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Holland: FNV takes on work toxics and cancer risks on Workers’ Memorial Day

Dutch union FNV has been very much involved in various actions that have built up pressure on employers such as a municipality, national railroad company (NS) and the airline KLM, which in the future might prevent more victims from the use of Chrome VI, a cause of occupational cancers. FNV will this year also celebrate Workers’ Memorial Day on the 28th of April in Rotterdam with special attention for toxic substances at work.

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Netherlands: FNV DEMANDS RECOGNITION of chronic solvent-induced disease VICTIMS

With a wreath at the Workers’ Memorial Monument in Amsterdam, the FNV today commemorates those who have died through work. In the Netherlands, approximately 3,000 employees annually by dirty and dangerous work. This year the theme of the painter disease OPS (chronic solvent-induced disease). FNV director Coen van der Veer: “In the Netherlands we have a group of employees who are seriously ill by exposure to solvents. They are left to their fate. No compensation, no recognition of their miserable position. We want recognition for this group of people which has been hit hard by the work they did. ” more