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USA: Las familias y lxs compañerxs de trabajo recuerdan a los perdidos en el trabajo durante la Semana Conmemorativa de lxs Trabajadorxs

El estándar temporal de emergencia COVID-19 salvará vidas y debe ser “aprobado rápidamente y aplicado rigurosamente”, dicen los activistas de seguridad

LOS ÁNGELES- Al reunirse en la Manifestación Nacional virtual para observar la Semana Conmemorativa de lxs Trabajadorxs, lxs activistas de seguridad dijeron hoy que un nueva Norma Temporal de Emergencia COVID-19 (ETS – por sus siglas en inglés) salvará vidas y debe ser “rápidamente aprobada y aplicada rigurosamente”.

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USA: Families and co-workers remember those lost on the job for Workers’ Memorial Week – National COSH

Life-Saving COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) Must Be “Rapidly Approved and Rigorously Enforced,” Say Safety Activists
Families and Co-Workers Remember Those Lost on the Job for Workers’ Memorial Week

LOS ANGELES – Gathering at a virtual National Speak Out to observe Workers’ Memorial Week, safety activists said today that a new COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) will save lives and must be “rapidly approved and rigorously enforced.”

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Argentina: Young people of UOLRA (Argentina) join the 28 April commemoration day

Jóvenes de la UOLRA (Argentina) se unen a las jornadas de conmemoración del 28 de abril 2021.
Young people of UOLRA (Argentina) join the commemoration days of April 28, 2021.

Venezuela: Global alliance for health and safety at work – FENATCS

FENATCS logra la firma de 2 declaraciones con las empresas Constructora CONACA, C.A. y PRIMOCA, CA. en Maracaibo y Zulia.
Juntos reconocemos la Salud y Seguridad como un derecho fundamental. ¡Adelante!
FENATCS achieves signature of 2 declarations with companies Constructora CONACA, CA and PRIMOCA, CA. in Maracaibo and Zulia.
Together we recognize Health and Safety as a fundamental right. Let’s go!


Ghana: GCMQWU says health and safety is a fundamental right for workers

The General Construction, Manufacturing and Quarries Workers’ Union (GCMQWU) of Ghana has urged employers to adhere to safety measures at the workplace and also provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to reduce workplace accidents and deaths. Health and Safety is a fundamental right for all workers. #SaveLivesAtWork #IWMD2021 
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Global: Remembering those we have lost, demanding change so we lose no more – UNI Global Union

Even before the catastrophic spread of COVID-19, 7,600 people died daily because of work-related illness or injury. And during the pandemic, millions of essential workers represented by UNI Global Union and our affiliates—often migrants, women, and people of colour—have risked exposure to this deadly virus to support their communities and their families. Tragically, an untold number have died.

“This International Workers’ Memorial Day, we remember the workers who are no longer with us. We hold their loved ones in our thoughts. We recognize they did not sign up to risk their lives when they worked so bravely to keep our societies running,” said UNI Global Union General Secretary Christy Hoffman. “And we honour them today—and the many others killed or injured from working—by fighting for the living.”  Read more here

Serbia: 28.april međunarodni i nacionalni Dan bezbednosti i zdravlja na radu (2021.)

28.april međunarodni i nacionalni Dan bezbednosti i zdravlja na radu (2021.) Savez Samostalnih Sindikata Srbije

Philippines: Call for justice for the workers who died of disease, hunger, and bullets

No photo description available.AMA Sugbo – KMU union marks International Workers’ Memorial Day with a candelit vigil and a strong message. Facebook

Global: Here’s how to fight for the living: let’s make occupational health and safety a fundamental right – ITF

On April 28th, International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD), the ITF remembers all those across the world killed at or around  their place of work.

The ITF supports the campaign led by the International Trade Union Confederation calling on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to recognise occupational health and safety as a fundamental right at work. This would fulfil a pledge made at the 2019 ILO Centenary Declaration, adopted unanimously, to ensure OSH for all workers.

#IWMD21 is especially poignant this year as it comes amid a devastating surge in global Covid-19 infections. Last week over 5.8 million new cases of Covid-19 were registered globally, the highest number to date. Many of these infections will have been caught at, or on the commute to or from, people’s workplaces.

But even before Covid-19, thousands of transport workers were vulnerable to injury or death in the workplace. The pandemic has simply exposed just how urgently occupational health and safety measures are needed.

“Every death at work is a death too many: the ILO, governments and employers must take greater action to halt preventable workplace deaths. Recognition of occupational health and safety as an ILO Fundamental Right at Work would be a strong step in the right direction.” – Stephen Cotton, ITF General Secretary

Governments and employers also have a responsibility to protect workers from violence and harassment in the workplace, which disproportionately impacts women workers. ITF affiliates, activists and Global Union Federations were instrumental in enacting global legislation against violence and harassment in the world of work.

ILO Convention 190, along with other recommendations, must be signed onto by government to protect all workers from violence and harassment at work including the commute.

ITF Global

Czech Republic: ČMKOS message on International Workers’ Memorial Day

ČMKOS message on International Workers’ Memorial Day