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Indonesia: Marking 28 April with online campaigning, safety meetings and joint mass action

SERBUK/FKUI is planning a 28 April online campaign with photos, videos and other tools developed by members in 5 regions. The union will also provide a seminar with safety training  at PT Bukit Muria Jaya (Karawang, West Java) as the company is a signatory to the occupational health and safety declaration. Finally there will be a mass action in Jakarta with various GUF affiliates and various NGOs including INA-BAN to raise the issue of the Amendment to the Rotterdam Convention.

Indonesia: Building and wood workers’ union federation BWI announces 28 April plans

Global building unions’ federation BWI has announced the 28 April plans of its Indonesia affiliate SERBUK that will hold area-based rallies and a national social media campaign.

Indonesia: Global alliance for health and safe workplaces

SERBUK-affiliated PT BMJ Workers Union and the management of PT Bukit Muria Jaya (BMJ) jointly signed a declaration recognising the need for healthy and safe workplaces. It is the first declaration signed in the Asian region since BWI started the campaign as part of this year’s commemoration of International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April.

BMJ produces paper for cigarettes. It is a subsidiary of PT Djarum, the largest cigarette producer in Indonesia behind the brand DJARUM. PT Djarum is in the process of entering the forestry industry. #SaveLivesAtWork #IWMD21


SERBUK-affiliated PT BMJ Workers Union and the management of…

Posted by BWI Global Union on Monday, 19 April 2021

Indonesia: 28 April interview with Serbuk member Ardan aka Kiting


I am Kiting from Indonesian Construction Workers Union (SBKI) and I am an informal worker

I hope for K3 (Occupational Safety and Health / OSH) to be the main issue because K3 is a human right and therefore can not create a safe workplace

BWI affiliates can make the K3 related issues their key issue


Je suis Kiting du SBKI (syndicat des travailleurs de la construction en indonésie, membre du SERBUK) et je suis un travailleur informel.

Depending on the quotes, there are questions on the santé et la sécurité au travail (SST; également appélée K3 en Indonésie), the principal author of the mondial car il s’agit d’un droit humain, à même de garantir la sécurité du lieu de travail.

J’espère que tous les affiliés de l’IBB pourront faire de la K3 leur priorityité absolue.

Longue vie au SERBUK.


Soy Kiting, del SBKI (Sindicato Indonesio de Trabajadores de la Construcción, miembro de SERBUK) y soy un trabajador informal.

Espero que el K3 (cuestiones sobre salud y seguridad ocupacional) sea el principal as well as el mundo entero porque el K3 es and Derecho Humano y, por lo tanto, el K3 puede lograr un lugar de trabajo seguro.

Misperanza es que to dos los afiliados de la ICM puedan hacer que las cuestiones en torno al K3 se conviertan en su tema clave.

¡Qué viva SERBUK!


I’m Kiting from the Indonesian Construction Union SBKI (a member of SERBUK) and I work in an informal employment relationship.

I hope that health and safety at work (health and safety at work, Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja or K3) will become a major issue around the world, because health and safety is a human right and therefore K3 can contribute to a safe workplace.

My hope is that all BWI affiliates will prioritize K3-related topics.

Long live SERBUK