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Philippines: Remembrance and Resistance: A Workers’ Memorial Day Solidarity Event and Open Mic Night

Remembrance and Resistance: A Workers’ Memorial Day Solidarity Event and Open Mic Night
An evening of performances and solidarity to commemorate the lives of workers who died due to work and call for justice and action for workers’ health, safety, and rights. This event also aims to strengthen our resolve to take part and mobilize our ranks on May 1, International Workers’ Day.
The solidarity night will start off with its annual candle lighting activity to remember all the workers around the world who died due to work-related accidents and diseases. The program will highlight the different forms of cultural art and performance such as poetry reading, one-act play, short films and documentaries that express the long-standing calls of our workers.
Solidarity messages and performances will be shared by Tambisan sa Sining, Justice for Kentex Workers, Makabayan at Makataong Sining Obrero (MASO), Gabriela She Lang and leaders from local unions and federations. Mayday Multimedia and NSTP students from the UP Manila Political Science Program will also screen short videos and films on the labor rights situation in the country.
We invite you to join and share your works and talents as we creatively express our solidarity and resistance through the Open Mic event that will take place after the program. Open Mic will begin at around 8:30 PM onwards.
This solidarity event is presented by Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development, Mayday Multimedia, and Human Rights and People Empowerment Center, with the help of UP Manila PolSci Program NSTP students, NAFLU KMU, Tambisan sa Sining, Balai Obrero Foundation Inc., Makabayan, Makatao Sining Obrero (MASO), Justice for Kentex Workers Alliance, and support of DAKILA, and Active Vista.

Philippines: Unionised workplaces are safer workplaces #iwmd23

International Workers’ Memorial Day Activities in the Philippines

We mark this year’s International Workers’ Memorial Day with the theme: Mas Ligtas ‘Pag May Unyon! Unionized Workplaces are Safer Workplaces! Organize and mobilize for workers’ safety, health, and rights!
We remember all the workers who have died due to unsafe workplaces and call for justice for all victims of OSH rights violations. We also aim to raise awareness on OSH as a fundamental right and principle at work and how unions can make workplaces safer.
We invite you to take part in our Workers’ Memorial Day 2023 Activities on April 28:
• Just a Minute Silent Protest
One-minute silent protest and pledge towards fighting for workers’ health, safety, and rights.
#JustAMinute Silent Protests can be conducted in workplaces (canteen during breaktimes, company gates before or after shifts, shuttle bus pick up areas before travelling), schools, hospitals, communities, homes, and other spaces of gathering.
• Remembrance and Resistance: A Workers’ Memorial Day Solidarity Event and Open Mic Night, 7:00 PM onwards at Human Rights and People Empowerment Center, Fil Garcia Tower, Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City
An evening of performances and solidarity to commemorate the lives of workers who died while on duty, calling for justice and action towards fighting for workers’ health, safety, and rights. This event is co-presented by Mayday Multimedia, Human Rights and People Empowerment Center and UP Manila Political Science Program NSTP students.
Do you want to take part in this year’s Workers’ Memorial Day activities? Leave a comment, send us a message here on Facebook or email us at iohsadph@gmail.com.

Philippines: For 28 April NUCBW to provide training on safety, gender, violence and harassment at work

NUBCW will hold an orientation to highlight the safety as fundamental right and raise awareness about health hazards, risks and proper ways to address and/or avoid the accidents in the workplace.

NUBCW will also hold training focusing on Anti-Sexual Harassment including gender and OSH related violence in the workplace with the creation of the Committee on De-Corum and Investigation as  a highlight .

More 28 April  training from NUBCW will focus on  safety as a fundamental right, C190 and gender sensitivity to all women leaders of NUBCW.


Philippines: Building workers protest low paid, unsafe work on 28 April



The National Union of Building and Construction Workers (NUBCW) commemorated the International Workers Memorial Day 2022 last 24 April 2022 in Quezon City, Philippines. In attendance are NUBCW local members from Evergreen Mfg Corp. Regular project-based Employees Union (EMCRPEU), Women Welders Guild (WWG), and Association of Women Workers in the Construction Industry (AWWCI). NUBCW Secretary General, Santiago Nolla, lead the discussion on the current status of Filipino workers, and the Occupational Health and Safety laws in the Philippines. The members also echoed their concerns that most workers in the Philippines are underpaid yet the work is hard and dangerous. Women workers see that discrimination and harassment are still rampant, especially in the construction industry, that is why mainstreaming women in the construction industry plays an important role in eradicating this problem. #iwmd22

Philippines: IOHSAD 28 April declaration, meetings and resources

May be an image of 3 people and text that says "SAFE IOHSAD NOW adSfDe JOIN USIN WORKERS EOOSC HEALTH FIGHT FOR AND SAFETY AMIDST THE PANDEMIC End the culture of neglect of workers' safety and health! SAFE WORKPLACES NOW! . INCREASE HEALTH BUDGET! ALLIANCE FOR Recognize occupational safety and health as undamental right at work! WHEN: APRIL 27, 2022 @10AM AM 10 WITH SPEAKER DOC. CAMILLE CRUZADA HOSTED BY GEORCHELLE TUASON YSABELLE YAO International Workers' Memorial Day 2022"

PHILIPPINES  We mark this year’s International Workers’ Memorial Day by amplifying our call: end the culture of neglect of workers’ safety and health! Workers’ lives should be prioritized over profits. We join workers from around the world in remembering workers who have died due to unsafe work. We also add our voices to the collective call to recognize occupational safety and health as a fundamental right at work.
There is no better time than now to recognize OSH as a fundamental right at work. Together with the freedom of association and collective bargaining, abolition of child labor, elimination of forced labor and elimination of discrimination at work, OSH should be a standard for decent working conditions.
Join the online webinar for the campaign for workers’ safety and health demands on April 27, Wednesday at 10:00 AM — organized by IOHSAD together with the NSTP students from the UP Manila Political Science Program. To join, please fill up the zoom registration link here: https://bit.ly/IWMD2022
The online program will also be livestreamed on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Iohsad.Philippines. Thanks and see you on April 27!
Source: Facebook

Philippines: Building and wood workers’ union federation BWI announces 28 April plans

Global building unions’ federation BWI has announced the 28 April plans of its Philippines affiliates.

NUBCW will hold a discussion on worker safety amongst union members. This will be followed with a ceremonial candle-lighting activity to commemorate those who have suffered work  incidents and deaths.


Philippines: Justice for all victims of unsafe working conditions!

Center for Trade Union and Human Rights (Philippines) light candles to pay tribute to frontliners, healthworkers and all those who risk their lives everyday at work. At the same time, we are with the workers and the people in calling for justice amid these trying and dangerous times.

  • Justice for all victims of unsafe working conditions!
  • Justice for all victims of state repression!
  • Justice for all victims of poor pandemic response!


Philippines: It’s official, Covid-19 is an occupational disease in the Philippines

The Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC) in the Philippines has confirmed Covid-19 is now recognised as an occupational disease in the country, with those affected eligible for compensation payments.

Formal recognition of Covid-19 as on occupational disease, with compensation available to all those affected, is a central demand of the global union confederation ITUC on International Workers’ Memorial Day.

Philippines: Covid safety calls on 28 April

April 28 is International Workers’ Memorial Day.
We remember those who have died due to the pandemic and government negligence, those who have laid their lives in the cause to improve and save workers’ lives. We mourn the dead, consolidate our ranks, and collectively demand:
1. Mass testing and aggressive contact tracing in workplaces!
2. Free and safe vaccine for all workers!
3. Classify Covid-19 as an occupational disease!
4. Cash aid for all!
5. Pass the Paid Pandemic Leave Bill now!
Join the national day of action on April 28, 2021. Wear black shirt and join the social media protest by posting on your individual and organizational social media pages with our demands. At 6:00 PM, join the nationally coordinated candle lighting protest in your homes or offices, and post photos or videos on your pages. These activities will serve as build up actions for the upcoming Labour Day.
Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living! Save Workers’ Lives!
Occupational Safety and Health is a Fundamental Right!
Workers’ Safety from Covid-19 is Government Responsibility!

Philippines: Protect Our Frontline Workers – KMU

As the world commemorates the International Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28, the national labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) pays tribute to all workers of different countries, who died in the service of the people as they battle in the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Philippines, 26 healthworkers—20 doctors and six nurses—have died due to complications brought about by COVID-19. The number of health workers infected with the dreaded virus has soared to over 1,100. These numbers indicate the weakness of the country’s healthcare system. The national government lacks a sense of urgency in confronting the pandemic. Personal protective equipment distributed for health workers is still few. The number of testing per day is still low. Many health workers themselves cannot access testing. The approval of laboratory facilities is slow. The number of patients was already difficult for both public and private hospitals even before the pandemic, now they have a heavier workload.

In honoring the memory of workers who have died in the line of duty, we call on the national government to protect the health and safety of our frontline workers. We hold the government accountable for the neglect and inefficiency that put the lives of our frontline workers in danger.

We enjoin everyone in the households to remember each and every worker who has sacrificed in the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19 by fighting for the living.




See photos, and watch video message of KMU chairperson and workers’ noise barrage::


Various artist groups, health advocates, health workers and trade unions pay tribute to frontline workers with performances and solidarity messages. Watch tribute online concert: