Russia: Timber workers send a message of solidarity for Workers’ Memorial Day

The Russian Timber Workers Union has sent 28 April solidarity messages in English, French, Spanish and German. See the YouTube video and read the messages below:

IWMD : Russian Timber Workers’ Union

Also see: Safe and Decent Work for Russian Wood and Forestry Workers


Hello, my name is Julia Vertigelova. I work as Health and Safety instructor at the biggest wood and paper factory in Russia. I join the call to stand up for safe work. I believe that the main task of my work and work of my colleagues is to save workers’ lives. We have to teach people how to think about their safety, we need to help people to have safe working conditions. And our main goal is to do everything we can to make people come back home after their work with no injuries and professional diseases.

Good Day, I am Alexander Smirnov, president of the Komi Republic regional branch of Russian Timber Workers Union. I stand up for safe work. We have to remember about safe work on International Workers’ Memorial Day.

Hello, my name is Olga Lebezkina. I am the president of the IKEA Industry company level trade union.  I stand up for the safe work and remember workers on International Workers’ Memorial Day.

Dear colleagues and friends, my name is Denis Zhuravlev, I am the president of Russian Timber Workers Union. On behalf of our member I am saying that we all stand up for safe work. We fully support BWI Campaign for safe work.


Bonjour, je m’appelle Julia Vertigelova. Je suis formatrice en sécurité et santé au travail au sein de la plus grande usine russe de bois et de papier. Je m’associe à l’appel en faveur de la sécurité au travail. Ma mission principale, ainsi que celle de mes collègues, est de sauver la vie des travailleurs. Nous devons leur apprendre à assurer leur sécurité et les aider à obtenir des conditions de travail sûres. Et notre objectif prioritaire est de tout faire pour qu’ils regagnent leur domicile, à la fin de la journée, sans blessures ni maladies professionnelles.

Bonjour, je suis Alexander Smirnov, président de l’antenne régionale du Syndicat russe des travailleurs du bois en République de Komi. Je soutiens la sécurité au travail. Nous devons aborder ce thème lors de la Journée mondiale de la sécurité et de la santé au travail (également Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleuses et des travailleurs morts ou blessés au travail).

Bonjour, je m’appelle Olga Lebezkina. Je suis présidente du syndicat d’entreprise d’IKEA. Je me joins à la lutte pour la sécurité au travail et souhaite que l’on honore les travailleurs lors de la Journée mondiale de la sécurité et de la santé au travail.

Chers collègues et amis, je suis Denis Zhuravlev, président du Syndicat russe des travailleurs du bois. Au nom de tous nos membres, je me joins à la lutte pour la sécurité au travail. Nous appuyons sans réserve la campagne de l’IBB en faveur de la sécurité au travail.


Hola, mi nombre es Julia Vertigelova. Trabajo como instructora de seguridad y salud ocupacional en la mayor fábrica de papel y productos de madera de Rusia. Me uno al llamamiento en favor de la defensa de la seguridad en el trabajo. Tengo la convicción de que la principal tarea de mi trabajo y el de mis compañeros es salvar la vida de los trabajadores. Debemos enseñar a la gente a pensar en su seguridad y ayudarla a trabajar en condiciones seguras. Nuestro principal objetivo es hacer todo lo posible para que, al finalizar la jornada laboral, los trabajadores vuelvan a casa sin lesiones ni enfermedades profesionales.

Buenos días, soy Alexander Smirnov, presidente de la delegación regional del Sindicato Ruso de Trabajadores de la Madera en la República de Komi. Quiero abogar por la seguridad en el trabajo. En el Día Internacional en Memoria de los Trabajadores Fallecidos y Heridos, tenemos el deber de tener presente la seguridad en el trabajo.

Hola, me llamo Olga Lebezkina. Soy la presidenta del sindicato de trabajadores de IKEA Industry. Deseo alzar mi voz en favor de la seguridad en el trabajo y recordar a los trabajadores en el Día Internacional en Memoria de los Trabajadores Fallecidos y Heridos.

Estimados compañeros y amigos, mi nombre es Denis Zhuravlev, y soy el presidente del Sindicato Ruso de Trabajadores de la Madera. En nombre de nuestros miembros, quiero manifestar nuestro compromiso con la seguridad en el trabajo. Apoyamos plenamente la campaña de la Internacional de Trabajadores de la Construcción y la Madera (ICM).


Hallo, mein Name ist Julia Vertigelova. Ich arbeite als Arbeitsschutz-Ausbilderin bei Russlands größtem Holz- und Papierwerk. Auch ich schließe mich der Forderung nach sicheren Arbeitsbedingungen an. Nach meiner Überzeugung besteht der Kern meiner Aufgabe und der meiner Fachkolleginnen und -kollegen darin, Sicherheit und Gesundheit von Leib und Leben der Arbeitnehmer zu schützen. Wir müssen – ganz allgemein – ein stärkeres Bewusstsein für das Thema Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz schaffen und parallel dazu der gesamten Arbeitnehmerschaft zu sicheren Arbeitsbedingungen verhelfen. Hauptziel und -zweck unserer Tätigkeit ist es, alles in unserer Macht Stehende zu tun, um sicherzustellen, dass jeder Mann und jede Frau am Ende des Arbeitstages wohlbehalten – das heißt ohne Verletzungen und ohne berufsbedingte Erkrankungen – nach Hause kommt.

Guten Tag, ich bin Alexander Smirnov, Präsident der Regionalzweigstelle der Russischen Holzarbeitergewerkschaft für die Republik Komi. Ich setze mich für Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz ein. Besonders der Internationale Arbeitergedenktag gibt Anlass, das Thema Arbeitsschutz einmal mehr in den Vordergrund zu stellen.

Hi, mein Name ist Olga Lebezkina. Ich bin Vorsitzende der Gewerkschaft auf Unternehmensebene bei IKEA Industry. Ich unterstütze sichere Arbeitsbedingungen und spreche mich nicht nur am Internationalen Arbeitergedenktag dafür aus.

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, liebe Freunde, mein Name ist Denis Zhuravlev, ich bin Präsident der Russischen Holzarbeitergewerkschaft. Im Namen unserer Mitglieder darf ich sagen, dass wir alle für sichere Arbeitsbedingungen eintreten. Wir unterstützen die BHI-Kampagne für Sicherheit und Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz in jeder Beziehung.

USA: Worksafe 28 April commemoration event in Oakland, CA

Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living!

Join Worksafe on Friday, April 26th in Downtown Oakland to observe Workers Memorial Day 2019.

Workers Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for workers who have been killed and injured on the job. It is observed around the world by surviving family members, friends, coworkers, and health and safety activists in workplaces and communities.

Let’s gather together in Oscar Grant / Frank Ogawa Plaza to honor fallen workers and recommit ourselves to the struggle for safe and healthy work in California.


12 PM – 12:10 PM – Remarks
12:10-12:30 P.M. – Chief Juliann Sum, Cal/OSHA
12:20 PM – 1 PM – Reading of Names

Lunch will not be provided, but feel free to bring your own or support local restaurants.

Please RSVP and help spread the word in your networks by sharing this link:

USA: Heat campaign toolkit for Workers’ Memorial Week

HomePublic Citizen, the US public interest advocacy organisation, has published a Heat Campaign toolkit for Workers’ Memorial Week (#iwmd19 / #workerssmemorialweek) that includes graphics, sample Tweets, hashtags, handles, links and a sample letter. You can view the kit below and also download it here.

Heat Campaign Toolkit for Workers Memorial Week

Campaign Background

Excessive heat exposure endangers outdoor and indoor workers, as well as vulnerable populations. Heat is the leading weather-related killer, and it’s intensifying with climate change. Despite these warnings, the U.S. does not require workplace heat protections.

This #WorkersMemorialWeek, we’re raising awareness around workers who have died or suffered on the job as a result of dangerous heat, and we’re pushing for action and policy change to prevent future fatalities. Because a safe job is every worker’s right!



Handles (please add your org’s handle)


Action Links

Grassroots Petition to OSHA:
Letter to the Editor Tool:
Alert for FL Heat Legislation:

Organizational Sign-On Letter

Add your organization to the following sign-on letter by 2:00 pm ET on 4/26, for OSHA to issue a heat standard for Workers Memorial Week:


Heat fatalities can affect everyone exposed to hot temps — from workers laboring in the hot sun to those who lack ventilation indoors. We need a national heat stress standard so employers are required to make worker safety a priority. #WorkersMemorialWeek

18 of the 19 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001. While we desperately need bold action to stop climate change, @OSHA_DOL must move now to protect workers from the dangers of heat stress. #WorkersMemorialWeek

Heat is the leading weather-related killer in the U.S. As greenhouse gas pollution increasingly warms the planet, the toll that heat takes on workers is getting worse. #WorkersMemorialWeek

From 1992 through 2017, exposure to excessive environmental heat killed 815 U.S. workers and seriously injured over 70,000. With accelerating climate change, worker injuries and deaths due to excessive heat exposure are projected to increase in the coming years. #WorkersMemorialWeek

260,000 U.S. workers are at risk of heat-related illnesses and deaths with no standard in place to protect them. This #WorkersMemorialWeek, we’re urging @OSHA_DOL to enact national heat stress protections that would keep our workers safe:

On our current greenhouse gas emissions path, by 2100 nearly the entire southeastern U.S. will experience on average more than 85 deadly heat days per year. @OSHA_DOL must act now to protect workers from dangerous heat exposure. #WorkersMemorialWeek

The current epidemic of heat-related injuries and deaths will worsen in the coming years, as record-breaking summers become the norm. We need action to stop further climate change and protect workers from the temperature rise that’s already locked in. #WorkersMemorialWeek

The solutions to heat-related injuries are common-sense: hydration, shade, and rest breaks. But most employers won’t implement them voluntarily. @OSHA_DOL must enact a national heat stress standard to protect workers in danger. #WorkersMemorialWeek

Heat fatalities can be prevented by access to water, shade and rest breaks. But many employers deny workers these basic needs — causing countless people to needlessly die every summer. Take action this #WorkersMemorialWeek to protect workers:



Shanna Devine
Worker Health and Safety Advocate
Public Citizen | Congress Watch
TEL: +1 202-454-5168
215 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003
Twitter: @safeworkers

Germany: DGB – Bundesvorstand | Workers’ Memorial Day

Es kann keine Karte angezeigt werden, da die Koordinaten des angegebenen Veranstaltungsorts nicht bestimmt werden konnten.

Jedes Jahr am 28. April gedenken wir den verstorbenen und beruflich veranlasst verletzten und erkrankten Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmern.Durch Arbeitsunfälle und Folgen von Berufskrankheiten werden mehr Menschen getötet und verletzt als in Kriegen. Die Zahlen sprechen eine deutliche Sprache.

Allein in Deutschland sterben drei bis vier Menschen täglich auf der Arbeit, auf dem Weg dorthin oder an unfallbedingten bzw. berufskrankheitsbedingten Spätfo…lgen. Täglich ereignen sich hierzulande tausende Arbeitsunfälle. Glücklicher Weise ist die Zahl der Arbeitsunfälle in Deutschland zuletzt zurückgegangen. Aber dafür nimmt die Zahl der Berufskrankheiten zu.

Es ist wichtig, sich als Arbeitnehmer im Berufsleben vor diesen Gefahren zu schützen oder geschützt zu werden! Eine besonders hohe Gefahr für Arbeitsunfälle und Berufs-erkrankungen besteht in Deutschland u. a. für Leiharbeiter. Das Risiko für Leiharbeiterinnen und Leiharbeiter, einem Arbeitsunfall zum Opfer zu fallen, ist drei Mal so hoch wie das für Stammbelegschaften, bedingt durch hohe Fluktuationen und psychische Belastung. An all diese Missstände erinnert der Workers Memorial Day.

Logo Workers Memorial Day 2019DGB/IG BAU

Bereits 1984 rief erstmals die kanadische Gewerkschaft für Angestellte im öffentlichen Dienst dazu auf, der im Arbeitsleben verstorbenen Kolleginnen und Kollegen zu gedenken. Seither wird dieser Gedenktag am 28. April in vielen Ländern weltweit begangen, in immer mehr Ländern ist er ein offizieller Gedenktag.

Seit dem Jahr 2011 rufen der DGB und die IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt jeweils am 28. April dazu auf, der Kolleginnen und Kollegen zu gedenken, die im Rahmen ihrer beruflichen Tätigkeit durch Unfall oder Berufskrankheit ihr Leben lassen mussten.

Wir laden jeden ein, diesen Gedenktag mit uns auf unserer zentralen Gedenkveranstaltung in der Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche in Berlin zu begehen. Wir rufen dazu auf, der verstorbenen Kolleginnen und Kollegen auch bundesweit in Betrieben, auf Baustellen und in Objekten zu gedenken.

Nicht nur das Gedenken an die Verstorbenen ist uns wichtig. Wir kämpfen auch für die Gesunderhaltung der heute Beschäftigten.

Website des DGB

Der Einladungsflyer zum Download:

Australia: ACTU – 28 April activities state-by-state

ACTU logoThe Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has published the following list of International Workers’ Memorial Day events:

New South Wales

Unions NSW International Workers’ Memorial Day event
28 April 2019
Reflection Park Little Pier Street (off Harbour St), Darling Harbour, Sydney


VTHC International Workers’ Memorial Day event
29 April 2019
Victorian Trades Hall (Lygon St Entrance), Melbourne
10.30am – 11.15am
Including a minute’s silence at 11am and an opportunity to lay wreaths.

Northern Territory

Unions NT International Workers’ Memorial Day event
29 April 2019
Rain Tree Park at Smith St Mall, Darwin
Time TBC.
Unions NT Secretary Joel Bowden will MC the event – there will be a eulogy, guest speaker and will finish with the workers’ prayer.

Western Australia

Unions WA International Workers’ Memorial Day event
29 April 2019
Solidarity Park, West Perth


QCU International Workers’ Memorial Day event
29 April 2019
Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, 70 Appleby Rd, Stafford


Also see 27 and 28 April events listing for Tasmania.

Belgium: ACV-CSC activities for 28 April will call for improvements to safety law

Trade Union Federation ACV-CSC has sent the following announcement of their planned  activities for 28 April: 

Our national action at the ACV-CSC is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Monday 29 April 9.30 am, Place Horta in Brussels (close to the Ministry of Employment) : an awareness campaign via a symbolic action. 150 ACV-CSC members will lie on beds. They will be dressed all in white, with a white mask. This action symbolizes the number of deaths due to accidents at work each year in Belgium. The action will last one hour. We had done a similar action in 2013 (image below).
  2. Political action : we contact the members of Parliament who are members of the Social Affairs Committee to have their signature on a declaration of commitment. Our purpose is to obtain their support for an amendment to the legislation to provide workplace accident victims with an immediate copy of the workplace accident report (written by the employer). We believe that such an amendment to the legislation will make it possible to limit the refusal of insurers to recognize work accidents, because the worker could immediately report a failure or error in the workplace accident report. With the commitments of as many members of the Parliament as possible, our demand should be heard.

ACV-CSC has also published informative documentation for its members but also for workers across the country (see attachments… in French and Dutch)

ACV-CSC will also conduct several regional actions (for example on 26 April in Liège a workshop around Health and Safety at work).

Tasmania: Events in Hobart and Launceston to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day

Every year, unions hold a day of remembrance for workers who have died, been injured, or become ill because of their job.

We gather to mourn the deaths, injuries and illnesses that have occurred and vow to do everything we can to prevent any more.

This year the Hobart service will be held at Parliament Lawns, 11:00-11:30am on Saturday 27 April 2019.

The Launceston event will be held at the Workers’ Memorial Park in Elizabeth Gardens, 10.00am on Sunday 28 April 2019.

Hobart International Workers’ Memorial Day 2019 Facebook event here.

Hobart International Workers’ Memorial Day flyer.pdf

Launceston International Workers’ Memorial Day 2019 Facebook event here.

Launceston International Workers’ Memorial Day flyer.pdf

New Zealand: Rail and Maritime Transport Union 28 April poster promotes action nationwide

The 28 April 2019 poster shown below has been circulated to all RMTU branches in New Zealand. You can download it here.

Europe: ETUC – Work is to earn living, not cause death

ETUC News release 23, April, 2019
Work is to earn living, not cause death

Almost two hundred thousand people die every year in the European Union as a result of workplace diseases, illnesses and accidents.

The reality is much worse – there is massive under reporting by employers, and when a worker is killed by their work it harms whole families.

The ETUC is calling for the European Union – in particular the new European Parliament to be elected in May and the new European Commission to be appointed following the elections – to

• Set a target of zero workplace cancer, and as a step towards that target set ‘binding occupational exposure limits’ for at least 50 cancer-causing substances (24 have been agreed by the current Parliament and Commission);

• Introduce a Directive on stress at work to make all employers adopt initiatives to identify and prevent stress, and procedures to tackle stress;

• Introduce a Directive to tackle back, knee and finger-joint (and other musculoskeletal) pain at work;

• Launch a debate on preventing work-related road deaths and work-related suicide with a view to taking new measures in the lifetime of the new Parliament and Commission.

“Work is to earn a living” said Esther Lynch, ETUC Confederal Secretary “not cause death.

“The EU should work towards no work-related deaths and adopt an official target of zero workplace cancer. EU law is needed to oblige employers to put in place actions to prevent and tackle work-related stress and to stop the misery and suicide caused by work-related stress.

“The EU must also act to reduce the distress of millions of workers who suffer from musculoskeletal pain – like back, knee and other pain in people’s tendons, joints, muscles and bones.”

On work-related road deaths and suicides, Lynch added “We know that a large proportion of road deaths are work-related, and with the digital economy there is an increase of people delivering goods by road. We need those platforms who create the conditions to be responsible and take actions to protect workers and prevent work-related road deaths. We also know that these delivery workers are subject increasingly to violence. On work-related suicide we need studies and statistics as well as a actions to prevent such suicides.”

April 28 is the day trade unionists throughout the world ‘remember the dead and fight for the living’ and press decision-makers and employers on the need to work with trade unions to stop workplace fatalities, injuries and disease.

There were estimated to be some 500,000 work-related cancer deaths 2014-19 (the period in office of the current European Commission and Parliament), part of a total of 900,000-1 million work-related deaths over the same period in EU member states.


Global: Worldwide support for International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April 2019!

With four days to go to International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April 2019, unions and safety campaigns in over 50 countries have already had their activities and resources added to the ITUC 28 April website and featured on the global events map.

If events are taking place in your country, make sure we know about them! We particularly want to hear from national union centres and national unions and campaigns.


28 April resources

Other tools

Find out more


ITUC 28 April website, facebook page and twitter hashtag #iwmd19.


Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living