards took 186 deaths in Gujarat in 2016: Corporate giants blamed for not protecting workers

A new estimate, arrived at by a Vadodara-based civil rights organization working on occupational health issues in Gujarat, has estimated that as many as 186 persons have died in 2016 alone in the state because of various occupational hazard diseases. Sourced on vernacular media of South Gujarat, the organization, People’s Training and Research Centre (PTRC), believes that the actual numbers should be “much higher”, as the news items published in the dailies are “based on police complaints.”
In a profile of the deaths, PTRC has found that big industries and industrial estates in Gujarat’s chemical hubs account for many of them. The incidents profiled include 1 3 deaths which took place in units runs by top industrial houses — Adani, Nirma and Reliance.
Thus, on April 28, 2016, seven workers died in the Adani-owned power plant in Mundra, Kutch district, died as a result of explosion in the pipeline leading to the flash tank steam because of obstruction caused by an iron part. It led to hot water at 144 degrees falling on workers, all of whom were migrants from Jharkhand.

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BWI affiliates urged to support the amendment of Rotterdam Convention, Article 22

BWI affiliates in South Asia have been be encouraged to submit letters to their respective Governments in support of a proposal to amend Article 22 of the Rotterdam Convention being considered at the conference – which runs from 25 April to 5 May. The current voting system allows a single government in the pocket of the asbestos, chemical or pesticides lobby to block the listing of even the most dangerous substances under the ‘prior informed consent’ system, which requires a health warning to accompany exports.

India: NOBSM India trains electrical workers around 28th of April

Update from BWI

NOBSM India will be proposing health and safety training for electrical workers followed by press conference.

India: KKNTC India holds seminar and rally around IWMD

Update from BWI

KKNTC India reports a joint OHS seminar for workers in collaboration with employers as well as a workers’ health and safety rally and a press conference.

India: ONMS India focuses on joint OHS training for IWMD

Update from BWI

ONMS India organizes joint OHS training for construction workers from selected worksites in collaboration with state construction welfare board.

India: CFBWU India organizes a rally around 28th of April

The union will be organizing a rally on health and safety followed by a press conference.

India: KSCWCU India active around IWMD

The union has planned a press release for IWMD 10 days before April 28. It will also hold a joint public meeting of construction workers in the presence of state construction welfare board officials and labour department representatives to highlight workers’ concerns in relation to health and safety.

India: DANMU India holds two site trainings around IWMD

Two OHS site trainings followed by a commemoration event in the evening will take place around IWMD.