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Scotland: Fatalities at work double – #iwmd23

New information revealed by the Scottish TUC and Scottish Hazards show those dying as a result of work has reached its highest levels since 2019, prompting urgent calls for reform of corporate homicide legislation.

The STUC, Scotland’s largest trade union body and Scottish Hazards, the national charity for safety at work, published the information today on International Workers’ Memorial Day.

Provisional data from the organisations show that 21 workers died as a result of industrial harm this past year, almost doubling the 2019 total (11). Scottish Hazards believe the number is far higher when encompassing road traffic accidents connected to work, occupational disease and workplace related suicides.

The move has prompted calls from the bodies for the Scottish Government to replace the Corporate Homicide Act (2007), reforming legislation to introduce new statutory offences to hold companies and corporations to account for workplace deaths. Since the Act was introduced, over 300 workers have died, but there have been no prosecutions recorded or justice served for bereaved families.

International Workers’ Memorial Day is the national day of recognition for all those who have died at work. STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer called the data “galling” and called for further protections for those at work.

Commenting, Ms Foyer said:

“It’s incumbent on Scotland’s trade union movement to remember all those who have died at work and pledge to make the workplace safer in their honour.

“It’s unacceptable and frankly galling that the amount of workers in Scotland who have died at work has increased.

“Bosses are ultimately responsible for workers health and safety and they must be held accountable.

“We cannot allow this to pass unchecked and on International Workers’ Memorial Day, the STUC reiterate our call to remember the dead whilst fighting for the living.”

Ian Tasker, Scottish Hazards Chief Executive added

“In January 2021, Humza Yousaf, then Cabinet Secretary for Justice said in a Scottish Parliament debate that he wanted to work with bereaved families to develop culpable homicide proposals that addressed reserved matters.

“Sadly, nothing happened and it was no more than warm words in a debate.

“Scottish Hazards wants corporate killing legislation that is seen as a deterrent. Businesses cannot so wilfully put workers lives at risk. We need a just and proper punishment for those who, through corporate negligence and neglect, put workers’ lives at risk in the workplace.”


Scotland: Unions call for Injuries Council on International Workers Memorial Day – STUC

Trade unions from across Scotland have backed the calls from an MSP to establish a new expert council to support the delivery of a Scottish social security benefit to be paid to workers injured as a result of industrial harm.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress – Scotland’s largest trade union body – in addition to affiliated trade unions from across the country have backed the Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council Members’ Bill from Scottish Labour MSP Mark Griffin. The bill seeks to use new social security powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament to establish an independent council with permanent, independent trade union representation. The council would have powers to research workplace injury and diseases and recommend to government it pays specific welfare benefits to be paid to those injured as a result of workplace incidents.

Writing to the Scottish Government, STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer has called for workers to be “put at the heart” of any new benefit.

The call comes today on International Workers’ Memorial Day, the national day of reflection for all those who have died at work throughout the past year. Statistics from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) show that over 2.3 million workers succumb to work-related accidents or diseases every year.

Commenting, STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer said: “International Workers’ Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember those who have died at work. We cannot let their memory fade as we strive to build safer, more secure workplaces.

“By backing Mark Griffin’s Bill on introducing an Employment Injuries Advisory Council, we can achieve that safer future for Scotland’s workforce. We must use the full powers of our parliament to increase the voice of Scotland’s workers who have been injured as a result of their work.

“We owe it to those workers who, inexplicably and cruelly, didn’t make it home at the end of their shifts. We must fight for a better future. We hope the Scottish Government will work constructively with Mark and all other MSPs backing the Bill to achieve this. Commenting, Mark Griffin MSP:

“It is workers who know their workplaces best seeing day in day out the risks to their health and lives, so it is vital their voice is central to the newly devolved industrial injuries benefit.

“The strength of support for this bill from trade unions and affiliates across the labour movement is hugely welcome.”

Tony Slaven, Chair of the STUC Disabled Workers Committee:

“Thousands of people are living daily with disabilities as a direct consequence of an injury or disease caused from work.

“The pandemic has starkly and tragically highlighted that the industrial injuries benefit system needs overhauled to make it reflect modern and new diseases which can be contracted in the workplace.

“Disabled workers are not just overlooked – we are deliberately discriminated against. Establishing a Scottish Industrial Injuries Advisory Council could be transformational for disabled people and provide workers facing the worst with some justice and the support from the state they deserve.”



Scotland: 28 April events throughout Scotland

Events throughout Scotland – STUC listing

Aberdeen, Persley Walled Garden, Bridge of Don, Friday 28th April, 12.30pm for 1.00pm

Alexandria, Tree, Christie Park Memorial, Saturday 22nd April, 1.00pm

Alloa, Workers Memorial adjacent to Clackmannanshire Council Headquarters, Friday 28th April, 10.30am

Bathgate, Workers Memorial, Bathgate Sports Centre, Torpichen Road, Friday 28th April, 12.30pm

Bonnyrigg, Michael McGahey Memorial, George V Park, Bonnyrigg, Friday 28th April, 12.30pm

Coatbridge, Summerlee Industrial Museum, Heritage Way, Coatbridge, Friday 28th April, 12 noon

Dundee, Memorial Tree, adjacent to Discovery Point, Riverside Drive, Friday 28th April, 12 noon

Edinburgh, Memorial and Tree, West Princes Street Gardens , Friday 28th April, 12.30pm Falkirk, Callendar Riggs Saturday 29th April

Glasgow, Workers Memorial, People’s Palace/ Winter Gardens, Glasgow Green, Friday 28th April, 12 noon

Greenock, Grand Hall, Inverclyde Council HQ followed by wreath laying in Clyde Square, Friday 28th April, 11.45

Hamilton, Townhouse, Beckford Street, Friday 28th April, 11.45

Inverness, Workers Memorial Friar’s Shott/Huntly Street, Inverness, Friday 28th April, 12.30pm

Irvine, Memorial Garden, Kilwinning Road, Thursday 27th April, 6.30pm

Kilmarnock, Memorial Tree, Dean Country Park, Saturday 29th April, 10.45am

Kirkcaldy, Memorial Tree, Beveridge Park, Friday 28th April, 11.00am

Paisley, Workers Memorial , Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Friday 28th April, 12 noon

Renfrew, Workers Memorial Cairn, Robertson Park, Paisley Road, Friday 28th April, 11.00am

Stirling, International Workers Memorial Tree, Old Viewforth, Pitt Terrace, 10.30am at the tree

Scotland: Large listing of Scottish 28 April events

Scottish Hazards has published a large listing of 28 April events.

Scotland: 28 April gathering in Edinburgh organised by Scottish Hazards and Edinburgh TUC

Edinburgh Trade Union Council and Scottish Hazards have organised a gathering to remember those who have died at work and to refresh the resolve to fight for safe and healthy working conditions in Scotland and throughout the world.

The organisations have issued a broad invite to come and speak for your family, your union or your organisation. The theme is organising for safe and healthy work and will feature speakers from trade union and bereaved families.

The event will take place at the Workers’ Memorial Day Tree at Princes Street Gardens – nearest entrance is the west side of the mound going down the lowest path.

28 April 2023, 12.30-1.30pm

Scotland – Workers Memorial Day – STUC

International Workers Memorial Day Thursday, 28 April 2022

Saltire and union jack at half mast

Across Scotland events will be held to remember those who’ve sadly lost their lives at work over the past year; to pay tribute to the sacrifice of so many workers during the pandemic; and to thank all those who continue to do vital work at great risk.

man laying wreath at memorial

Find an event near you (this listing will be updated with fuller details when available)

Aberdeen Persley Walled Garden, Bridge of Don, AB22 8AQ Thursday 28th April 1.00pm

Alexandria Memorial Tree, Christie Park, Saturday 23rd April 1.00pm

Alloa Workers’ Memorial adjacent to Clackmammanshire Council Headquarters

Bathgate Workers’ Memorial, Bathgate Sports Centre, Torpichen Road Thursday 28th April

Bonnyrigg Michael McGahey Memorial, George V Park Thursday 28th April 12.30pm

Clydebank Truth and Justice Square, Dumbarton Road

Coatbridge Summerlee Heritage Museum, Heritage Way Thursday 28th April

Dundee Memorial Tree, adjacent to Discovery Point, Riverside Drive Thursday 28th April 12 noon

Edinburgh Memorial and Tree, West Princess Street Gardens Thursday 28th April 12.30pm

Falkirk Municipal Buildings, West Bridge Street, Falkirk

Fife Memorial Tree, Beveridge Park Thursday 28th April 12 noon

Greenock Grand Hall, Inverclyde Council HQ

Glasgow Workers’ Memorial People’s Palace/Winter Gardens, Glasgow Green Thursday 28th April 12 noon

Hamilton Townhouse Beckford Street Thursday 28th April

Inverness Workers’ Memorial, Friar’s Shott/Huntly Street Thursday 28th April 12.30pm

Irvine Memorial Garden, Kilwinning Road
Kilmarnock Memorial Tree, Dean Country Park Saturday 30th April 10.45am

Paisley Workers’ Memorial, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street Thursday 28th April 12 noon

Renfrew Workers’ Memorial Cairn, Robertson Park Thursday 28th April 11.00am


building lit up purple

Wreath laying at Glasgow memorial

Scotland: International Workers Memorial Day 28th April 2021: Fighting for the right to health and safety for all Scottish Workers

On International Workers’ Memorial Day, the STUC and Scottish Hazards will remind Governments, health and safety enforcement bodies and employers that health and safety is a fundamental right that every worker should be able to enjoy and expect. The two organisations have also written to Scotland’s local authorities and other public bodies to ask that public building and landmarks be lit purple on the 28th April to commemorate all those who have lost their lives as a result of work and remind us of the importance of healthier, safer and fairer work for all.

A minutes silence will be held at 11am to remember those who have lost their lives at work through COVID infection and other workplace accidents and disease.

Roz Foyer, STUC General Secretary said:

In the depths of current crisis, we must pay tribute to all the workers who have lost their lives through COVID infection but also to remember that workplace death, injury and disease is a day and daily occurrence.   We must use the period ahead to make workplaces safer, to strengthen workers voice and collective power and to bring employer and government to account.”

Scott Donohoe, Chair of Scottish Hazards said

“COVID-19 is not only a considerable health and safety risk it has exposed an occupational health and safety crisis that cannot, and should not, be allowed to be forgotten as restriction are eased and workplaces begin to reopen. This is not a return to normality it is a return to workplaces that have to be COVID secure and where the fundamental right for workers to be kept safe at work is respected.

“Since 2010 sustained ideological attacks on our health and safety regulations and our enforcement bodies have left them ill equipped to proactively enforce our fundamental rights and that is why Scottish Hazards is using Workers’ Memorial Day to call for health and safety and laws and enforcement to be devolved to Scotland and plans put in place to create a Scottish Occupational Health and Safety Agency”.

STUC/Scottish Hazards event 10.45am – 11.45am

Details of the buildings to be lit purple to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day on Wednesday

Aberdeen Council HQ, Marischal College, Aberdeen City Council

St Andrew’s House, Edinburgh, Scottish Government

Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, Scottish Government

Perth Bridge, Perth and Kinross Council

Edinburgh Castle, Historic Environment Scotland

Bascule Bridge, Renfrewshire Council

Renfrew Town Hall, Renfrewshire Council

Johnstone Band Stand, Renfrewshire Council

Lerwick Town Hall, Shetland Isalnds Council

SSE Hydro, SEC Glasgow, Glasgow City Council


Scotland: 28 April activities organised by Scottish Hazards and Edinburgh TUC

News Release from Edinburgh Trade Union Council and Scottish Hazards (23 April 2021)


Edinburgh Trade Union Council and Scottish Hazards are organising activities to mark this year’s International Workers Memorial Day.

We are calling on people to observe a minutes silence at 11am  at your workplace whether at home or elsewhere.

Wreaths and flowers will be laid at the Memorial Tree and Plaque in West Princes Street Gardens. Fifteen Edinburgh trade union organisations will lay wreaths including NUJ, UNISON, FBU,UCU, UNITE and EIS branches between 12 and 2pm.

Floral tributes will also be laid by the Protest in Harmony  choir, Migrant Pride and Scottish Hazards. We are pleased that the Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh Council will lay a wreath at 12.30pm.

Individuals can lay tributes in honour of loved ones who passed away during the COVID pandemic.

To mark the day the City of Edinburgh Council will lower its flags to half mast. Historic Environment Scotland will light up Edinburgh Castle in purple between dusk and midnight.

Lord Provost Frank Ross said: 

“It will be my honour to lay a wreath on behalf of the people of Edinburgh and the Council to remember colleagues, friends, and relatives who have died, been injured or made ill by their work.

 “Each year we remember the sacrifices of workers across the world and this year has special significance because of the ongoing pandemic. Key workers continue to work on the frontlines caring for those suffering from coronavirus or delivering vital public services putting their own lives at risk. It is vital that we all take a moment to think about those who are no longer with us and honour their memory.

 “The Council has a long-standing commitment to marking International Workers’ Memorial Day, we recognise the importance of safe and healthy working conditions and we are fully committed to working towards this for our own employees and for all workers in the city.”

 Kathy Jenkins, Secretary of Scottish Hazards said: “Workers Memorial Day is a day for all of us to remember those who have died through work and to pledge again our commitment to fight for improved health and safety for all workers.  This is a truly international day which will be commemorated in well over 100 countries, many marking this day despite oppression and war.  Countries, from Argentina and Albania  through Iraq and indonesia, Myanmar, Palestine and  the Phillipines to Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

The international theme for this year is “ Health and Safety is a fundamental human right” and our related Scottish  theme “Fighting for the right to health and safety for all Scottish workers, today and everyday”

For workers and communities in Scotland and around the world, this year’s  workers’ memorial day  is especially  poignant, as we remember all of those who have died from Covid-19 and, in particular the many thousands who contracted the virus through work – often in the service of others.”

For further information contact Des Loughney, Secretary of Edinburgh Trade Union Council at this email address or 07734012536.



Scotland: Webinar – ‘Health and Safety is a human right – let’s make it a reality’

International Workers Memorial Day Wednesday 28th April 2021 11am-12noon 

The theme for this year’s International Workers’ Memorial Day is: ‘Health and Safety is a human right – let’s make it a reality.’

With speakers from trade unions and the wider health and safety community.

Chair: Rozanne Foyer: STUC General Secretary

Pauline Rourke: CWU

Gary Smith: GMB

Phyliss Craig: Action for Asbestos Scotland

Professor Andy Waterson

Others TBC

Sign up for the event here

Every year more people are killed at work than in wars. Most don’t die of mystery ailments, or in tragic “accidents”. They die because an employer decided their safety just wasn’t that important a priority. International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD) 28 April commemorates those workers.

This year’s event is made even more poignant due to the work-related loss of life due to the COVID Pandemic.

Scotland: Workers’ Memorial Day action in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Trade Union Council and Scottish Hazards are organising a Covid-safe wreath laying event at the Princes Street Memorial Tree. An online commemoration will be held 11am to Noon.

Further details: Scottish Hazards