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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Unions declare businesses should not be killing!

28. April is the International Day of Remembrance and Action for the workers killed, disabled, and injured at work
Syndicates around the world are taking action and organizing rallies and protest marches to make the right to healthy and safe work places recognized as a fundamental right of workers. Activities are held throughout the week featuring this day.
Nowadays we know all about occupational hazards and all the measures and laws aimed at preventing workplace-related deaths, injuries and illness. Despite this, more than a hundred thousand workers in construction, forestry and timber processing lose their lives annually in completely preventable “accidents”
Unions of the world, including BWI members, are determined to take something about this. Independent Syndicate of Forestry, wood processing and paper BiH will also join this campaign.
Adequate results will be achieved when unions and administrations work together on joint issues of health and safety at work in order to have fatalities-free workplaces and areas of work where there are risks of professional b illnesses and accidents subject to intensive warning and prevention activities.
In memory of our members and other workers who have passed away, we are committed to our goal, which is that the International Labor Organization (MOR) recognizes the right to healthy and safe workplaces as a fundamental right of workers. The global concentration for such a change will encourage those responsible for the implementation of appropriate standards of health and safety at work and discourage those states and companies that want to achieve market competitiveness based on poor conditions and practices.
We will achieve this with collective actions and other initiatives on this day, as well as on the days before and after World Day of Safety at Work.
What can we do?
1. Collect signatures for the Declaration of Healthy and Safe Workplaces. Signatures are being collected from employers, employer organizations and government institutions.
2. To hold joint activities at the workplace where the employer has already signed the declaration.
3. Distributing BWI posters and pamphlets on Work Safety and Health (BZR) as a fundamental right.
4. Conduct trainings on safety equipment, trainings and seminars at workplaces
5. To visit workplaces and conduct inspections regarding safety and health at work.
6. Coordinate mass rallies and demonstrations in front of companies in order to protest dangerous working conditions and poor safety statistics.
7. Holding memorial rallies for those who lost their lives or were injured on the job.
During this week, the activity activism will be documented with photos, videos, press releases and social media posts using hashtags: #IWMD2022#imwd22 Twitter