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Hong Kong: CSGWU and HKCTU highlight Karoshi on International Workers’ Memorial Day

In Hong Kong the CSGWU and 職工盟(HKCTU) held an #IWMD2019 assembly in front of the Legislative Council, highlighting karoshi (death from overwork) fatalities; between 2013 and 2018 Hong Kong recorded 635 fatality cases where no accident occurred and therefore not considered work-related, meaning no compensation for the workers’ families.

Hong Kong: Construction union CSGWU demands government recognises death from overwork

To mark International Workers’ Memorial Day, Hong Kong Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) affiliate CSGWU will hold a public memorial event near the Central Government’s building, with one of their key demands to be for the Government to recognise karoshi (death by overwork) fatalities as workplace accidents.