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Namibia: For 28 April MANWU pressures the Namibian government for more action on safety

Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) affiliate in Namibia MANWU will conduct a workplace campaign to mark 28 April.

The campaign is three pronged: 1. To strengthen occupational safety and health programmes between MANWU and all stakeholders, 2. To  insist the Ministry of Labour develops National Employee Wellness Policy, and 3. To campaign for the Ministry of Labour to finalise occupational health and safety policy.

MANWU will develop campaign materials to emphasise the importance of Employee Wellness Policy and the finalisation of the OHS Policy.

Mauritius: CMWEU will hold meetings and conduct week long campaigning activities for 28 April

CMWEU, a Mauritius affiliate of the global union federation Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI), will hold a series of actions between 23 and 30 April to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day. These activities are intended to awareness of the importance of work related medical check ups, occupational disease prevention and legal protections for workers. CMWEU will also spread the message that ‘Unions make safe work’.

Philippines: Forum and demonstrations to mark 28 April and demand reforms- #iwmd19

In the Philippines global construction union federation Building and Wood Worker’s International (BWI) affiliate  NUBCW will hold a one-day forum for new members (construction workers) covering safety standards and OHS rights at work.

Another BWI affiliate BWFM will organise an action involving 300 construction worker members in the Thainlyin township (this is in Yangon, and much of the construction activity there is within a special economic zone) to demand meaningful OHS legal reforms.

Hong Kong: Construction union CSGWU demands government recognises death from overwork

To mark International Workers’ Memorial Day, Hong Kong Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) affiliate CSGWU will hold a public memorial event near the Central Government’s building, with one of their key demands to be for the Government to recognise karoshi (death by overwork) fatalities as workplace accidents.

Malaysia: 28 April activities include protest, conference and reports

All of the global federation Building and Wood Workers International BWI Peninsula-Malaysia affiliates will collaborate in a press conference/protest that will be held at a Kuala Lumpur construction site demanding justice for Nepali migrant workers who have died in Malaysia. BWI will publish a report on 28 April documenting eight fatalities and a further 20 injuries where no compensation has been paid whatsoever.

In Sabah Malaysia BWI affiliate  STIEU is planning further activities to be announced shortly.

Global: Chemical reaction – poster

On April 28th, International Workers’ Memorial Day, we will organise under the theme, Taking control – removing dangerous workplace substances from the workplace.

This year we will focus on Zero Cancer, with a new poster showing risk factors for cancers at work.

Deaths caused by hazardous substances at work are at an all-time high, linked to 1 million preventable deaths worldwide each year. Unions are telling negligent employers, no more. If you expose us, we will expose you.

Poster – Chemical Reaction PDF