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Labour murders in Turkey: The day to mourn and remember

April 28th should be proclaimed The Day the Mourn and Remember Those who Lost Their Lives in Work Murders


Remember the perished, campaign for those remaining!  

Actively pursuing their lawsuits over the last 7 years, Holding an hour long vigil at Galatasaray square first Sunday of each month,

Worker Families Seeking Justice (The families of those who lost their lives due to work murders) continue their struggle to achieve justice.

The families request April 28th to be proclaimed The Day the Mourn and Remember Those who Lost Their Lives in Work Murders in Turkey. 

Families are organizing two events to make this request be heard louder.  

We want you to be with us.

We can stop the work murders together!

26 April Sunday 13:00, Şişli Kent Cultural Center

  •        Worker Families Seeking Justiceand their pro-bono lawyers tell their experiences in seeking justice throughout the last 7 years.
  •        Support for Justice Seekers Group will launch the 2014 version of the Work Murders Almanac, which they have been releasing since 2012.

28 April Tuesday 19:00, Taksim Tram Stop

  • Wearing black,Worker Families Seeking Justice and their supporters march along İstiklal Street.

We have an ONLINE PETITION to proclaim April 28th The Day the Mourn and Remember Those who Lost Their Lives in Work Murders

Sign now:


  • 301 miners died in Soma massacre in 2014. At least four Soma massacres happen in Turkey each year.
  • 1886 workers lost their lives while working in Turkey in 2014.
  • Regarding labor murders, Turkey ranks as first in Europe and third in the world.



Contact: 0537 242 64 13 – 0535 213 58 03 – 0533 543 33 01

Event page  • Leaflet in Turkish

How safe construction workers are in the Philippines?

An interesting interview with Apolinar Tolentino, BWI Regional Representative for Asia/Pacific on how safe construction workers are in the Philippines.

USA: Earl Dotter’s Exhibit: BADGES – a Memorial Tribute to Asbestos Workers

Renowned US photojournalist Earl Dotter has a new exhibit which features ID badges of workers employed in industries that mined or used asbestos.

The touring exhibit, sponsored by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, will be launched at the 28 April commemoration to be held at the headquarters of the national union federation AFL-CIO.

AFL-CIO Worker Memorial Day Exhibit Event [PDF]


If they expose us, we will expose them

“Some of the world’s most profitable companies are not just defending their toxic products, they are defending weak exposure standards that mean they profit and you pay. It is not ethical, it is not healthy and it is not what we bargained for. We make this pledge – if they expose us, we will expose them.”

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary

Italy: Giornata mondiale di mobilitazione in memoria delle vittime del lavoro

Italian construction unions have prepared a poster on accidents, asbestos and occupational diseases for action on 28 April.



Argentina: Sin presiones

La CTA anunció en lanzamiento de una iniciativa original para este 28 de Abril, que incluye un concurso de expresión escrita, invitando a los trabajadores a compartir sus experiencias sobre la salud en el trabajo. El concurso “Sin presiones” esta siendo coordinado por la Secretaria de salud y medio ambiente de la CTA de Córdoba, la CTA Capital y el CISPREN.

Para mas información sobre el concurso de la CTA, visitar 


Argentina: No pressures

The CTA, has launched an original approach to this 28 April, inviting workers to write their experiences with health at work. A writing contest “No pressures” has been launched, jointly coordinated by the CTA Cordoba Health and Safety Union, the CTA Capital and the CISPREN. More information on the contest can be found here: 


Europe: Unions say STOP treating protection from hazardous chemicals as “red tape”

For this 28th April, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) will run a highly visible action, focusing on the 100,000 people who die every year in the EU as a result of occupational cancers, as well as the 150,000 people who have died waiting for the EU to approve the Directive on Carcinogens and Mutagens at Work, held up since October 2013 by an EU review of ‘red tape’.

To mark the International Workers’ Memorial Day, the ETUC is planning to meet with Commissioners and MEPs at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and will participate in events in Belgium and Latvia.

ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Ségol will meet European Parliament President Martin Schulz and European Employment Commissioner Thyssen in the European Parliament in Strasbourg .

ETUC 28 April webpages

The artwork below will be used at these events.

etuc1 etuc2 etuc3