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Croatia: Make it happen on 28 April!

“Make it happen!”
This was the cry of Croatia’s Construction Workers’ Trade Union as it joins BWI in calling all employers and governments to fully implement and recognise the right of workers to healthy and safe workplaces. #MakeItHappen #iwmd23

Croatia: UATUC 28 April activities to focus on workplace mental health in the Covid-19 pandemic

UATUC is organizing an online conference on mental health in the workplace, focusing on the effects of pandemics on workers. The conference entitled „Mental health in the workplace: how has the pandemic affected workers?“ will be organized on the eve of IWMD, on 27th April, in an online form, via zoom, starting at 3 pm.

The conference will gather trade unionists – leaders, experts, shop stewards and OSH representatives, OSH experts, mental health experts and practitioners, representatives of the authorities and workers.

We will present the results of our online survery on the impact of pandemics on workers, measures taken by employers and trade unions; the survey would, among other, help us adjust our activities and advocacy in the field of OSH, in particular mental health.

The conference will also host professors from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, who will present their survey and discuss the topics of stigmatization and discrimination.

Together with the representatives of authorities, we will discuss the state of affairs and trends in OSH and mental health, and our demands vis-a-vis the mental health strategy still not adopted in Croatia.

The conference will serve also as a platform to present our demands in the field of OSH, including the demand for OSH to be recognized as a fundamental right.

For those of you who understand and speak Croatian, you can register via the link, and/or follow the discussion live-streamed on our Facebook pages (https://www.facebook.com/SavezSamostalnihSindikataHrvatske and https://www.facebook.com/RadPoMjeri).

For your information, we have also developed a dedicated website to inform workers (not only TU members) of their rights, including their rights in the context of the pandemic, as well as mental health advice: https://radpomjeri.eu/

If you need additional information, contact Dijana Šobota.



Global/Croatia: BWI 28 April poster – Unions make work safer! [CROATIAN]

BWI has published an International Workers’ Memorial Day poster in multiple languages, including Croatian. [here]

Croatia: UATUC – 28 April conference

UATUC Croatia will mark 28th April by organising a Conference on 28 April at the UATUC premises, to discuss the issue of mobbing, with interventions from trade union experts and members of academic community, and representatives of relevant institutions and authorities.

Further details:  Dijana Šobota dijana.sobota@sssh.hr * www.sssh.hr
Executive Secretary for International Relations