El Salvador: SOICSCES starts activities to commemorate IWMD 2019

José Francisco Martínez, SOICSCES organiser. Meeting with workers at the workplace 

The Trade Union of Construction and Allied Workers of El Salvador, SOICSCES, an affiliate of the BWI, has started its activities for International Workers’ Memorial Day to be held on 28 April 2019.

SOICSCES began a series of training and awareness-raising meetings on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in different construction projects in San Salvador.

SOICSCES activities began on 8 April 2019 and will continue throughout the month. In addition to conducting meetings at the workplace, SOICSCES is distributing information material on health and safety to construction workers and their families.

José Francisco Martínez, SOICSCES organiser, in a meeting with workers on April 11.

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