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Turkey: Unions condemn the high rate of workers’ deaths

BWI Turkish affiliates AGAC-IS, CIMSE-IS, ORMAN-IS and TARIM ORMAN-IS under the umbrella of YOL-IS marked the International Workers’ Memorial Day by gathering and issuing a statement to condemn the high rate of workers’ deaths especially in BWI industries.
The statement noted that “After a strong union struggle, it has been a decade since an independent OHS law came into force in Turkey. However, OHS measures at the implementation level remains as a very problematic topic as in 2021, 2,170 workers died in Turkey as a result of work accidents. One-fifth of the deaths occurred in the construction industry. It is also noteworthy that children and migrants are among those who lost their lives.
The Turkish Union of Road Construction and Building Workers – YOL-IS organized this year’s commemoration event with the participation of BWI affiliated unions from the woodworking, forestry and building materials industries on April 28, in order to draw the public attention to high level of worker deaths and to demand healthy, safe and decent working conditions for all.
The demands are clear: In order not to cause new occupational murders, a mentality change should be made in OHS, and the understanding of “human and worker safety first” should be adopted. ILO Conventions on health and safety should be brought into national legislation in accordance with their spirit, in order for the OHS laws to be fully implemented and the legal basis for the field to be provided precisely. Obstacles to trade union rights and organizing should be removed. Subcontracting should be abolished. OHS committees established in workplaces should be organized as democratic structures, and those should be given sanction authority. The number of labor inspectors should be increased and workplace inspections should be effective. April 28 should be officially recognized and announced as the day of mourning and remembrance.

Construction unions in Turkey campaign to raise awareness of the high death rate in building workers

Turkish BWI affiliates will hold  joint panel on  occupational health and safety to  issue a statement and raise awareness of the high level of construction workers’ deaths in Turkey.

Turkey: The YOL-IS union says ‘Protect workers! Stop Covid-19!’

Ramazan AGAR, President of YOL-IS, Turkey (Türkiye Yol-İş Sendikası) says that all of humanity, particularly workers, are in an important decisive moment in the battle against COVID-19. Protect Workers! Stop COVID-19!”

Turkey: Work is war, warn union and safety campaigners

Turkish workers have a slogan to describe life under the current regime, says health and safety campaigner Asli Odman, “We don’t go to work, we go to war.” In a report issued ahead of International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, the Health and Safety Labour Watch (HSLW) expert notes the three sectors with the highest number of deaths in 2018 were agriculture and forestry (457), construction (438) and transport (233). There were also high numbers of deaths in the metal (116), mining (66) and energy sectors (63).

HSLW says one of the reasons for the increase in deaths in these sectors in the previous year (2017) is the state of emergency and statutory decrees which made it impossible for workers, even organised workers, to defend their rights. Union density in Turkey dropped from 24 per cent in 1988 to just 4 per cent in 2013 according to the comparative OECD union density data. Global Industriall union figures show union density in the private sector had fallen to just 3 per cent by 2016.

More information

Health and Safety Labour Watch
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Support Group for Families Seeking Justice
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Labour murders in Turkey: The day to mourn and remember

April 28th should be proclaimed The Day the Mourn and Remember Those who Lost Their Lives in Work Murders


Remember the perished, campaign for those remaining!  

Actively pursuing their lawsuits over the last 7 years, Holding an hour long vigil at Galatasaray square first Sunday of each month,

Worker Families Seeking Justice (The families of those who lost their lives due to work murders) continue their struggle to achieve justice.

The families request April 28th to be proclaimed The Day the Mourn and Remember Those who Lost Their Lives in Work Murders in Turkey. 

Families are organizing two events to make this request be heard louder.  

We want you to be with us.

We can stop the work murders together!

26 April Sunday 13:00, Şişli Kent Cultural Center

  •        Worker Families Seeking Justiceand their pro-bono lawyers tell their experiences in seeking justice throughout the last 7 years.
  •        Support for Justice Seekers Group will launch the 2014 version of the Work Murders Almanac, which they have been releasing since 2012.

28 April Tuesday 19:00, Taksim Tram Stop

  • Wearing black,Worker Families Seeking Justice and their supporters march along İstiklal Street.

We have an ONLINE PETITION to proclaim April 28th The Day the Mourn and Remember Those who Lost Their Lives in Work Murders

Sign now: www.iscinayetleriniunutma.org


  • 301 miners died in Soma massacre in 2014. At least four Soma massacres happen in Turkey each year.
  • 1886 workers lost their lives while working in Turkey in 2014.
  • Regarding labor murders, Turkey ranks as first in Europe and third in the world.



Contact: 0537 242 64 13 – 0535 213 58 03 – 0533 543 33 01

Event page  • Leaflet in Turkish