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Nepal: GEFONT commemoration for 28 April, Kathmandu

For Victims- we mourn and condole

Fighting for Living- we unveil collection of interview of 31 workers.

Day: Tomorrow at 12:30 NST in Kathmandu and noon time major cities of 7 provinces

Morning: a process to aware people re OSH issue marking OSH week

A cut out symbolise dead and victims:

Bishnu Rimal

President, GEFONT-NEC

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BWI affiliates urged to support the amendment of Rotterdam Convention, Article 22

BWI affiliates in South Asia have been be encouraged to submit letters to their respective Governments in support of a proposal to amend Article 22 of the Rotterdam Convention being considered at the conference – which runs from 25 April to 5 May. The current voting system allows a single government in the pocket of the asbestos, chemical or pesticides lobby to block the listing of even the most dangerous substances under the ‘prior informed consent’ system, which requires a health warning to accompany exports.

Nepal: 28 April graphics from GEFONT

Nepalese union GEFONT has produced some very eye catching materials for International Workers’ Memorial Day 2017.

Further details: GEFONT 

Nepal: BWI Nepal Affiliates Committee proposes training with the Federation of Contractors Association

BWI Nepal Affiliates Committee reports that a training for workers at a construction project will take place in collaboration with the Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal.