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Turkey: Worker deaths information resource from ISIG

Istanbul Council of Occupational Safety and Health release the names of workers killed every month, as well as what industries they worked in. They collect a greater number of fatalities than the government.

Further details ISIG Reports


USA: “54,000 deaths a year is way too many” – National COSH report

For Workers’ Memorial Week 2015, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health has released Not An Accident: Preventable Deaths 2015.

This annual report provides details on and context for the yearly toll of worker fatalities in the U.S.

“54,000 deaths a year is way too many,” says National COSH Executive Director Mary Vogel. “We need tougher penalties. We need prosecutions for criminal violations. And we need to listen to workers, and use proven strategies that cut down on risk, reduce injuries and save lives.”

Key stats

Natrional COSH news release

Global: The true cost of precarious work

BWI has highlighted fatal injury figures from cement giants Holcim and Lafarge which reveal the true cost of outsourcing and precarious work. Their annual reports show that almost 300 people lost their lives working for these companies between 2011 and 2014.

BWI demands “Holcim and Lafarge, before their mega merger, reconsider their reckless employment policies and labour practices and start putting people before profits. No merger without workers’ health and safety rights!”

BWI news release

Australia: ACTU says “Make company directors personally liable for workplace deaths”

On International Workers’ Memorial Day ACTU says “Company Directors would be made personally liable for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) fines resulting from workplace death, even if they restructure their business to avoid payment.” more

Europe: 150,000 have died from work cancer while EU evaluates ‘Better Regulation’

On April 28, European Trade unions will commemorate International Workers’ Memorial Day – remembering the 150,000 people who have died in the EU from occupational cancers since the European Commission suspended work on legislation protecting workers from chemicals that cause cancer.

etuc3Every year 100,000 people in the EU die from occupational cancers.

In October 2013 the European Commission stopped developing exposure limits for chemicals that cause cancer because it is reviewing ‘red tape’ – with the result that only 3 cancer-causing chemicals have European exposure limits!

Now the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is demanding

  • Legally enforceable exposure limits for the for a priority list of the 50 most toxic chemicals for causing cancer, and for male and female fertility.
  • Progress on the revision of the Directive on Carcinogens and Mutagens at work to expand the number of chemicals with binding exposure limits

“Measures to protect workers from cancer and fertility difficulties, are being treated as ‘red tape’ and a so-called ‘unnecessary burden’ on industry” said Bernadette Ségol, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation. “It is shameful.”

“I am all in favour of ‘better regulation’ but this is treating human life like another line in the balance sheet, like the cost of raw materials or energy. The ETUC is calling on the European Commission agree legally binding exposure limits for 50 of the most harmful chemicals.”

“The Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans recently said that better regulation does not mean deregulation and lowering standards* so I hope he is willing to take action to protect workers from cancer.”

To mark International Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28:

  • ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Ségol will be in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to meet President Schulz and European Employment Commissioner Thyssen amongst others
  • ETUC and Belgian trade unions will be at the entrance of the  European Commission’s Berlaymont HQ in Brussels at 12.30, following an 11.00 meeting with Belgian Vice Prime Minister Kris Peeters.
  • ETUC Deputy General Secretary Józef Niemiec will meet the Latvian EU Presidency with Latvian trade unions and European trade union health and safety experts at a health and safety conference in Riga.

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Mobilisation mondiale dans la journée internationale de commémoration

Des centaines de syndicats, ensemble avec des associations de victimes, de chercheurs et des élus organiseront des événements partout dans le monde pour ce mardi 28 avril, commémorant les victimes d’accidents et des maladies professionnelles. Vous pouvez consulter la liste d’événements planifiés sur le site N’hésitez pas à nous signaler si le vôtre n’apparaît pas!

Movilización mundial en el día internacional de conmemoración

Cientos de sindicatos, acompañados de investigadores y asociaciones de interés público organizaran eventos el martes próximo, 28 de Abril para conmemorar a los trabajadores que han fallecido o se han enfermado por culpa de su trabajo. Puede ver la lista de eventos en el sitio web . Infórmenos si su evento no está en la lista!

Global mobilisation for International Day of Commemoration

Hundreds of trade unions, joined by researchers and public interest associations will be organising events next Tuesday, April 28th, remembering those who have lost their lives and health at work, and fighting for the living! You can see the list of countries where events are planned at Let us know if your country is misssing!

Si vous nous exposez, nous aussi

Imaginez un assassin qui tue toutes les minutes. La plupart de ces morts pourraient être évitées avec un minimum d’efforts, pourtant certains bloquent les mesures de prévention. Cet assassin, dénonce la secrétaire générale de la CSI, Sharan Burrow, est le cancer professionnel, et une commercialisation toxique associée à un échec réglementaire a déjà condamné une nouvelle génération à une mort prématurée. Plus

Si nos exponen, expondremos sus prácticas

Es un asesino que mata varias veces por minuto. Aunque la mayoría de esas muertes podrían evitarse con un esfuerzo mínimo, la adopción de medidas preventivas es sistemáticamente bloqueada. Ese asesino, afirma la Secretaria General de la CSI, Sharan Burrow, es el cáncer profesional y la combinación de publicidad tóxica y fallos reglamentarios, que ya han condenado a otra generación a una muerte prematura. Màs