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MASZSZ update on regional and national 28 activities in Hungary

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MASZSZ) organises on the eve of 28 April the wreath-laying and lighting of candles at the Workers’ Memorial erected by the confederation.

The event will be addressed by MASZSZ president, senior labour inspector, representatives of OSH society, state authorities and academic institutions.

The main MASZSZ message is the call for effective action to reduce the unacceptable high number of fatal accidents and occupational illnesses, with a view of working for Zero vision. Unions stand for a meaningful new OSH national strategy along the EU strategy framework. MASZSZ calls the common action of unions, employers and government to vote for framing the right to healthy and safe working conditions among the fundamental rights by the ILO.

On 28 April various MASZSZ regional and sectoral unions will have commemoration activities.