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Brazil: STI Chemistry ABC gathers action this April 28

The union organized the protest in front of the Megachemical company, in Mauá on April 28. An explosion that occurred at the company killed the worker Jose Antônio Batista and left another with burns.
The syndicate has requested strict prosecution from the Ministry of work and the Public Ministry since the company will not accept to hold a meeting with the entity to discuss the conditions of work on site.
Now more than ever: The work Shouldn’t Kill! #IWMD22

Brazil: Video message from SINTICOM-Campinas remembering workplace accident victims

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Argentina/Brazil/Panama: Video messages from OHS leaders on 28 April

Global building unions’ federation BWI has announced the 28 April plans of affiliates in three South American countries: Panama, Argentina and Brazil.

SUNTRACS, UOCRA and SINTICOM Campinas will be producing promotional videos from unions leaders of work safety with Workers’ Memorial Day messages.


Brazil: Aliança global por locais de trabalho seguros e saudáveis

SOMSJOP consegue 16 declarações com empresas de madeira no Brasil, entre eles, uma assinatura com Arauco. Um desses acordos também foi assinado pelo sindicato patronal SIMOVEN, cuja assinatura inclui 9 empresas madeireiras filiadas ao SIMOVEN e que também aderiram à campanha.


Latin America/Brazil: 28 de Abril; Segurança e Saúde no Trabalho como um direito fundamental

Essa é a luta da ICM e outros sindicatos globais nesse 28 de Abril como Dia Internacional em Homenagem às Vítimas dos Acidentes e Doenças relacionados ao Trabalho, uma conquista histórica do movimento sindical internacional que teve início nos anos 90 e depois se alastrou para todo o mundo, até vir a ser reconhecido em 2001 pela OIT como o Dia Internacional da Segurança e Saúde no Trabalho (SST) e, em 2002, pela própria Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU). No Brasil, esse reconhecimento chegou em 2003 durante o primeiro ano do governo Lula. mais

Latin America/Brazil: Security and health at work as a findamental right – ICM

Nilton Freitas, ICM-BWI Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, wrote this note about the ICM Global Campaign for April 28 in the online newspaper Rádio Paão Brasil.

Brazil: Protect the Workers! Stop the COVID-19 – SINTEPAV-BA

SINTEPAV-BA, Brazil joins the ICM campaign: ” Protect the Workers! Stop the COVID-19 “.
#BWI2020IWMD #28Abril2020

Brazil: Proteger os Trabalhadores! Parar o COVID-19 | SINTEPAV-BA

Victor, Diretor do SINTEPAV-BA, Brasil envia uma mensagem como parte da campanha da ICM: “Proteger os Trabalhadores! Parar o COVID-19”.


Emerson Gomes, Vice-Presidente do SINTEPAV-BA,

Brazil: Dia mundial em memoria das vitimasde acidentes e doenas do trabalho – Abril Verde

Abril Verde is a running a series of Facebook activities for worker health and safety to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day.

The Abril Verde Green April movement is “an initiative of the Union of Safety Technicians of the State of Paraná,” that “aims to bring to society the issue of the safety and health of the Brazilian worker. ”

Brazil: Month of mobilisation for better working conditions (SINTRACOM Londrina)

SINTRACOM Londrina General Secretary at event opening.

The Union of Construction and Furniture Industries Workers of Londrina (SINTRACOM Londrina), affiliated to Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI), mobilized during April in a campaign for better health and safety conditions at different worksites of the region.

The union’s directors were present at 48 workplaces where they spoke to workers about potential safety hazards that will lead to injuries and fatal accidents in the construction industry such as falls from heights, burial and electric shock. At the end of the month, a large meeting of the members of the Internal Committees for Accident Prevention (CIPAs) was held, to highlight the importance of the Committee by valuing the work of construction workers.

On the 28th, an action was conducted out placing 209 crosses symbolizing each of the deaths resulting from occupational accidents in the year 2017.