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Gibraltar: 28 April activities in Gibraltar involving government and unions

The Workers Memorial Day ceremony will be held on Thursday 27th April 2017. The event is organised by Unite the Union Health and Safety Committee with Gibraltar Cultural Services collaborating and assisting Unite to ensure the smooth running of the event.

The occasion will be celebrated with a short ceremony at the Alameda Gardens as from 10am. The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo MP will be leading the Ceremony. Speeches will be delivered by both the Chief Minister and Unite the Union Health & Safety Committee.

Remember the dead – fight for the living #IWMD17

The 28th April is International Workers’ Memorial Day the day each year when workers come together and remember those who have been killed and injured at work. The slogan for the day is “remember the dead – fight for the living”.

Sadly, it is all too likely that know someone who has died at work, has been injured in the workplace or is suffering from an occupational diseases.

IWMD 2017: An organised workplace is a safe workplace

This year Unite are highlighting the message that an organised workplace is a safe workplace, while also recognising the vital work of Unite safety reps in ensuring that their fellow workers are safe at work.

It has been found that workplaces that have union safety reps and a safety committee have half the major injury rate of companies that don’t have these structures.

Safety reps play an enormously positive role in society. In 2016 research found that safety reps in the UK saved between £219 million to £725 million by reducing lost time caused by injuries and illness.

The role of union safety reps is increasingly vital. Continued government attacks on safety laws, safety regulations and huge cuts to the funding of the Health and Safety Executive mean that unions and their safety reps are increasingly in the frontline of workplace safety. If unions aren’t keeping their workplaces safe then it is unlikely that anyone else will.
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