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Malaysia: Unions demand legal sanctions against construction companies that violate safety standards – BWI

On the occasion of International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, 40 Malaysian trade unions and civil society groups, with the support of BWI, issued a statement demanding legal sanctions against construction companies that violate occupational health and safety standards. #BWI2020IWMD

Asia: ANROEV activities and initiatives for 28 April

ANROEV has supplied a list of some of their affiliates’ initiatives in various countries campaigning for the recognition of COVID 19 as an occupational and compensable disease.

ANROEV affiliates activities [pdf]

28 April: Malaysia designates COVID-19 as occupational disease

Malaysia’s Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) has moved to clarify that COVID-19 is recognised as an occupational disease under the country’s Employment Social Security Act 1969. Read more

Malaysia: 28 April activities include protest, conference and reports

All of the global federation Building and Wood Workers International BWI Peninsula-Malaysia affiliates will collaborate in a press conference/protest that will be held at a Kuala Lumpur construction site demanding justice for Nepali migrant workers who have died in Malaysia. BWI will publish a report on 28 April documenting eight fatalities and a further 20 injuries where no compensation has been paid whatsoever.

In Sabah Malaysia BWI affiliate  STIEU is planning further activities to be announced shortly.