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UK: TUC leading building safety inspection drive for Workers’ Memorial Day

TUC says  “We know the risks of Raac, asbestos, poor fire safety and ventilation can be a dangerous mix. Too many of our workplaces are riddled with one or more of these. Successive governments have failed to remove and improve, and too many employers fail to properly control risk.”

So in the week leading up to Workers’ Memorial Day, TUC is taking action asking union safety reps, or reps who are responsible for health and safety as part of their role  to carry out a building safety inspection. Between Monday 22 and Sunday 29 April, union safety reps across the country will all inspect together. More than 600 reps have already signed up. More details

POLAND: Światowy Dzień Bezpieczeństwa i Ochrony Zdrowia w Pracy 2024: BEZPIECZEŃSTWO PRACY A ZMIANY KLIMATYCZNE

Światowy Dzień Bezpieczeństwa i Ochrony Zdrowia w Pracy 2024:


 Szanowni Państwo,

 Uprzejmie informuję, że na stronie zamieściliśmy informacje dotyczące tematyki i obchodów Światowego Dnia Bezpieczeństwa i Ochrony Zdrowia w Pracy. Są tam: plakat Dnia (do druku), baner internetowy, infografiki, linki do nagrań seminariów oraz szereg materiałów źródłowych –

 Obciążenia cieplne pracowników w środowisku cieplnym i zimnym (pdf)

 Zachęcamy do wykorzystania zgromadzonych materiałów.

 Z pozdrawieniami

Dorota Pięta
Ośrodek Promocji i Wdrażania
tel. 22 623 37 22

Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy
ul. Czerniakowska 16, 00-701 Warszawa

UK: TUC calls on safety reps to inspect their workplaces

The UK Trades Unions Congress is calling on all union safety reps to  take part in the @TUC_Education week of action by signing up to inspect the risks in the building you work in.

More details on the Building safety inspections – week of action

Poland: Światowy Dzień Bezpieczeństwa i Ochrony Zdrowia w Pracy 2024

Poland’s Central Institute for Labour Protection (CIOP) – National Research Institute, has announced that on 28 April its activities will focus on the impact of climate change on safety in the work environment. It says heat, extreme weather events, UV radiation or air pollution, increased exposure to hazardous chemicals, as well as diseases transmitted by parasites are some of the challenges we face due to climate change. It notes these factors can have a significant negative impact on our safety and health at work. CIOP is encouraging “actions that will raise awareness of this problem in your work environment and allow you to develop solutions to ensure safe and healthy work in times of changing climate.”

Polish 28 April webpage