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Gear up for Workers’ Memorial Day, 28 April 2015

The theme for Workers’ Memorial Day 2015 will be “removing exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace”, global union confederation ITUC has announced. The union body says the theme includes an opportunity for unions to highlight chemical-related hazards, asbestos “as well as the Ebola virus and other potentially hazardous biological exposures.” It adds slogans, twitter hashtag suggestions and other communication tools will be posted on the ITUC/Hazards 28 April webpages. Europe-wide, the ETUC has already announced it will use the 28 April event to further its campaign on hazardous substances.
ITUC/Hazards and TUC 28 April 2015 Workers’ Memorial Day webpages. Risks 685.  
Hazards news, 10 January 2015

Les syndicats inscrivent la santé et la sécurité dans le programme mondial

Les syndicats ne protègent pas seulement vos moyens de subsistance mais également votre vie. La secrétaire générale de la CSI, Sharan Burrow, explique pourquoi la santé et la sécurité au travail sont toujours inscrites dans le programme syndical. Plus

Los sindicatos sitúan la salud y la seguridad en la agenda global

Los sindicatos no sólo buscan proteger nuestros medios de subsistencia, sino también nuestras vidas. La Secretaria General de la CSI, Sharan Burrow, explica por qué la salud y seguridad en el trabajo siempre forma parte del programa sindical. Más

Unions put health and safety on the global agenda

Unions don’t just protect your livelihood, they protect your life. ITUC general secretary Sharan Burrow explains why health and safety at work is always on the union agenda.
MoreLife savers, Hazards magazine issue 128, December 2014

Hell no!

A stick-up-at-work poster for Workers’ Memorial Day, 28 April 2015 produced by ITUC and Hazards magazine
Photograph Maria Sciandra  • Graphic design Mary Schrider

It’s time to stop the tears

Hazards magazine and the TUC has produced a special Workers’ Memorial Day poster which will be distributed to 20,000 UK safety reps.