Argentina: On 28 April UOLRA pressed for safety to be recognised as a human right

Argentina: UOLRA joins the April 28th commemorations. The union is pressing for occupational health and safety to be recognised as an ILO Fundamental Right at Work.

Congo: FNTBB workers commemorate 28 April in Kinshasa

Democratic Republic of Congo: The National Building and Wood Workers federation (FNTBB) of the UNTC commemorated the International Day of Commemoration of Workers on April 28, 2022 in Kinshasa. #iwmd22

Tanzania: TUICO conducted OHS campaign to commemorate #IWMD22 “Life before profit campaign”

Tanzania: TUICO conducted OHS campaign at Lodhia Steel company limited to commemorate #IWMD22 “Life before profit campaign”

Tanzania: TUICO marks 28 April demanding employers make safety the priority

The Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) joins BWI in marking this year’s International Workers’ Memorial Day

TUICO is correct. Workers don’t die at work because of unexplained illnesses, and/or tragic, freak accidents. Workers are killed because employers and governments think less of their health and safety.

No less than recognising workplace health and safety as a fundamental right of all workers will enable trade unions to fully turn the tide against work-related fatal accidents and ailments. #IWMD2022

Kenya: Quarry and mine workers plant trees to honour work victims

Kenya: Quarry and Mine workers’ union (KQMWU) held the #IWMD22 campaign at Mombasa cement with emphasis on OHS. The commemoration was also done by planting trees at the company to remember workers who have died in the course of work.

Brazil: STI Chemistry ABC gathers action this April 28

The union organized the protest in front of the Megachemical company, in Mauá on April 28. An explosion that occurred at the company killed the worker Jose Antônio Batista and left another with burns.
The syndicate has requested strict prosecution from the Ministry of work and the Public Ministry since the company will not accept to hold a meeting with the entity to discuss the conditions of work on site.
Now more than ever: The work Shouldn’t Kill! #IWMD22

North America: This past week, we took some time to remember those we lost to workplace accidents and illnesses


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This past week, we took some time to remember those we lost to workplace accidents and illnesses. Let’s never forget their names as we continue our work for healthy and safe jobs. Continue reading North America: This past week, we took some time to remember those we lost to workplace accidents and illnesses

Bangladesh: BFTUC calls for OHS to be made a fundamental ILO right

BFTUC joint action on 28 April, calling for OHS to be made a fundamental right at work.

India: BWI affiliates mark 28 April in Uttar Pradesh and Himichal Pradesh

BWI Affiliates in India – CFBWU, Uttar Pradesh and AHPWDIPHCWU, Himachal Pradesh Commemorated IWMD #iwmd22

Montenegro: Construction union SGIGMCG receives award for outstanding safety work

On the occasion of the International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, the Association of Occupational Safety and Health of Montenegro awarded Nenad Markovic, President of the Trade Union of Construction and Industry of Building Materials of Montenegro (SGIGMCG), for his union’s exemplary contribution to the promotion of occupational health and safety.
On receiving the award, Markovic thanked the award-giving association, saying the it is an added incentive and inspiration for trade unionists to further their work on workplace health and safety. He expressed optimism that OHS will soon become a fundamental labor right at the next International Labour Conference. He concluded his speech with the resounding message: “jobs should not kill!”

Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living

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