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Peru: Meetings and forums on work safety to mark 28 April

FTCCP  will hold an International Workers’ Memorial Day Forum on musculoskeletal disorders affecting construction workers, demand to reduce the weight of cement sacks to 25 kg, decree Nº 011- 2019-TR Safety and Health at Work Regulations for the Construction Sector. The 2 hour forum will have as speakers lawyers, ILO experts and trade unionists. The target audience is composed of workers and trade unionists.

FENATIMAP will hold a 28 April safety awareness meeting.  They will hold a discussion on work safety and health for 20 forestry workers and technicians of the Export Wood Trading Company Tahuantinsuyoin in the locality of Manantay, La Chacrita, in Pucalpa, Amazonian region of Ucayali in Peru.


Peru: CATP reaffirms commitment to safety and training for 28 April

CATP says: “April 28 marks the International Day for Safety and Health at Work, therefore our commitment to training and monitoring compliance in favor of workers in the country.”

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