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USA: Únete a nosotros ESTE MIÉRCOLES para el lanzamiento de la Docena Sucia de 2023

Este verano, habrá miles de trabajadores que no llegarán a la playa. Que no estarán en ninguna barbacoa. Que no verán una hermosa puesta de sol, porque la puesta de sol de sus vidas llegó demasiado pronto.

Millones más, aún con nosotros, encontrarán sus vidas disminuidas, sus ingresos más bajos y sus gastos más altos debido a enfermedades y lesiones prevenibles en el lugar de trabajo.

Cada año honramos a todos estos trabajadores y sus familias durante la Semana Conmemorativa de Trabajadores Fallecidos, que se lleva a cabo este año del 23 al 30 de abril.

¿Puedes unirte a COSH Nacional ESTE miércoles 26 de abril a las 2pm Este / 1pm Centro / 12pm Montaña / 11am Pacifico, en Zoom? Celebraremos la Semana Conmemorativa de Trabajadores Fallecidos con nuestro anuncio de los empleadores injustos de la Docena Sucia de este año. Hacemos hincapié en el comportamiento irresponsable que pone en riesgo a los trabajadores y las comunidades, y elevaremos las historias de los trabajadores y las comunidades que luchan para obtener mejores protecciones para reducir las muertes, lesiones y enfermedades.

Estamos invitando a los medios de comunicación, ¡y a ti! – a escuchar directamente de los trabajadores y las familias que pagan el precio cuando un empleador no es responsable. Nos encantaría tenerte con nosotros el 26 de abril.

La Semana Conmemorativa de Trabajadores Fallecidos es un momento para recordar a aquellos que hemos perdido, y para luchar con todas nuestras fuerzas por los vivos. Nos sentiríamos honrados si pudieras unirte a nosotros el 26 de abril, mientras trabajamos juntos para construir un movimiento poderoso para proteger a todos los trabajadores en todos los lugares de trabajo.

Gracias por todo lo que haces por la gente trabajadora.

Jessica E. Martínez y Marcy Goldstein-Gelb
Codirectoras Ejecutivas, COSH Nacional

USA: Join us THIS WEDNESDAY as we release the 2023 Dirty Dozen

This summer, there will be thousands of workers who won’t make it to the beach. Who won’t be at any barbeques. Who won’t see a beautiful sunset, because the sunset of their lives came far too soon.

Millions more, still with us, will find their lives diminished, their incomes lower and their expenses higher because of preventable workplace illnesses and injuries.

Each year we honor all of these workers and their families during Workers’ Memorial Week, which takes place this year from April 23rd through April 30th.

Can you join National COSH THIS Wednesday, April 26th at 2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT, on Zoom? We’ll observe Workers’ Memorial Week with our announcement of this year’s Dirty Dozen unsafe employers. We put a spotlight on irresponsible behavior that puts workers and communities at risk – and we’ll elevate the stories of workers and communities fighting back to win better protections to reduce fatalities, injuries and illnesses.

We’re inviting the news media – and you! – to hear directly from workers and families who pay the price when an employer cuts corners. We’d love to have you with us on April 26th.

Workers’ Memorial Week is a time to remember those we’ve lost – and to fight like hell for the living. We’d be honored if you can join us on April 26th, as we work together to build a powerful movement to protect all workers in all workplaces.

Thanks for all you do for working people,

Jessica E. Martinez and Marcy Goldstein-Gelb
Co-Executive Directors, National COSH

USA: Workers’ Memorial Week resources from National COSH

A message from Jessica E. Martinez and Marcy Goldstein-Gelb
Co-Executive Directors, National COSH


Workers’ Memorial Week will begin on April 23rd this year and continue through May 1. Across the country and around the globe, we’ll see worker actions, vigils and events to honor workers who have been killed, injured, and made sick on the job.

Here is the National COSH 2022 WMW Toolkit, which includes:

Got a memorial event coming up in your workplace or community? Let us know here and we’ll add it to the WMW Action Map.

National COSH will release our 2022 Dirty Dozen report on unsafe employers on Wednesday, April 27 at 2 pm ET/1 pm CT/12 noon MT/ 11 am PT.  If you’d like to join the release event on Zoom, please register here.

Thanks much – and if you have questions or need any assistance with an upcoming event, please contact National COSH at info@nationalcosh.org.

In solidarity,

Jessica E. Martinez
Marcy Goldstein-Gelb
Co-Executive Directors, National COSH

USA: An interactive map listing 2014 workplace fatalities

Several organisations, including the United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities, the Center for Construction Research and Training, the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health, NENYCOSH, the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health and Global Worker Watch have compiled the largest open-access data set of individual workplace fatalities collected in the United States to date.

Also published is a listing of the details of 1,600  of the approximately 4,000-5,000 workers who die every year from a work-related injury in the United States. 


USA: “54,000 deaths a year is way too many” – National COSH report

For Workers’ Memorial Week 2015, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health has released Not An Accident: Preventable Deaths 2015.

This annual report provides details on and context for the yearly toll of worker fatalities in the U.S.

“54,000 deaths a year is way too many,” says National COSH Executive Director Mary Vogel. “We need tougher penalties. We need prosecutions for criminal violations. And we need to listen to workers, and use proven strategies that cut down on risk, reduce injuries and save lives.”

Key stats

Natrional COSH news release

USA: Workers’ Memorial Week 2015

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) has published a large listing of Workers’ Memorial Week events and resources which include a videos, tips for writing a report and work fatality information sources.