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Malaysia: Building and wood workers’ union federation BWI announces 28 April plans

Global building unions’ federation BWI has announced the 28 April plans of its Malaysia affiliates.

Malaysian BWI affiliates and partner coalitions (Labour Law Reform Coalition) will present a Research Report on “Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration Failures” with a soft launch event on 28 April. The aim of the report is:

1. To highlight the severity of occupational hazards, injuries and deaths in varying sectors and their links to forced labour in Malaysia.
2. To highlight why relevant regulations must be treated as a priority by the Malaysian administration in the ‘new normal’.
3. To investigate existing policy measures/programmes in Malaysia and identify how they can be improved, as well as provide recommendations on bettering the status of workers in
Malaysia based on collected data.

Malaysia: Unions demand legal sanctions against construction companies that violate safety standards – BWI

On the occasion of International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, 40 Malaysian trade unions and civil society groups, with the support of BWI, issued a statement demanding legal sanctions against construction companies that violate occupational health and safety standards. #BWI2020IWMD

Asia: ANROEV activities and initiatives for 28 April

ANROEV has supplied a list of some of their affiliates’ initiatives in various countries campaigning for the recognition of COVID 19 as an occupational and compensable disease.

ANROEV affiliates activities [pdf]

28 April: Malaysia designates COVID-19 as occupational disease

Malaysia’s Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) has moved to clarify that COVID-19 is recognised as an occupational disease under the country’s Employment Social Security Act 1969. Read more

Malaysia: 28 April activities include protest, conference and reports

All of the global federation Building and Wood Workers International BWI Peninsula-Malaysia affiliates will collaborate in a press conference/protest that will be held at a Kuala Lumpur construction site demanding justice for Nepali migrant workers who have died in Malaysia. BWI will publish a report on 28 April documenting eight fatalities and a further 20 injuries where no compensation has been paid whatsoever.

In Sabah Malaysia BWI affiliate  STIEU is planning further activities to be announced shortly.