Turkey: The YOL-IS union says ‘Protect workers! Stop Covid-19!’

Ramazan AGAR, President of YOL-IS, Turkey (Türkiye Yol-İş Sendikası) says that all of humanity, particularly workers, are in an important decisive moment in the battle against COVID-19. Protect Workers! Stop COVID-19!”

One thought on “Turkey: The YOL-IS union says ‘Protect workers! Stop Covid-19!’”

  1. This is weird, we never hear anything in Turkish, appealing to turkish employers or to employers in Turkey from yol-iş, though this is the deadliest sector in Turkey in terms of occupational accidents. Very weird that Yol-iş has an international make-up without any sur place existence…

    Aslı Odman
    Volunteer of the Istanbul Health and Safety Labor Watch

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