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Mauritius: CMWEU activities for 28 April

Construction union and BWI affiliate Construction, Metal and Employees Union (CMWEU) has announced its plans to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day.

The union’s plan is to “Sensitise the workers on difference between general checkup and work related medical checkup and what protection exist in the law.

“Acquire expert support, Occupational Health Physician to educate workers on Occupational diseases and long-term effects on the livelihood of the worker.”

And “Visibility actions to educate workers on ‘UNIONS MAKE SAFE WORK’”

The activity will take place in Rose Hill – Mauritius . It is targeted at CMWEU Unions leaders, OHS committee members, government and the public and it is hoped the outcome will be that “Workers become fully aware of the occupational diseases and long-term effects and how best to prevent from such. Distribution of pamphlets and other printed materials on work sites and sensitization campaign through meeting on work sites.”