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Tunisia: FGBB launch a massive safety campaign with hundreds of workers on 28 April

28 April  was celebrated in Tunisia by a massive campaign that brought together more than 200 FGBB member workers with occupational health and safety specialists, the national health insurance fund, representatives of the UGTT and the ILO. .
FGBB continued the campaign at company level.

Tunisia: FGBB activities for 28 April

FGBB, a Tunisian affiliate of the global construction federation BWI has reported that safety campaigning actions will be held  to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day, involving over 200 workers.

Tunisia: Workers say ‘No’ to COVID-19-related employment termination!

Sisters and brothers from FGBB – Tunisia join BWI in campaigning to protect workers’ health, safety, jobs and income from the ill-effects of COVID-19. No to COVID-19-related employment termination! #LifebeforeProfit #BWI2020IWMD

Middle East: 28 April updates from BWI affiliates

In Lebanon GSTU will hold a press conference and distribute brochures at work sites in Chekka and Tripoli.

In Jordan GTUCW will target Amman construction companies holding meetings with workers and distributing brochures.

On 28 April, at the Construction Vocational Training Center in Cairo, Egyptian union GTUBWW is to hold a workshop on the importance of occupational health and safety. The workshop will be followed by a visit to cement plants to meet workers and investigate the safety and health issues they are facing

Bahrain: Between 20 and 23 April GFBTU is to hold workshops on how to avoid worker safety and health risks in the construction sector. On the 28th GFBTU will hold an open ceremony for all workers and distribute brochures.

In Tunisia FGBB will distribute  brochures to mark 28 April.