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USA 2017 Workers Memorial Day materials are ready

The 2017 Workers Memorial Day materials are ready. The theme this year is “Safe. Jobs. Every Worker’s Right.” The materials have been posted on the AFL-CIO website.

Multiple copies of materials are available for ordering (order form available on the AFL-CIO website). I urge you to distribute the materials widely and to organize or participate in Workers Memorial Day events. (A website for posting and listing events will be available shortly).

After years of struggle we won new rules to protect workers from deadly silica dust and beryllium, a tougher coal dust standard for miners and stronger anti-retaliation protections for workers who report job injuries. But these hard-won gains are now threatened. The Trump administration has launched an all-out assault on regulations. The president has ordered that for every new protection, two existing safeguards must be removed from the books. At the same time Republicans in Congress have moved quickly to overturn new rules issued by the Obama administration.  Agency budgets and enforcement programs are on the chopping block. The safety and health of workers and the public are in danger.

We need to organize and fight back. Please get involved and organize actions, activities, or observances in your workplaces and communities to highlight the toll of job injuries and deaths. Demand that elected officials put workers’ well-being above corporate interests. And demand jobs that are safe and healthy and pay fair wages. Make it clear that the labor movement will defend the right of every worker to a safe job and fight until that promise is fulfilled.

For additional information and to order copies of materials, please contact the AFL-CIO Safety and Health Department at 202-637-5366, or visit the AFL-CIO website at:

In Solidarity,

Peg Seminario
Safety and Health Director

Thème du 28 avril 2017 CONFIRME : Dangereux et injuste – la discrimination au travail est une nuisance pour tou(te)s

Bonjour à toutes et à tous

Tout d’abord je voudrais vous remercie pour les réactions positives a notre suggestion pour le thème de cette année. Cette fois donc, et toujours sous le chapeau du slogan « les syndicats rendent le travail plus sur » nous allons inviter le mouvement syndical à considérer les actions nécessaires pour protéger ceux les plus vulnérables sur les lieux de travail, à cause entre autres, de leur genre, leurs origines, classe ou orientation sexuelle. Nous vous serions très reconnaissants si vous puissiez nous envoyer des documents produits par votre syndicat sur ces sujets pour nourrir le document international de référence sur le sujet.

Nous avons donné quelques exemples de slogans en anglais, mais j’invite les francophones intéressés à m’appeler pour qu’on trouve ensemble des phrases d’accroche qui marchent en français.

Nous avons déjà reçu la confirmation du TUC du Royaume Uni   sur leur volonté de reprendre notre thème et appeler à protéger « ceux pour lesquels la sécurité est cachée » et se focaliser sur l’économie des plateformes, les risques auxquels les migrants et les femmes font face.

L’AFLCIO aux Etats Unis a déjà lancé un poster qui reprend aussi notre thème.

Réseaux sociaux: vous pouvez désormais utiliser le #iwmd17
 sur Twitter et poster des nouvelles sur Facebook.

N’oubliez pas de nous envoyer vos activités, documents et posters pour le 28 Avril. Et rappelez vous de nous donner votre email pour qu’on vous ajoute à la liste électronique du 28 avril si vous ne recevez pas encore les emails directement.

Liste d’envoi 28 Avril: Inscrivez-vous sur notre liste d’envoi

Merci encore pour votre soutien !

Rory, Jawad and Anabella (l’équipe du 28 avril)

Tema para el 28 de Abril 2017 CONFIRMADO: Inseguro e injusto – la discriminación en el trabajo nos daña a todos/as

Hola a todos y todas

Antes que nada, agradecerles a todos por sus reacciones positivas al tema sugerido para el 28 de Abril 2017. Esta vez, y como siembre bajo el lema genérico “los sindicatos hacen el trabajo mas seguro”, estaremos invitando a los sindicatos a poner énfasis en las acciones necesarias para proteger la salud y seguridad de aquellos mas vulnerables en los lugares de trabajo, sea entre otras por razones de género, origen, clase u orientación sexual. Nos encantaría recibir documentación que hayan desarrollado en el sindicato sobre estos temas para alimentar el documento internacional de referencia sobre el tema para el 28 de abril.

Pusimos ejemplos de slogans en inglés, pero invito a los hispanohablantes interesados a que me llamen y que busquemos juntos slogans que funcionan en castellano.

Ya recibimos confirmación de parte del TUC de Reino Unido  sobre su voluntad de retomar el tema y focalizarse en “proteger a los que están escondidos de la seguridad” y focalizarse en los trabajadores “ocultos” y los de la economía de plataformas, así como los migrantes y las cuestiones de género.

La AFLCIO de Estados Unidos ya ha puesto en circulación un poster para el día que se refiere a nuestro tema común.

Redes sociales: ya pueden empezar a usar el #iwmd17
en Twitter y colgar actividades en Facebook

No duden en enviarme detalles de sus actividades, materiales o posters que produzcan para el 28 de Abril. Y recuerden, denos su dirección de email para que lo incluyamos en la lista electrónica del 28 de abril.

Lista de envío 28 Abril: Suscribirse a nuestra lista de envío

Les agradezco una vez más por su compromiso

Rory, Jawad y Anabella (el equipo del 28 de abril)


28 April 2017 theme CONFIRMED: Unsafe and unfair –discrimination on the job hurts us all

Dear friends,

Thanks a lot for your positive feedback on the theme for 28th April 2017. This time, and always under the broad umbrella of “unions make work safer”, we are inviting trade unions to consider addressing all actions needed to protect the health and safety of the most vulnerable in our workplaces, due among others, to gender, origins, class and/or sexual orientation. We’d be very pleased to get any background documents/research on these issues you might have developed in your union to help elaborating the international background document for the day.

Here are some suggested taglines:

  • Inequality is a pain in the workplace
  • Safe work for women, safe work for all
    Workplace safety is a class issue
  • Occupational disease is a class issue
  • Profit and loss: When irresponsible firms put production first, workers can pay a deadly price
  • Racism hurts at work
  • Fair enough? We are all sickened by inequality at work
  • Inequality at work makes us sick
  • United we stand: Divided we cough, ache, limp, itch, wheeze and die

We have already received confirmation from the TUC UK  on their willingness to take on this issue calling to “protect those hidden from safety” and focus on the hidden and new GIG economies, the risks faced by migrant workers and the issue of gender.

The AFL-CIO in the US has already released a poster that refers to our common theme as well:

Social media: you can start using #iwmd17
in Twitter and posting news in the Facebook Group

Please ensure you send me details of your planned activities, any resources and artwork you produce for 28 April 2017. And please remember to give us your email to be included in the 28th April e-list.

28 April mailing list: Subscribe to our mailing list

Thanks again to you all for your commitment!

Rory, Jawad and Anabella (the 28th April team)

If you work in a safe workplace and want everyone to know, AFL-CIO has the sign for you

If you work in a safe workplace and want everyone to know, AFL-CIO has the sign(s) for you! Anxiety and fear are on the rise, and one way to combat them is to let people know that the workplace they are in is a place that doesn’t tolerate hate and harassment. The sign makes it clear that your workplace will not tolerate racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia or transphobia.

Download the sign in English and in Spanish (the Spanish version is on page 2 of the document).

USA: Infographics from the National COSH report Preventable Deaths 2016

Preventable Deaths 2016 Infographics

The infographics below are from the National COSH report Preventable Deaths 2016, released on April 27, 2016 for Workers’ Memorial Week.

We encourage you to make use of any of these infographics at your website, on social media, or in your publications. The thumbnails below link to full-sized versions of the images, which you may save to your computer or device.


Philippines: Asbestos kills workers, communities

#Asbestos kills workers and communities. Message from ALU, #Philippines on #WorkersMemorialDay #banasbestos #IWMD16

Turkey: Together we can stop labour murder

Families Workers Justice Seekers walk out for 28 April Workers Memorial Day in İstanbul.

Together We Can Stop Labour Murders

Remember The Dead, Fight Like Hell For The Living

Facebook • Report (Turkish)

PGFTU celebrating world safety and health at work day

On 28th of April  PGFTU held a very special ceremony on the occasion  of the World Day for Safety and Health.

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual international campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent work. It is held on 28 April and has been observed by the International Labor Organization (ILO) since 2003. It has also long been associated with the world’s trade union movement’s commemoration of the victims of occupational accidents and 1 photo 2 الصحة و السلامة المهنية

A national occupational safety and health culture is one in which the right to a safe and healthy working environment is respected at all levels, where governments, employers and workers actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment through a system of defined rights, responsibilities and duties, and where the highest priority is accorded to the principle of prevention.

The PGFTU with the coordination with Department of Health and Safety has organized this ceremony which was attended  by over than 200 persons coming from different regions of Palestine, unionists, workers, workers’ representatives , employers’ representatives …..

And by the representatives of the related concerned parties:

  • PGFTU’s General Secretary Brother Shaher Sae’d .
  • Head of OSH department /PGFTU Brother Mostapha hanne
  • President of chamber of commerce Brother Omar Hashem.
  • Architect union’s representative Brother Sami Hejawe .
  • Contractors union’s representative Brother Rame Khateeb .
  • Stones and quarry union’s representative Brother Hatem Yamak .
  • Nablus municipality’s representative Brother Ramez Dalae .

Through their speeches the speakers insisted on:

  • Expecting at all levels the right to a safe and healthy working environment;
  • Active participation of all stakeholders in securing a safe and healthy working environment through a system of defined rights, responsibilities and duties; and
  • Giving the highest priority to the principle of prevention.

The main purpose of the ceremony was to show that OSH is the only sustainable way to overcome the high percentage of Work accidents and death between workers.

Brother Shaher Sae’d the General Secretary of PGFTU insisted in his speech on the importance of the health of the workers. He pointed out that every single day, 11 workers dies in Qatar from an occupational accident Work-related accidents or diseases can definitely be placed in the high-burden category of all global health problems regardless the procedures of health and safety which are confirmed by many international organization.

But in Palestine working in hazardous conditions is a daily, routine task for many workers. During one year the numbers of those who lost their lives in worksites are not clear because not all the accidents are recorded:  Over 5350 worker accidents are recorded   while 2000 are not. The records talk about 45 workers who are working inside Israel from building sector, 65% from them are from Palestine .

Sae’d focused on the importance of implementing the social security law to stop the violations against the Palestinian workers, and he highlighted the role of the PGFTU’s overall campaign to implement the code of social security with some useful amendments especial in the benefit of work accidents.

He informed the attendance about the intention of the PGFTU to put more efforts in the field of educating the workers about the importance of using procedures of health and safety.

He also demanded the concerned parties especially the chamber of commerce to establish a training center for OSH in the north similar to that found in the south.

In his speech Sae’d, showed his belief that good practices should be shared, promoted and emulated where possible in order to raising awareness and knowledge of occupational hazards and risks and how to prevent and control them is key for this process  as well as increase the awareness, secure greater engagement people and support stakeholders.

At the end Shaher sae’d presented solidarity to the families who lost their beloved while they are working and confirmed efforts to give assistance in finding alternatives of living. And he insisted on the importance of decent life and decent work in the free independent State of PALESTINE.