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Enough! International Trade Union Confederation Wants to End Dangerous Chemicals

Chemicals are everywhere. The global chemistry industry is expected to quadruple by 2060. However, exposure to hazardous toxic substances in the workplace already costs the lives of at least one million people each year. Sharan Burrow , General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), explains why a new trade union campaign is an essential step to end this slaughter.


¡Todos fuera! The Confederación Sindical Internacional (CSI) will take care of the productos químicos asesinos

Los productos químicos están en todas partes. Se prevé que la industria mundial se multiplique por cuatro para 2060. Las exposiciones a sustancias tóxicas en el lugar de trabajo se cobran al menos un millón de vidas cada año. Sharan Burrow, secretaria general de la Confederación Sindical Internacional (CSI), explica la trascendencia de una nueva campaña sindical para frenar esta carnicería química.


All out! Global union confederation ITUC wants to show killer chemicals the door

Chemicals are everywhere. The global industry is set to grow four-fold by 2060. But toxic workplace exposures are already claiming at least a million lives each year. Sharan Burrow , head of the global union confederation ITUC, spells out why a new trade union campaign is an essential step to stopping the chemical carnage.