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Global: Workers’ Memorial Day Message from UNI GS Christy Hoffman | UNI Global Union

UNI General Secretary Christy Hoffman has issued an International Workers’ Memorial Day message calling on us to honour the workers we have lost during the Covid-19 crisis, but to “fight like hell for the living.”

Using her personal experience and examples from UNI affiliates, GS Hoffman stresses the importance that unions play in establishing safe workplaces and holding employers accountable:

There are valuable lessons we must learn from this crisis.

And one that we must remember is the difference a union can make in terms of health and safety. And it is not only about negotiating the conditions of safe work — it is about representation and a voice on the job lead by rank and file workers. A union health and safety committee is a watchdog, making sure that employers don’t cut corners or require a pace of production that is too fast to be safe. They enable workers, those who are closest to the problem, to expose the hazards and recommend solutions.

Read the full message here. 

Additionally, UNI is joining the ITUC and other global unions in calling on governments and occupational health and safety bodies around the world to recognise Covid-19 first, as an occupational hazard and also an occupational disease.


Global: Covid 19 crisis shows the vital role of caregivers in our society – UNI global union

“Home care workers are the first line of defense against #covid19 for millions of elderly & sick patients. This crisis is showing the world the vital role caregivers play in our societies,” said Christy Hoffman General Secretary of UNI Global Union. ⁩
#ProtectHomecareWorkersRead more • UNI Global Union

The Netherlands: Teken de petitie voor de erkenning van COVID-19 als beroepsziekte voor alle essentiële sectoren | Algemene Centrale – ABVV

De huidige gezondheidscrisis heeft de vraag opgeworpen of COVID-19 in bepaalde gevallen als beroepsziekte kan worden erkend. Het standpunt van de Algemene Centrale – ABVV is duidelijk: COVID-19 moet als beroepsziekte worden erkend voor alle “essentiële” sectoren. Ben je het met ons eens? Onderteken onze petitie en steun onze oproep! 



Finland: Tänään on päivä, jolloin huomio pitää kiinnittää kaikkien palkansaajien työsuojeluun ja

Finland: Today is a day when attention must be paid to the occupational safety and health of all employees, especially now #coronavirus#covid19 collision. Today we remember employees who have died from accidents at work or work-related illnesses #IWMD20


France: La sécurité et la santé au travail peuvent sauver des vies – CFDT

@CFDTsantesoc “la sécurité et la santé au travail peuvent sauver des vies” 28 avril commémoration des travailleurs décédés dans leur travail. Solidarité avec http://travailleurs.es  en Europe @EPSUnions @etuc_ces et mondiale @ituc @PSIglobalunion