USA: National COSH Report: Reporte “Riesgos Mortales, Fallas Costosas” / “Deadly Risks, Costly Failures” and other WMW resources

Families and Co-Workers Remember Those Lost on the Job for Workers’ Memorial Week

LOS ANGELES – Gathering at a virtual National Speak Out to observe Workers’ Memorial Week, safety activists said today that a new COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) will save lives and must be “rapidly approved and rigorously enforced.”

National COSH also released today a new report, “Deadly Risks, Costly Failures.”  Key findings include:

Deadly Risks, Costly Failures” report.

Reporte “Riesgos Mortales, Fallas Costosas” 

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  • Worker complaints to OSHA increased by 20% in 2020 when compared to 2019 — but safety inspections dropped by 50%
  • No public agency is monitoring workplace infections or fatalities from COVID-19.  The total number of those who have died after workplace exposure is untracked and unknown.
  • Black, Latinx, and Native people are more likely to get infected, more likely to die from the disease, and over-represented in the frontline occupations where workers are most at risk.

Deadly Risks, Costly Failures” is available at