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Asia: Anroev plans 28 April commemoration of COVID 19 Victims

Announcement from the ANROEV Secretariat, 2 April 2020

The Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims is  scheduled to do a formal attribute to all the victims of COVID 19 who have sacrifices their lives, on the  occasion of International Workers Memorial Day 2020 ( 28 April 2020) with the theme of ” Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living.”

The ANROEV secretariat aims to collect names of workers and other front liners against the pandemic who have died fighting COVID-19. The compilation of names and information of those who died will be published as a public tribute during the IWMD 2020 commemoration on 28 April 2020.

Additionally, ANROEV members are encouraged to have their own memorial and tribute at the national level.

Ram Charitra Sah
Coordinator | ANROEV
ANROEV  Secretariat
C/O- Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED)
Mahalaxmi Municipality, Ward No.2, Lalitpur ,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel/Fax: +977-1-5201786
Mob: +977-9803047621

Global: Stop the pandemic at work

In response to the worldwide coronavirus crisis, the global union confederation ITUC has announced unions are to make ‘Stop the pandemic at work’ a major campaign focus. The union has produced a series of posters and resources to kick off the campaign, which will build to a day of ‘virtual’ action on 28 April 2020, International Workers’ Memorial Day. ITUC says while everyone is affected by the crisis, workers are on the frontline.

ITUC news releaseITUC/Hazards 28 April website, including news on activities and resources. ITUC/Hazards coronavirus resource hubITUC Covid-19 resource pages – news, resources and publications from ITUC affiliates, Global Union Federations and LabourStartRisks 9414 April 2020

USA: Worker health is public health

In the Covid-19 pandemic, worker health is public health – but worker safety and health is in crisis, a top US safety law expert has said. Debbie Berkowitz of the National Employment Law Project (NELP) said the US federal government “is failing to ensure the safety and health of workers – including those most at risk, health care workers. The government has also abandoned its role in keeping all other essential workers safe – those in supermarkets, delivery, warehouses, factories, public transportation and sanitation.”

But she added: “As the federal government walks away from its responsibility to protect workers in this crisis, unions and worker activism are helping to fill the vacuum.” Berkowitz noted that dangerous shortages of protective gear were being compounded by a lack of official oversight of working conditions. She criticised the lack of action by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “the government agency responsible for protecting worker’s health and safety on the job. In a sharp departure from previous pandemics and crises, OSHA is not conducting any Covid-19 enforcement—even for health care workers at risk.

This kind of ‘dereliction’ is unprecedented, she wrote, adding: “It’s the unions and an amazing exercise of worker power and activism that have come to the rescue.” The safety law expert concluded: “It is stunning for most of us to realise the weakness of the legal protections for worker safety and health. It is amazing to see the incredible efforts of the unions and rank and file workers – both unorganised and organised – to stand up and demand protections from employers.”

Spain: Detener la pandemia en el trabajo

El 28 de abril se celebra la Jornada Internacional de Conmemoración, para recordar y reclamar acciones respecto a los trabajadores muertos, discapacitados, lesionados o enfermos a causa de su trabajo. Este año la jornada se centrará evidentemente en la pandemia de COVID 19.

Aunque todo el mundo está afectado por esta crisis, los trabajadores se encuentran en primera línea. El personal sanitario en particular está arriesgando su vida para seguir con su labor de cuidar a los enfermos. Hay personas que trabajan en centros de atención para personas mayores que cuidan al grupo de personas más vulnerable. Pero también necesitamos transporte, trabajadores de supermercados y proveedores de servicios esenciales para para mantener la economía en marcha. La gente debería agradecer a estos trabajadores porque si no puedes comprar comida, entonces no puedes mantener a tu familia sostenida y saludable ”, dijo Sharan Burrow.

La Jornada Internacional de Conmemoración 2020 se celebrará en apoyo a todos esos valientes trabajadores y para rememorar a todas las personas que han muerto, enfermado o se han lesionado realizando su trabajo.

Las medidas de distanciamiento social y de confinamiento probablemente harán imposible la organización de reuniones y eventos presenciales. Si tienen alguna idea respecto a actividades que podrían llevarse a cabo, agradeceríamos las compartan con nosotros enviando un email a esp@ituc-csi.org. Publicaremos sus sugerencias en el sitio web de la campaña http://28april.org/.


France: Stoppons la pandémie au travail

Le 28 avril marque la Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleuses ou des travailleurs, qui a pour but de rendre hommage aux travailleurs décédés, devenus invalides, blessés ou malades à cause de leur travail en organisant des actions. Le thème de cette année porte évidemment sur la pandémie de Covid-19.

Bien que tout le monde soit touché par la crise, les travailleurs se trouvent en première ligne. Les professionnels de la santé en particulier risquent leur vie en réalisant leur travail pour prendre soin des malades. Il y a des personnes qui travaillent dans des établissements de soins pour personnes âgées et s’occupent du groupe de personnes le plus vulnérable. Mais nous avons également besoin de transports, de travailleurs de supermarchés et de prestataires de services essentiels pour maintenir l’économie. Les gens devraient remercier ces travailleurs car si vous ne pouvez pas acheter de nourriture, vous ne pouvez pas maintenir votre famille en vie et en bonne santé », a déclaré Sharan Burrow.

La Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleuses et des travailleurs 2020 sera organisée pour soutenir tous ces travailleurs courageux, ainsi que pour rendre hommage aux personnes décédées, malades ou blessées en raison de leur travail.

Compte tenu des mesures de distanciation sociale et de confinement, les réunions et événements physiques ne pourront vraisemblablement pas être organisés. Si vous souhaitez partager des idées concernant des activités virtuelles, veuillez nous en faire part en envoyant un courriel à esp@ituc-csi.org. Nous les publierons sur notre site web consacré à la campagne http://28april.org/.


USA: USMWF will hold a Facebook live event to mark 28 April

The organisation Union Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities (USMWF) has taken a creative approach to marking International Workers’ Memorial Day in the time of the Covid-19 outbreak.

On April 28, 2020 at 7pm cst  USMWF will host a Facebook LIVE event that you can watch from the safety of your own home.

The event will mark the USMWF’s First National Workers’ Memorial Day Ceremony.

USA: Workers’ Memorial Week resources from NationalCOSH

On February 26 the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health ( National COSH) hosted an informative webinar outlining resources available to ensure an engaging and powerful Workers’ Memorial Week (WMW). WMW webinar and PPT slides

National COSH has also produced a very comprehensive WMW Resource page.

You can submit  your own WMW event info via this link and National COSH will list your events and help you promote it.

National COSH Team
Jessica E. Martinez, MPH
Co-Executive Director
National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH)

Brazil: Month of mobilisation for better working conditions (SINTRACOM Londrina)

SINTRACOM Londrina General Secretary at event opening.

The Union of Construction and Furniture Industries Workers of Londrina (SINTRACOM Londrina), affiliated to Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI), mobilized during April in a campaign for better health and safety conditions at different worksites of the region.

The union’s directors were present at 48 workplaces where they spoke to workers about potential safety hazards that will lead to injuries and fatal accidents in the construction industry such as falls from heights, burial and electric shock. At the end of the month, a large meeting of the members of the Internal Committees for Accident Prevention (CIPAs) was held, to highlight the importance of the Committee by valuing the work of construction workers.

On the 28th, an action was conducted out placing 209 crosses symbolizing each of the deaths resulting from occupational accidents in the year 2017.


Spain: 28 de abril, Día Internacional de la Salud y la Seguridad en el Trabajo [CCOO – UGT]


Lesiones en el sistema musculo esquelético: primera causa de baja laboral en los sectores de CCOO de Construcción y Servicios

Con motivo del 28 de abril, Día Internacional de la Salud y la Seguridad en el Trabajo, desde CCOO de Construcción y Servicios queremos que se visibilicen los trastornos musculo esqueléticos como primera causa de baja laboral y exigir un trabajo sin riesgos

uridad laboral obliga a elegir entre trabajo y salud

En 2018 se registraron más de 1,3 millones de accidentes laborales, 152 cada hora. 652 personas murieron en accidentes de trabajo

CCOO y UGT reclaman la derogación de las reformas laborales, una prevención real en las empresas y el refuerzo de la ITSS y el INSST

Un 28 de Abril atípico

Nos acercamos al 28 de abril de 2019, que, por si alguien no lo recuerda en este contexto de campaña y de mensajes electorales, también es el Día Internacional de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo, fecha que habitualmente sirve para recordarnos que el mundo del trabajo produce víctimas, para homenajear y recordar a las propias víctimas y para hacer ance de las políticas preventivas con la esperanza, siempre, de corregir errores y reivindicar cambios que construyan un mundo del trabajo más seguro.

Reconocimiento de las enfermedades profesionales en los sectores feminizados como camareras de pisos y limpieza

Actes commemoratius del Dia Internacional de la Salut i la Seguretat en el Treball

Ver vídeo: https://youtu.be/nohUco2L_9I

28 DE ABRIL 2019 INFORME [pdf]


Italy: 28 Aprile – Domani di sarà [FILCA CISL]

Le proposte dei sindacati ed il video del flashmob del 30 aprile in Piazza Montecitorio in occasione del Safe Day, la giornata mondiale della salute e sicurezza sul lavoro                                  

Anche quest’anno FenealUil, Filca-Cisl, Fillea-Cgil organizzano una iniziativa in occasione del SafeDay, la giornata mondiale della salute e sicurezza sui luoghi di lavoro. Il 30 aprile, dalle ore 10:00, saranno in piazza Montecitorio per ricordare tutte le vittime sul lavoro ed illustrare un pacchetto di proposte concrete per contrastare questo dramma nazionale, inviate nei giorni scorsi anche alle massime autorità dello Stato ed ai rappresentanti del Governo. Nel corso dell’iniziativa davanti alla Camera dei Deputati, con la collaborazione di alcuni artisti di strada sarà allestita una installazione dal grande impatto emotivo.

“Purtroppo il nostro settore – ricordano i sindacati – resta uno dei più colpiti dagli infortuni sul lavoro e dal fenomeno delle malattie professionali. La nostra attenzione ed il nostro impegno è continuo, ma la giornata della sicurezza resta un appuntamento importantissimo per coinvolgere tutti, occorre agire – dicono – per contrastare ed eliminare le cause, aumentando i controlli e le ispezioni, contrastando il lavoro nero ed il dumping contrattuale, investendo in prevenzione e formazione. Le proposte non mancano e saremo in piazza anche per rilanciarle e per ricordare che, dopo la Francia, nell’Unione Europea, l’Italia è il paese in cui di lavoro si muore di più, secondo i dati Eurostat confermati dall’Inail nel 2018.


L’iniziativa sulla stampa on line:

Replica Ansa su