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28 April resources: Climate risks for workers

28 April resources: Climate risks for workers


ITUC climate change webpages.

ITUC global shifts – just transition webpages.

Biological hazards and the work environment: Trade union position and priorities ahead of the International Labour Conference 2024 first discussion on occupational safety and health protection against biological hazards, ITUC, December 2023.

Peligros biológicos y entorno laboral: Postura y prioridades de los sindicatos de cara al primer debate de la Conferencia Internacional del Trabajo 2024 sobre protección de la salud y la seguridad en el trabajo contra los peligros biológicos, CSI, Diciembre 2023.

Risques biologiques et environnements professionnels: Position et priorités des syndicats en prévision de la première discussion de la Conférence internationale du Travail 2024 sur la protection de la sécurité et de la santé contre les risques biologiques sur les lieux de travail, CSI, Decembre 2023.


Climate and workers’ health webpages.


ILO social protection, climate change and just transition webpages.

ILO ACTRAV (workers’ bureau) environment and climate change webpages.Working on a warmer planet: The impact of heat stress on labour productivity and decent work, ILO, July 2019.


HesaMag special edition, Workers and the climate challenge | etui Winter 2023

The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work in an Era of Climate Change, NELP, 27 March 2023.

Environmental heat stress on maternal physiology and fetal blood flow in pregnant subsistence farmers in The Gambia, west Africa: an observational cohort study, The Lancet Planetary Health, volume 6, issue 12, e968-e976, 1 December 2022.

Muhammad Hidayat Greenfield. An urgent need to reassess climate change and child labour in agriculture, The Lancet Planetary Health, first published online 18 May 2022.

MCN Position Statement: Climate-Integrated Disaster Preparedness Needed to Protect Most Vulnerable Workers, Migrant Clinicians Network, December 2021.

Xiuwen Sue Dong and others. Heat‐related deaths among construction workers in the United States, American Journal of Industrial Medicine, First published online 22 July 2019.

ETUC Resolution on the Need for EU Action to Protect Workers from High Temperatures, adopted December 2018.

Europe: BWI’s “Make it happen” campaign sweeps Pan Europe

On International Workers Memorial Day, BWI affiliates across the Pan European region gathered together to raise their voices and demand that occupational health and safety become a reality in every workplace across the continent.

Over the last year, BWI affiliates throughout Europe signed over 100 Declarations with employers and employer associations to recognise occupational health and safety as a fundamental worker’s right. Many BWI affiliates decided this year to return to employers who have signed the said declarations and meet with workers to see if the situation had improved over the year.

Tajikistan’s building workers union was able to arrange 27 union meetings with 500 workers employed in different construction sites. Workers voiced their full support for BWI “Make It Happen” campaign as they conceded that occupational health and safety remains a major concern in the construction industry.

Over 50 activities were organised by BWI affiliates across Europe to support BWI’s “Make it Happen” campaign, including meetings with workers, issuance of trade union statements and videos, TV interviews, conferences, and workshops.

BWI news

Asia-Pacific: OHS as a right, make it happen! #iwmd23

37 unions throughout the Asia Pacific region organized various mobilisations, concerted actions, and other activities to support the adoption of workplace health and safety as a fundamental worker right. This was in response to BWI’s call to its affiliates to push governments and employers to implement the said right as it marked the 2023 International Workers’ Memorial Day. The unions in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Korea, and the Philippines organised demonstrations, held meetings to raise awareness on workplace safety, and distributed free personal protective equipment (PPE). In other places, unions and the employers  collaborated on joint actions to reaffirm their commitment to upholding safe and healthy working conditions.

In Nepal, the BWI-Nepal Affiliates Committee (BWI-NAC) organised a campaign action at a construction site in Bhaktapur. Crecentia Mofokeng, BWI Regional Representative for Africa-MENA, joined the activity. She was in Nepal for the Homenet International Congress.

In South India, the TKTMS organised a march that culminated in a town hall meeting attended by construction industry employers’ representatives. The INCWF sponsored a health and safety training at two cement plants in the state of Karnataka. At the same time, the Rajasthan state’s RPKNMS and AHBWU held popular activities to raise OSH awareness among stone quarry employees. Elsewhere in India, BWI affiliates TCTU, AIKTMS, DANMU, MAMU, NMPS, CFBWU, OKKS, OFMFPWU, RWO, INBCWF, SGEU, PMLU, AHPWDIPHCWU, CLU, HKMP, BMS, BMS Gujarat, BNKMU, UPGMS, and KSCWCU also reported IWMD-themed events.

For its part, the ACE-EU in Pakistan convened a joint training with employer representatives to promote OSH as a fundamental and implementable right of workers., while the PFBWW called for a workers’ meeting at  the IFI-funded Tarbela Dam infrastructure project and the BWF led awareness activities in the brick kiln industry.

Meanwhile, health and safety rallies and meetings, led by BBWWF and BSBWWF, dominated the marking of the IWMD in Sri Lanka.

The NUBCW organised a legal and advocacy course in the Philippines to lobby for the implementation of OHS laws in the country. In addition, the NUBCW held an anti-sexual harassment training and lecture for Engineering Equipment Incorporated unions, as well as their human resource professionals and workers.

The SERBUK in Indonesia and the BWTUC in Cambodia honoured the day with a series of campaign actions and mass mobilisations. They asked their respective governments to prioritise workers’ health and safety and their right to safe workplaces.

Finally, Malaysia’s UFES, TEUPM, and STIEU, as well as Myanmar’s BWFM, continued OSH campaigns to raise

Kazakhstan: Safe workplace is the basis of life and health preservation

Aas part of the World Labor Day, the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized a round table: “Safe workplace is the basis of life and health preservation”, which was attended by union leaders and technical inspectors from different industries and regions of the country, representatives of employers and authorized state bodies. more

Georgia: Labour Start 2023 conference launched in Tbilisi on April 28

Ապրիլի 28-ին Թբիլիսիում մեկնարկեց Global Solidarity – Labour Start 2023 կոնֆերանսը, որին մասնակցում են նաև Հայաստանի արհմիությունների կոնֆեդերացիայի ներկայացուցիչները:
✅Կոնֆերանսին ներկայացված են շուրջ 170 մասնակից 67 երկրից:
📣Կոնֆերանսը մեկնարկեց Աշխատողների հիշատակի օրվա հարգանքի տուրքով և այն հիմնական գաղափարով, որ աշխատողների համար անչափ կարևոր են առողջ ու անվտանգ պայմանները:
🗓️ Global Solidarity – Labour Start 2023 conference launched in Tbilisi on April 28, which is also attended by representatives of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia.
✅ 170 participants from 67 countries are represented at the conference.
📣 The conference started with the respect of Workers’ Day and with the main idea that healthy and safe conditions are very important for workers.

Armenia: Armenian Trade Unions Conference organises a round table discussion on issues of health and safety in the workplace for #iwmd23

Հայաստանի արհմիությունների կոնֆեդերացիա organized a round table discussion on issues of health and safety in the workplace…

Moldova: Work in safe and healthy conditions – a fundamental right of employees at work – #iwmd23

“Work in safe and healthy conditions – a fundamental right of employees at work.”
👉 The event was organized by Confederația Națională a Sindicatelor din Moldova with the support of the National Platform of the FSC from #PaE.
“Promoting a culture of safety and health at work can help reduce the annual number of workplace deaths.”

Lithuania: Balandžio 28 dieną minima Pasaulinė darbuotojų saugos ir sveikatos diena -#iwmd23

Balandžio 28 dieną minima Pasaulinė darbuotojų saugos ir sveikatos diena. Pirmiausia kalbama apie darbdavių pareigą pasirūpinti nekenksminga darbo aplinka fizinei sveikatai.
Lietuvos profesinė sąjunga „Solidarumas” šiemet nori atkreipti dėmesį į psichologinį smurtą (arba mobingą) darbo vietose, reiškinį apie kurį visuomenė vis drąsiau kalba, tačiau dar sunkiai atpažįsta.
Valstybinės darbo inspekcijos duomenimis 2022 metais skundų ir pranešimų dėl psichologinio smurto buvo g… See more

Tunisia: FGBB launch a massive safety campaign with hundreds of workers on 28 April

28 April  was celebrated in Tunisia by a massive campaign that brought together more than 200 FGBB member workers with occupational health and safety specialists, the national health insurance fund, representatives of the UGTT and the ILO. .
FGBB continued the campaign at company level.

Kenya: 28 April marked by union safety lobbying of concrete company

Kenya Quarry and mining workers union (KQMWU) took a workplace OHS campaign meeting at Warren Concrete limited to lobby for the implementation of OHS as a fundamental right during the April 28th IWMD.

Kenya Quarry and mining workers union (KQMWU) took a workplace OHS campaign meeting at Warren Concrete limited to lobby for the implementation of OHS as a fundamental right during the April 28th IWMD.