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USA: National COSH Dirty Dozen report – release event

National COSH  • Dirty Dozen Release Event/ Evento de Lanzamiento La Docena Sucia

National COSH reports “every year, far too many workers never make it home – like the hardworking immigrants, assigned to the night shift, who perished last month when a bridge collapsed in Baltimore.

“Millions more, still with us, find their lives diminished, their incomes lower and their expenses higher because of preventable workplace illnesses and injuries.

“Each year we honor all of these workers and their families during Workers’ Memorial Week, which takes place this year from April 21st through April 28th. ”

Cada año, demasiados trabajadores no regresan a casa, como trabajadores inmigrantes, asignados en el turno de la noche, que fallecieron el mes pasado cuando se derrumbó un puente en Baltimore.

Evento de lanzamiento de La Docena Sucia de 2024jueves 25 de abril a las 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 12 pm MT / 11 am PT

Millones más, aún con nosotros, encontrarán sus vidas disminuidas, sus ingresos más bajos y sus gastos más altos debido a enfermedades y lesiones prevenibles en el lugar de trabajo.

Cada año honramos a todos estos trabajadores y sus familias durante la Semana Conmemorativa de Trabajadores Fallecidos, que se lleva a cabo este año del 21 al 28 de abril.

¿Puedes unirte a COSH Nacional el jueves 25 de abril a las 2:00 pm Este / 1:00 pm Centro / 12:00 pm Montaña / 11:00 am Pacifico, en Zoom? Celebraremos la Semana Conmemorativa de Trabajadores Fallecidos con nuestro anuncio de los(las) empleadores injustos de La Docena Sucia de este año. Hacemos hincapié en el comportamiento irresponsable que pone en riesgo a trabajadores y comunidades. Elevaremos las historias de los trabajadores y las comunidades que luchan para obtener mejores protecciones para reducir muertes, lesiones y enfermedades.

Estamos invitando a los medios de comunicación, ¡y a tí! – a escuchar directamente de trabajadores y familias que pagan el precio cuando un empleador no es responsable. Nos encantaría tenerte con nosotros el 25 de abril.

La Semana Conmemorativa de Trabajadores Fallecidos es un momento para recordar a aquellos que hemos perdido y para luchar con todas nuestras fuerzas por los vivos. Nos sentiríamos honrados si pudieras unirte a nosotros el 25 de abril,


USA: You’re invited – Dirty Dozen release event, 4/27 / Estás invitade: evento de lanzamiento de la Docena Sucia, 27/04

[Este es un mensaje bilingüe. Más abajo en español]

You know who they are: the employers who put profits over people. Join National COSH as we call out 12 of these dirty companies and lift up the voices of the workers who are courageous enough to stand up to say “NO MORE.”

We’ll commemorate Worker’s Memorial Week with our release of the 2022 Dirty Dozen Report this Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 12 noon MT / 11 am PT.

This release event will be moderated by our own Jessica E. Martinez and will feature a panel of workers from some of the “Dirty Dozen” employers. We have also invited the press to hear their stories and get the word out that workplace injuries and fatalities are NOT accidents, but preventable incidents. We know we can save lives and reduce illnesses and injuries when we join together and ensure that employers listen to workers and follow established safety protocols.

Workers’ Memorial Week is a time to mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living. We hope you can join us on April 27th.

In solidarity,

Jessica Martinez & Marcy Goldstein-Gelb
Co-Executive Directors
National COSH

Ya sabes quiénes son: les empresaries que ponen las ganancias sobre las personas. Únete a COSH National mientras llamamos a 12 de estas empresas sucias y levantamos las voces de les trabajadores que son lo suficientemente valientes como para ponerse de pie y decir “NO MÁS”.

Resaltaremos la Semana Conmemorativa de les Trabajadores Fallecides con la publicación del informe La Docena Sucia de 2022 este miércoles 27 de abril de 2022 a las 2 pm Este / 1 pm Centro / 12 del mediodía Montaña / 11 am Pacifico.

Este evento de lanzamiento será moderado por nuestra co-Directora Jessica E. Martínez y contará con un panel de trabajadores de algunos de les empleadores de la “Docena Sucia”. También hemos invitado a la prensa a escuchar sus historias y hacer correr la voz de que las lesiones y muertes en el lugar de trabajo NO son accidentes, sino incidentes prevenibles. Sabemos que podemos salvar vidas y reducir enfermedades y lesiones cuando nos unimos y nos aseguramos de que les empleadores escuchen a les trabajadores y sigan los protocolos de seguridad establecidos.

La Semana Conmemorativa de les Trabajadores Fallecides es un momento para conmemorar a los muertos y luchar con toda el alma por les vives. Esperamos que puedas unirte a nosotros el 27 de abril.

En solidaridad,

Jessica Martínez y Marcy Goldstein-Gelb
Directoras Co-Ejecutivas
COSH Nacional

USA: Las familias y lxs compañerxs de trabajo recuerdan a los perdidos en el trabajo durante la Semana Conmemorativa de lxs Trabajadorxs

El estándar temporal de emergencia COVID-19 salvará vidas y debe ser “aprobado rápidamente y aplicado rigurosamente”, dicen los activistas de seguridad

LOS ÁNGELES- Al reunirse en la Manifestación Nacional virtual para observar la Semana Conmemorativa de lxs Trabajadorxs, lxs activistas de seguridad dijeron hoy que un nueva Norma Temporal de Emergencia COVID-19 (ETS – por sus siglas en inglés) salvará vidas y debe ser “rápidamente aprobada y aplicada rigurosamente”.

Para más detalles haga clic aquí

USA: Families and co-workers remember those lost on the job for Workers’ Memorial Week – National COSH

Life-Saving COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) Must Be “Rapidly Approved and Rigorously Enforced,” Say Safety Activists
Families and Co-Workers Remember Those Lost on the Job for Workers’ Memorial Week

LOS ANGELES – Gathering at a virtual National Speak Out to observe Workers’ Memorial Week, safety activists said today that a new COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) will save lives and must be “rapidly approved and rigorously enforced.”

For more click here

USA: National COSH Report: Reporte “Riesgos Mortales, Fallas Costosas” / “Deadly Risks, Costly Failures” and other WMW resources

Families and Co-Workers Remember Those Lost on the Job for Workers’ Memorial Week

LOS ANGELES – Gathering at a virtual National Speak Out to observe Workers’ Memorial Week, safety activists said today that a new COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) will save lives and must be “rapidly approved and rigorously enforced.”

National COSH also released today a new report, “Deadly Risks, Costly Failures.”  Key findings include:

Deadly Risks, Costly Failures” report.

Reporte “Riesgos Mortales, Fallas Costosas” 

Graphics to share on social media, in English and Spanish, in our 2021 WMW Toolkit.

  • Worker complaints to OSHA increased by 20% in 2020 when compared to 2019 — but safety inspections dropped by 50%
  • No public agency is monitoring workplace infections or fatalities from COVID-19.  The total number of those who have died after workplace exposure is untracked and unknown.
  • Black, Latinx, and Native people are more likely to get infected, more likely to die from the disease, and over-represented in the frontline occupations where workers are most at risk.

Deadly Risks, Costly Failures” is available at NationalCOSH.org.

USA: Sign-on letter by Wed, 4/28 – – No more delays – Issue Emergency Temporary Standard now

Next week is April 28, Workers Memorial Day.  In his executive order, President Biden set March 15 as the deadline to determine the need for emergency worker protections from COVID.

Sickness and death confirm the needWorkers have waited long enough. 

Please sign on to this letter, developed by National COSH and Oxfam America, to President Biden and Secretary Walsh, urging them to issue a COVID Emergency Temporary Standard by Wednesday, April 28 at 4pm ET / 1pm PT.  The sign on form is under the letter. (A Spanish version will be ready by Monday, 4/26). We will release the letter to the press on Thursday, 4/29.

  • Invite your colleagues and network to sign the letter.
  • Share a link to the letter at your Workers Memorial events – a fitting action — fighting for the living, as we mourn the dead.

National COSH

USA: US Workers’ Memorial Week national speak out – National COSH

National COSH will kick off Workers’ Memorial Week activities with a virtual Speak Out to spotlight health and safety activism around the country and to remember workers who have been injured or killed on the job. This participatory event will highlight surviving families, workers, and activists organizing to stop this massive and preventable loss. Join us to be engaged in this fight: bring the name of a worker you want to be remembered or someone you fight for today, a thick marker, and a piece of paper. Press are invited to be part of the event.
April 27, 2021 | 2:00-3:30 PM ET/ 1:00-2:30 PM CT / 11:00-12:30 AM PT | 90 minutes

USA: Día en Memoria de Trabajadorxs Fallecidxs (Spanish Resources) – National COSH

As we observe Workers’ Memorial Day, we’d like to share these Spanish language resources from National COSH, to help in remembering those who have become ill, injured or lost their lives at work.

This year, we are spotlighting employers who have failed to take proper steps to protect against the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, as well as other preventable hazards across a range of industries and occupations.

The Executive Summary of our Dirty Dozen 2020 —  Special Coronavirus Edition report is available here:


The Dirty Dozen press release is here:


Our social media toolkit, with sharable badges and infographics in both English and Spanish, is available here:


This year, we’ve added a Dirty Dozen video.  You can find it here.


Thanks so much for all your help, and for all you are doing to protect workers during this difficult time.

Jessica and Marianela

for the National COSH Team

Jessica E. Martinez, MPH

Co-Executive Director

National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH)



USA: National COSH Dirty Dozen 2020

The National COSH 2020 Dirty Dozen — Special Coronavirus Edition puts a spotlight on employers who put workers and communities at risk from unsafe practices. This year, we focus on employers who are failing to protect workers and the public from exposure to COVID-19, as well as other hazards across a range of industries and occupations.

National COSH

USA: The Dirty Dozen 2019 – Employers who put workers and communities at risk

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health  (National COSH) has published its Dirty Dozen 2019 report, which shines a spotlight on companies that egregiously put workers’ in harm’s way.

It is released in honor of Workers’ Memorial Week – joining countless others in remembering workers who have suffered injury, illness or death on the job.

National COSH has asked for help spreading the message and have asked reader to:

Further details National Council for Occupational Safety and Health