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Global: Events map | 28 April – put your events on the map!

Our global events map for 28 April 2019 activities is taking shape.

Make sure we include details of trainings, protests, workplace activities or other events to mark the day.

See also country by country , resources and graphics .

Enough! International Trade Union Confederation Wants to End Dangerous Chemicals

Chemicals are everywhere. The global chemistry industry is expected to quadruple by 2060. However, exposure to hazardous toxic substances in the workplace already costs the lives of at least one million people each year. Sharan Burrow , General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), explains why a new trade union campaign is an essential step to end this slaughter.


¡Todos fuera! The Confederación Sindical Internacional (CSI) will take care of the productos químicos asesinos

Los productos químicos están en todas partes. Se prevé que la industria mundial se multiplique por cuatro para 2060. Las exposiciones a sustancias tóxicas en el lugar de trabajo se cobran al menos un millón de vidas cada año. Sharan Burrow, secretaria general de la Confederación Sindical Internacional (CSI), explica la trascendencia de una nueva campaña sindical para frenar esta carnicería química.


All out! Global union confederation ITUC wants to show killer chemicals the door

Chemicals are everywhere. The global industry is set to grow four-fold by 2060. But toxic workplace exposures are already claiming at least a million lives each year. Sharan Burrow , head of the global union confederation ITUC, spells out why a new trade union campaign is an essential step to stopping the chemical carnage.




Global/Sweden: 28 April poster – FACKFÖRENINGAR GER SÄKRARE JOBB

BWI has published an International Workers’ Memorial Day poster in several languages, including Swedish. [pdf]

Global: 28 Avril affiche – Les syndicats pour un travail sûr [FRANÇAIS]

BWI has published an International Workers’ Memorial Day poster in several languages, including French. [pdf]

GLOBAL: 28 abril poster – OS sindicatos garantem um trabalho seguro! [PORTUGUÊS]

BWI has published an International Workers’ Memorial Day poster in several languages, including Portuguese. [pdf]



BWI has published an International Workers’ Memorial Day poster in several languages, including Spanish. [pdf]

Global: BWI 28 April poster – Unions make work safer! [ENGLISH]

BWI has published an International Workers’ Memorial Day poster in several languages, including English. [pdf]

Global: Global construction union BWI publishes briefing, advice and multilingual posters

Sunday 28th April is International Workers Memorial Day 2019, and Trade Unions all over the world are organising rallies and protest marches to reject dangerous working conditions in the building and timber trades.

Activities will take place from the Tuesday 23rd of April to Sunday 28th.

We know more than ever about hazards at work and all the measures and laws to prevent occupational deaths, injuries and ill health; yet, more than one hundred thousand building workers still die each year in entirely preventable “accidents” on site. Meanwhile, two million tons of chrysotile asbestos is being put into the built environment every year – guaranteeing a deadly legacy for building workers and the public. Workers in our sectors suffer daily exposure to hazardous and cancer-causing chemical products, like pesticides and organic solvents. But they are also exposed to hazardous dust, like asbestos, or silica, and dangerous processes exposing them to diesel or welding fumes.

Forestry is still notoriously dangerous, despite some improvements in standards on paper, the positive impact is undermined by the reliance of the industry on informal and subcontracting work to boost their profits.

The cement industry remains highly hazardous and accounts for hundreds of deaths in worksite accidents, and thousands of occupational diseases each year. The heavy use of outsourcing is largely responsible for the lack of coherent management of hazards at work, with almost all fatal accidents occurring among contracted and third-party workers. Precarious work in the sector is costing peoples’ lives.

The impact of bad working conditions takes its toll on the health of workers in all sectors BWI represent, from cement and brickmaking to wood processing and site labouring. The Trade Unions including BWI affiliates are ready, willing and able to help – but informal employment, subcontracting, union busting, and exploitative labour practices are undermining our efforts. That is why BWI affiliates are taking to the streets in protest for the week leading up to the 28th of April, International Workers Memorial Day.”

 IWMD 2019 Posters are available English, Spanish, Portuguese RussianFrench Swedish and Arabic.

Take action for International Workers Memorial Day!

What you can do:

  • Hold tool-box safety and health trainings at the work site.
  • Conduct safety and health work-site visits and inspections.
  • Coordinate mass rallies and demonstrations in front of companies to protest their unsafe working conditions and poor safety records.
  • Hold vigils and commemorations for those who lost their lives or were injured.
  • Lobby for a ban on asbestos.
  • all for the removal of dangerous substances from the workplace to eliminate exposure to carcinogens in the work place
  • Spread your activities via social media using the #IWMD2019 @BWIGlobal

Holland: FNV takes on work toxics and cancer risks on Workers’ Memorial Day

Dutch union FNV has been very much involved in various actions that have built up pressure on employers such as a municipality, national railroad company (NS) and the airline KLM, which in the future might prevent more victims from the use of Chrome VI, a cause of occupational cancers. FNV will this year also celebrate Workers’ Memorial Day on the 28th of April in Rotterdam with special attention for toxic substances at work.

Related information (in Dutch).

Global: ITUC call to action for International Workers’ Memorial Day, 28 April 2019

April Call to Action

On April 28th, Workers’ Memorial Day, ITUC will organise under the theme, Taking control – removing dangerous workplace substances from the workplace. This year ITUC will focus on Zero Cancer, with a new poster showing risk factors for cancers at work.

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Asia: ANROEV call for Action – International Workers Memorial Day, 28 April

Greetings from ANROEV secretariat!

International Workers Memorial Day (IWMD), 28 April 2019 is knocking at the door.

Every year IWMD observed on April 28 as a day of commemoration and action for workers those who killed, disabled, injured, intoxicated by chemical exposure or made unwell by lack of safety and health at work. It is a day to commemorate for those who died at work, fight for the rights of injured workers and to acknowledge the grievous suffering experienced by families and communities.

This day is also an opportunity for us to highlight the OSH awareness , demands and promotion of preventative safety culture.

This year the proposed theme of ANROEV for IWMD is: ʺRaising Voice to Ratify ILO Convention no. 155 (Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981)ʺ.

It will be appreciated if you could share us your organisation’s plan of action on 28 April.

Furthermore, we also request you to send us activities picture or produced materials (if any) after the event.

With best regards,