28 April 2019: Taking control – getting dangerous substances out of the workplace

28 April 2019 International Workers’ Memorial Day theme

Taking control – removing dangerous substances from the workplace

The ITUC is proposing the following theme for 28 April 2019: “Taking control – removing dangerous substances from the workplace.” There will be a particular focus on Zero Cancer – how to eliminate or minimise exposure to carcinogens in the workplace. Affiliates are of course free to adapt or change the theme to suit local priorities.

The ITUC will be developing resources in the coming weeks to support preparation of campaign materials. To assist with this we are seeking evidence of union action leading to workplace, legislative or sectoral improvements, and the human and economic payoff from this protective action. Please send details to ITUC health and safety adviser, Rory O’Neill at editor@hazards.org

Updates to the dedicated  www.28april.org  webpages will start as materials, activities and events are confirmed.

In the meantime, these existing ITUC/international trade union resources may be of use:

Yours sincerely

Sharan Burrow

General secretary, ITUC