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Sweden: Chemical risks and work related diseases provide the focus for 28 April in Sweden

My name is Cyrene Waern and I’m the senior officer at LO responsible for occupational health and safety.

As the International Workers’ Memorial Day this year is commemorated the same day as ILO celebrates 100th anniversary we have arranged a conference on the subject of: ILO – work environment yesterday, today and tomorrow [24-26 April] https://www.av.se/om-oss/kalendarium/ilo-arbetsmiljoarbetet-i-gar-i-dag-och-i-morgon/

There is also a blog on the subject: https://loblog.lo.se/2019/04/varfor-fira-ilo-100-ar/  and another one will hopefully be published before the 28th at https://loblog.lo.se/ on the subject of chemical risks and work related diseases that the members in LO are victim to.

Best wishes,

Med vänlig hälsning,

Cyrene Martinsson Waern
Enheten för Välfärd, Utbildning och Arbetsmarknad
Landsorganisationen i Sverige/The Swedish Trade Union Confederation
Barnhusgatan 18
105 53 Stockholm

Telefon: +46 8 796 25 21
E-post: cyrene.waern@lo.se


Norway: Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions to organise 28 April conference and publish report

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions have for the last few years, in cooperation with Workers Educational Association (AOF,) arranged a conference on April 28, or on a suitable date close to the 28th. Since April 28 is on a Sunday this year, we chose, for practical reasons, to arrange our conference on the April 25.

Each year we do pay attention to topics that have been decided by the ILO, while at the same time putting key OSH – issues in Norway on the agenda. This year there is a great deal of activity on chemicals related to EU OSHA (focal points) We have therefore chosen not to focus specifically on this at the conference this year, but it will be included in some of the presentations. Every year we have young employees as a recurring theme with different angles.

Usually, LO has ordered material from the ILO. This year, our information material from LO, some of the LO’s association, AOF and a publisher of working life literature, will be information in Norwegian on various topics related to work and health and also the report on “Safety and health at the heart of the future of Work”.

There will be journalists present from the media related to the Norwegian trade union movement (LO Aktuelt) and from an HSE magazine.

Kind regards,

Wenche Thomsen
Fagsjef/Chief OSH Adviser

Landsorganisasjonen i Norge/Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions
Forhandlings- og HMS avdelingen/Collective Bargaining and Health and Safety Departement

Sweden: En enda dags vackra ord måste bli verklighet varje dag

Den 28 april betyder förmodligen inget speciellt för dig. En helt vanlig måndag. Ändå är det en speciell dag – den internationella minnesdag då fackliga organisationer runt om världen minns och hedrar alla de arbetstagare som förlorat livet på eller på grund av arbetet. Mer