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Panama: 28 April message from Gregorio Guerrel, Secretary of Occupational Health of SUNTRACS

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I am Gregorio Guerrel, Secretary of Occupational Health of SUNTRACS, Panama, affiliated to the BWI. I am sending a message to all the leaders and workers of Latin America to continue the fight and commemoration of April 28, International Workers’ Memorial Day hoping that this fight never ends. Specifically, we call for commemoration directly at construction projects, leaving the offices and going where the real protagonists are, construction workers.


Je m’appelle Gregorio Guerrel, Secrétaire à la santé au travail de SUNTRACS (Panama), affilié à l’Internationale des travailleurs du bâtiment et du bois. J’envoie un message à tous les dirigeants et travailleurs d’Amérique latine pour qu’ils poursuivent la lutte et la commémoration du 28 avril, Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleurs et que cette lutte ne s’arrète jamais. Plus précisément, nous appelons à une commémoration directement sur les projets de construction, en quittant les bureaux et en se rendant là où se trouvent les vrais protagonistes, les travailleurs du bâtiment


Soy Gregorio Guerrel, Secretario de Salud Ocupacional del SUNTRACS, Panamá, afiliado a la Internacional de Trabajadores de la Construcción y la Madera. Les envío un mensaje a todos los dirigentes y obreros de América Latina para que sigan con la lucha de la conmemoración del 28 de Abril, Día Mundial de la Salud y Seguridad en el Trabajo y esta lucha nunca se termine. Específicamente, les pedimos que conmemoren en los proyectos de construcción, que salgamos de las oficinas y vayamos donde están los verdaderos protagonistas, que son los trabajadores.


Panama: April 28 commemoration at the projects and in streets

BWI affiliate the Union of Construction Workers (SUNTRACS) of Panama carried out a series of occupational health and safety activities throughout the month of April culminating in today’s official activity to commemorate the International Workers’ Memorial Day and highlight the importance of safe workplaces.

The event, which drew eight hundred workers was held at the Pacific Center construction project, in the banking area of Panama City. Representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development, Ministry of Health, Panamanian Chamber of Construction, Social Security Fund, Construction Company Diaz – Guardia and Nilton Freitas, BWI Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean attended to the activity.

Throughout April, SUNTRACS organized meetings with workers at the workplace, distributed health and safety materials in the streets and ended their 2019 health and safety campaign with this event and a big mobilization through the streets of the banking zone of Panama City.

“We are holding events on safety and health at construction projects and in the streets. These are the places where workers are. We left the offices to train workers directly at their workplace on health and safety because workers themselves, are the first security ring at every construction project,” Gregorio Guerrel, Secretary of Occupational Health of SUNTRACS.

SUNTRACS reminded everyone about the death of 350 construction workers in the past 20 years due to work-related accidents and reminded everyone of the shared responsibility in occupational risk and accident prevention.