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UK: FACK urges those bereaved by work-incidents to add their names and stories to the TUC memorial wall

Families Against Corporate Killers urge everyone who has lost a loved one in work-related incident to add their name and story to the TUC #IWMD21 Wall of Remembrance tuc.org.uk/workers-memori And wear Purple Forget-Me-Knot ribbon in remembrance and to fight for end to work deaths

Africa: African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation

ITUC-Africa issued the following statement in English and French to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day 2020.


Nigeria: ITUC president Wabba – NLC

Ayuba Wabba, President of ITUC and National President of the Nigeria Labour Congress makes an address to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day 2020

Central Asia/Eastern Europe: BWI affiliates campaign for safe working conditions and revived labour inspections


On IWMD, BWI affiliates in Central Asia and Eastern Europe campaigned for safe working conditions and demanded to revive labour inspection #BWI2020IWMD


Myanmar: Young workers take time off to express support for Covid-19 campaign – BWFM

Young workers from Myanmar (BWFM) take some time off to express their support for BWI’s workers’ memorial week campaign. Protect workers! Stop COVID-19! #Lifebeforeprofit #BWI2020IWMD #iwmd20

Global – Stop the pandemic at work – ITUC

ITUC news release

Workers’ Memorial Day: STOP THE PANDEMIC AT WORK

Brussels, 3 April 2020: April 28 is International Workers’ Memorial Day or Workers’ Mourning Day. This is the international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work.

The focus this year is of course the global COVID-19 pandemic. While everyone is affected by the crisis, workers are on the front line.

“Healthcare workers in particular are risking their lives doing their job to take care of the sick. And there are people working in aged care and other facilities looking after the most vulnerable groups of people. But we also need transport and supermarket workers, providers of essential services and many others to keep the economy going. People should also thank these workers because if you can’t buy food, then you can’t keep your family sustained and healthy,” said Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary.

International Workers’ Memorial Day 2020 will be held in support of all these courageous workers and in remembrance of the people who have died or become sick or injured while doing their job.

Social distancing and lockdown measures most likely mean that physical meetings and events will not be possible.

Here are some suggestions for activities, and how to spread your message:

Solidarity in Action – Stop the Pandemic at Work

The overwhelming majority of union activities on April 28 will be virtual and your photos will represent the power, the solidarity and the commitment of union members everywhere to safety at work.

Share your photos or 30 second videos on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) using  #iwmd20 or email them to editor@hazards.org

For frontline workers who are ‘Saving Lives – Staying Safe’, send a photo in your protective apparel or how your workplace is practicing social distancing safely to ‘Stop the Pandemic at Work’.

Sample social media message:

Part of the team that’s saving lives and staying safe on #iwmd20

Together we can #StopthePandemicAtWork

For all workers, to show your solidarity to ‘Stop the Pandemic at Work’, send a photo of a candle you light in your homes or workplaces in solidarity with frontline workers making our lives possible.

Sample social media message:

Shining a light on all those who are working to #StopthePandemicAtWork

Thank you to all frontline workers on #iwmd20

For union officials, hold a sign with a list of support measures you have negotiated to ‘Stop the Pandemic at Work’

Sample social media message:

Unions in action #StopthePandemicAtWork

Fighting for:

Paid sick leave
Safe workplaces
Job guarantees

If you have ideas for virtual activities, please share them with us by sending an email to editor@hazards.org. We will make them public on our campaign website https://28april.org/.

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The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) represents 200 million members of 332 affiliates in 163 countries and territories.

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For more information, please contact the ITUC Press Department on +32 2 224 02 53 or by e-mail: press@ituc-csi.org

USA: Worker health is public health

In the Covid-19 pandemic, worker health is public health – but worker safety and health is in crisis, a top US safety law expert has said. Debbie Berkowitz of the National Employment Law Project (NELP) said the US federal government “is failing to ensure the safety and health of workers – including those most at risk, health care workers. The government has also abandoned its role in keeping all other essential workers safe – those in supermarkets, delivery, warehouses, factories, public transportation and sanitation.”

But she added: “As the federal government walks away from its responsibility to protect workers in this crisis, unions and worker activism are helping to fill the vacuum.” Berkowitz noted that dangerous shortages of protective gear were being compounded by a lack of official oversight of working conditions. She criticised the lack of action by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “the government agency responsible for protecting worker’s health and safety on the job. In a sharp departure from previous pandemics and crises, OSHA is not conducting any Covid-19 enforcement—even for health care workers at risk.

This kind of ‘dereliction’ is unprecedented, she wrote, adding: “It’s the unions and an amazing exercise of worker power and activism that have come to the rescue.” The safety law expert concluded: “It is stunning for most of us to realise the weakness of the legal protections for worker safety and health. It is amazing to see the incredible efforts of the unions and rank and file workers – both unorganised and organised – to stand up and demand protections from employers.”

Spain: Detener la pandemia en el trabajo

El 28 de abril se celebra la Jornada Internacional de Conmemoración, para recordar y reclamar acciones respecto a los trabajadores muertos, discapacitados, lesionados o enfermos a causa de su trabajo. Este año la jornada se centrará evidentemente en la pandemia de COVID 19.

Aunque todo el mundo está afectado por esta crisis, los trabajadores se encuentran en primera línea. El personal sanitario en particular está arriesgando su vida para seguir con su labor de cuidar a los enfermos. Hay personas que trabajan en centros de atención para personas mayores que cuidan al grupo de personas más vulnerable. Pero también necesitamos transporte, trabajadores de supermercados y proveedores de servicios esenciales para para mantener la economía en marcha. La gente debería agradecer a estos trabajadores porque si no puedes comprar comida, entonces no puedes mantener a tu familia sostenida y saludable ”, dijo Sharan Burrow.

La Jornada Internacional de Conmemoración 2020 se celebrará en apoyo a todos esos valientes trabajadores y para rememorar a todas las personas que han muerto, enfermado o se han lesionado realizando su trabajo.

Las medidas de distanciamiento social y de confinamiento probablemente harán imposible la organización de reuniones y eventos presenciales. Si tienen alguna idea respecto a actividades que podrían llevarse a cabo, agradeceríamos las compartan con nosotros enviando un email a esp@ituc-csi.org. Publicaremos sus sugerencias en el sitio web de la campaña https://28april.org/.


Ukraine: PROFBUD remembers workers who didn’t return home from work

PROFBUD, Ukraine. In memory of workers who did not come back home from their work.

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Ghana: TWU activities for 28 April includes successful workplace campaign

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Timber and Woodworkers’ Union (TWU) of Ghana celebrated International Workers’ Memorial Day  on 23 April with a workplace campaign at Samartex, a wood company that employs 150 workers. The campaign convinced the employer to hire a full-time Health and Safety officer.