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Panama: SUNTRACS inicia campaña 28 de Abril

Con varias iniciativas y actividades, el Sindicato Único Nacional de Trabajadores de la Construcción y Similares de Panamá (SUNTRACS) conmemorará el día de los trabajadores fallecidos, lesionados y aquejados de enfermedades profesionales en los distintos proyectos de construcción a nivel nacional.  Más

Global: ¡Diez áreas de acción para el 28 de Abril!

Los sindicatos de la ICM es movilizarán alrededor del Día Internacional de homenaje a los todos los trabajadores (as) que han sufrido accidentes, lesiones y muertes por motivo de sus labores diarias de trabajo – 28 de abril de 2015. Sabemos que los sindicatos hacen el trabajo más seguro. Al tener una fuerte representación en el lugar de trabajo, con representantes de seguridad de los sindicatos, podemos asegurarnos de que los empleadores cumplan con las leyes y reglamentos de seguridad y traten a la fuerza de trabajo con respeto. Esta es la máxima prioridad para nuestro Manifiesto de Salud y Seguridad 2015.

Global: Dix domaines d’action pour le 28 Avril!

Les syndicats de l’IBB se mobiliseront autour de la Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleurs – le 28 Avril 2015. Nous savons que les syndicats rendent le travail plus sûr. En ayant une forte représentation dans le milieu de travail, avec des représentants syndicaux de sécurité, nous pouvons nous assurer que les employeurs respectent les lois et règlements de sécurité et traitent les travailleurs avec respect. C’est la priorité absolue pour notre Manifeste sur la Santé et la Sécurité 2015.

Global: Ten Action Areas for 28th April !

BWI Trade Unions will mobilise around International Workers Memorial Day – 28th April 2015. We know that unions make work safer. By having strong representation in the workplace, with Trade Union Safety Representatives, we can make sure that employers comply with safety laws and regulations and treat the workforce with respect. This is the top priority for our 2015 Health and Safety Manifesto. Learn more about IWMD 2015. BWI safety page

Canada: CLC Day of mourning resources

Canadian Labour Congress represents the interests of more than three million affiliated workers. CLC has started updating its Day of mourning webpages  observing “The number of people killed at work each year in Canada has risen for the past 15 years.” CLC calls for an increase in enforcement stating “Enough is Enough. It’s time to enforce the law and bring employers who kill to justice.”

CLC also has published a 28 April  radio advert and listing of events.

Canada: Est-ce aujourd’hui que vous perdrez la vie au travail?

Plus de 1 000 travailleuses et travailleurs canadiens meurent chaque année. Au Canada, quatre travailleurs meurent chaque jour. Des personnes qui succombent à des blessures. Des personnes meurent du cancer. Des personnes décèdent après avoir été attaquées. Le Canada peut faire beaucoup mieux. Le Canada se doit d’appliquer la loi et de sauver la vie des travailleuses et des travailleurs. Assez, c’est assez! Le temps est venu d’appliquer la loi et de faire comparaître les employeurs meurtriers en justice.

Congrés du travail du Canada

UK: TUC list of events for Workers’ Memorial Day 2015

UK national trade union federation TUC has published a regularly updated listing of Workers’ Memorial Day events across Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Over 20,000 people die in the UK every year because of their work. Most of these because of exposure to dangerous substances. This year the theme for the day is “removing exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace Hazardous substances are found in almost every workplace in the UK and many workers have no protection against the possible effects, despite the fact that tens of thousands of workers have their health destroyed by asthma, dermatitis, lung disorders and cancers because of exposures. They range from cleaning fluids in almost every workplace, silica dust in construction, tobacco smoke in prisons right through to blood and faeces in health and social care.

In addition to hazardous substances many unions and trades councils will be campaigning on the general theme of demanding better regulation, greater inspections and an end to the anti-health and safety rhetoric from the government and their allies in the press.

USA: Workers’ Memorial Week 2015

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) has published a large listing of Workers’ Memorial Week events and resources which include a videos, tips for writing a report and work fatality information sources.


Click here for the 2015 International Workers Memorial Day events listing from the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC).

Additional information from the Scottish Hazards Campaign and Edinburgh IWMD commemoration