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Kenya: Printworkers campaign across Nairobi to mark 28 April

Kenya: The Printing, paper manufacturer, pulp and packaging workers union (KUPRIPUPA) held a campaign to commemorate #iwmd22 on 28 April at various work places in Nairobi.

Kenya: Quarry and mine workers plant trees to honour work victims

Kenya: Quarry and Mine workers’ union (KQMWU) held the #IWMD22 campaign at Mombasa cement with emphasis on OHS. The commemoration was also done by planting trees at the company to remember workers who have died in the course of work.

Kenya: KUPRIPUPA plans for 28 April include campaigning and safety meetings

Kenyan BWI affiliate  KUPRIPUPA has plans for 28 April that include safety meetings, empowering workers on labour law, developing negotiation skills, campaigning and lobbying for safety awareness.