Palestine: Meetings with workers to mark 28 April

The Palestinian affiliate of BWI, the National Union of Building and Wood Workers (NUBWW) has announced that it will mark 28 April by issuing a statement and meeting with workers.

Striking at Lafarge-Holcim Karbalal, Iraq on 28 April

The General Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq (GFWCUI) has announced a strike at Lafarge-Holcim Karbala District Plan on 28 April.

UMT in Morocco will conduct work site visits on 28 April

BWI affiliate The Moroccan Workers’ Union/الاتحاد المغربي للشغل/Union Marocaine du Travail (UMT) will conduct work site visits on 28 April to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day. Website


Trade union action in Jordan on 28 April

Union body GTUCE  has announced industrial action in front of the Lafarge-Holcim Al Fuhais Plant on 28 April.

Activities in Lebanon for International Workers’ Memorial Day

BWI affiliate GSTU will hold workshops at Lafarge-Holcim in the Chekka District,  Northern Lebanon .



Egypt: GTUBWW to hold 28 April safety training and worksite visits

To mark International Workers’ Memorial Day BWI affiliate, GTUBWW, will conduct  vocational training and worksite visits in Cairo.


Ugandan union UBCCEAWU to mark 28 April with action at Lafarge-Holcim Hilma Cement Plant

Ugandan union UBCCEAWU will mark 28 April with a safety awareness raising campaign at the  Lafarge-Holcim Hilma Cement Plant. The BWI affiliate hopes the action will secure safety improvements at the site.

International Workers’ Memorial Day activity in Kenya

For 28 April Kenyan unions affiliated to BWI –  KUPRIPUPA, UNRISK, KBCTFIEA, KQMWU – will be running a work safety campaign with the aim of forming workplace safety committees.


Mozambique unions are running workplace accident awareness campaigns for Workers’ Memorial Day

Campaigning and recruitment are the key themes of the 28 April workplace accident awareness campaigns  led by unions SINTICIM and SINTAF –  Mozambique  affiliates of the global construction union federation BWI.

Unions will mark 28 April in Zimbabwe with work safety awareness campaigns

BWI affiliated trade unions CLAWUZ, GAPWUZ, ZCATWU and ZEWU will be running  OHS awareness campaigns in Gweru and Harare, Zimbabwe.

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