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Macedonia: Seminar za megjunarodni standardi za rabota za sindikatite od Zapaden Balkan vo organizacija na ILO

Seminar za megjunarodni standardi za rabota za sindikatite od Zapaden Balkan vo organizacija na ILO

Macedonia: 28 April declaration on healthy and safe workplaces

Trade Union of Civil Engineering, Industry for Construction Materials and Projection of the Republic of Macedonia – SGIP, North Macedonia signed Declaration on Healthy and Safe Workplaces with 2 construction and 2 building materials companies: GD Granit AD Skopje (construction); DG Novogradba Skopje (construction); TITAN Cementarnica USJE AD Skopje;
Wienerberger Macedonia (former Tondach).

#IWMD21 #savelivesatwork

Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association marking 28 April

Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association since 2000 in continuity is marking the 28th of April.

Starting 2 years ago, we are planting tree for every killed at work worker. This year we will do the same, we are at 10:30 tomorrow, together with the Social Partners, we are going to plant 25 trees, and hold press conference where we are going to share with wider audience our annual Report on injuries at work for Macedonia. We are not having big event since we must follow COVID 19 measures

Milan PETKOVSKI, MSc, grad OSH eng

Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association
Македонско Здружение за Заштита При Работа
ILO-CIS collaborative center
WSO National Office

Vostanichka br. 2 / 7
1000 Skopje

P.O. Box 908

Tel:                             +389 22 77 48 68
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skype:       milan.petkovski
www:       mzzpr.org.mk


North Macedonia: 28 April information from SSM

Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia #iwmd20
On the occasion of the celebration of April 28, International Workers’ Memorial Day, we are sending you information regarding SSM’s activites.
Stay safe!
In solidarity,
Сојуз на синдикатите на Македонија
Бул. 12та Македонска Бригада 2а,
1000 Скопје, Македонија
тел. +389 2 3161 374


Macedonia: On 28 April SGIP says unions make work safer

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#OHS #SGIP #IWMD2019 BWI Global Youth Network

Unions make the work safe. Representatives of security and health employees are saving lives. Security at work is the obligation of everyone!
#OHS #SGIP #IWMD2019 BWI Global Youth Network

Macedonia: Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (CCM)

Become part of the union and do it significant change. Join CELEBRATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR SAFETY AND HEALTH AT WORK

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (CCM) as a representative trade union and social partner in the country is an active factor in the creation of policies for economic and social development, which is part of the OSH area.

Marking the World Health and Safety Day – April 28, we emphasize that providing healthy and safe working conditions for workers is a priority in the engagement of SSM.

The safe conditions in the companies are the basic assumption for the smooth performance of the work tasks of the workers, because they are a guarantee for the preservation of the life and health of the workers, improvement of the work and increasing the productivity of the labor in the companies.

Healthy and safe working conditions are a joint activity and tripartite unity of all social partners in the state, which by means of mutually coordinated action should contribute to the improvement of the overall system for ensuring safe and secure working conditions.

Through the social dialogue, with the active participation of SSM, the National OSH Strategy 2016-2020 was adopted, as well as the Action Plan, and in the country there is a National Board for OSH as a tripartite expert and advisory body for the OSH.

It is the primary responsibility of employers to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for workers in working environments, but workers are also responsible. This means that employers are obliged to invest in secure technologies, in promoting workplace conditions and in preventing occupational diseases and injuries at work.

Workers also have an equally important and responsible role in ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, in this direction SSM is committed to regulate the precise, concrete and active role of the president of the trade union organization and the representative of the employees for safety and health in the companies .

This year, activities are undertaken to review the state of the implementation of the OSH Law, ie on the basis of the proposals and the perceptions of the social partners, it will be taken up if the law should be changed or a new OSH law is required. In CCM activities are underway to review the situation from the application of the Law on OSH primarily in the companies and on the basis of the obtained data SSM will give its proposal regarding the necessary changes in the legislation in this area.

At the same time, PIC is that the full exercise of rights in terms of providing healthy and safe working conditions depends on the advancement of collective bargaining primarily in companies. There is a small number of KDs at the level of the employer or CD at branch level, that is, the activity that regulates these issues. Our goal in the next period will be to promote collective bargaining in this direction, that is, we will strive for all OSH issues to be covered and regulated by CD.

Cooperation and joint activities with the inspection bodies, the civil sector, the scientific and expert public are also significant. CCM is open for cooperation and joint action with all institutions responsible for creating safe working conditions for workers. In that sense, representatives of SSM participated in numerous workshops, forums and consultations on OSH issues.

Perspectively, the social partners and the civil sector should engage in increasing their own capacities and raising public awareness of the need to improve and promote occupational safety and health. This will be our priority in the upcoming period, and in that direction, CCM will continue with the continuous activity for enabling membership and trade union leadership on all issues from the aspect of OSH.

April 19, 2019